Monday, February 09, 2015

BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM

Yet another Exec. Session is planned at 5:30 pm to discuss collective negotiations pursuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law and the proposed acquisition, sale or lease of real property.

BOE Meeting Agenda


Anonymous said...

Just came from Board Meeting.

Sean McCabe just admitted that he had no idea if the Kirk Road sale had been completed! I'd think that data should known by the board.

Also only 5 Board members in attendance.

Thus far budget updates all calling for significant, sometimes double digit increases. Not one peep out of the Board.

As a taxpayer. I feel totally unrepresented by this Board.

Albert Ficus

SCATS said...

To 7:21PM ~~ I heard that too and thought I might have misunderstood. INCREDIBLE! It was also mentioned that West Ridge (Alcott Rd) was being sold too. Why is it the BOE doesn't know this stuff given all the CLOSED, CLUBBY & CORRUPT Exec. Sessions they hold?

Anonymous said...

Actually Scats I go to a fair number of board meetings. This was absolutely the worst. It wasn't that they were clubby, corrupt, etc. They seemed disconnected, bored, and indifferent. Babs also seemed that she couldn't wait for the meeting to be over.

Shame on them.

Albert Ficus

Anonymous said...

To: 7:21PM

What do you mean by "completed" (...if the Kirk Road sale had been completed?)?

If BOE had accepted... or not accepted an offer... as the case may be on the sale of Kirk Road School, the BOE president might be expected to know. Otherwise, he has no involvement in "completing" the sale.

He does not manage the district operations day-to-day!

SCATS said...

To 9:37PM ~~ Maybe they look forward to the after-drinking more? They ask so few questions on a good night.

To 10:26PM ~~ Since the BOE has had NUMEROUS Exec. Sessions in recent months ("... 5:30 pm to discuss collective negotiations pursuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law and the proposed acquisition, sale or lease of real property.") to discuss acquisition/sale/leasing of various properties, why wouldn't he know this info?? He is the BOE Prez! And he is participating in the Exec. Sessions.

McCabe's blunder tonight was in not knowing that Lirk Rd. is FOR SALE, and about to be acquired. He had to be reminded it's not just the Charter School lease agreement any longer. This is inexcusable, period.

Anonymous said...

To 10:26pm...

Yes he does not run the district day-to-day, but I do fully and completely expect him to know the status of a unique multimillion transaction. It's not like we sell buildings by the gross.

Also I pulled a Brian Williams and forgot one fact. In fact, there was a question from the board. It was "Why has the telephone expense declined?". No questions on any expense that went up...but they do question why one went down. The answer was that the board had been issued the wrong version of documents. They didn't seem to have an issue with that. The updated documents have the expense as not reducing. They seemed happy to hear that!

Albert Ficus

SCATS said...

Mea culpa. My 12:13AM posting has a typo. I meant KIRK RD. school of course.

To 6:28AM ~~ Brian Williams didn't "forget" at all. He just embellished then claimed he "forgot" the reality. I still can't believe he did that!

Anyway, about the telephone expenses ... It annoyed me to hear that different BOE members had different "slides" in their hands showing the differing amounts. THAT'S WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE QUESTIONED FIRST!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

The manner in which board business is done can be as important as the decisions made.
I have been concerned about the lack of discussion in open session. I recall a meeting in 2005/06 in the back room where raises were approved for 3 people - no info available - just a fetish of a then interim superintendent. I had to stand alone with a no vote but I can assure you every board member and administrator in that room knew it was wrong. I believe it happened only one more time before it got straitened out. The items for ex. session are quite simple to understand - simply put board members are elected by taxpayers to represent taxpayers and taxpayers have a right to see and hear how the board is doing 'their' business.

When I asked at the meeting on 2-9-15 about the cost of having this vote in March on the CIP, stadium, and land purchase with NO answer available it concerned me greatly. It told me the board did not know or did not care about this type of use of taxpayer dollars. Having this 'extra' vote I am sure was cute for some but approving this vote without telling taxpayers the cost and need for using 'their' money for this purpose is inexcusable. Unfortunately it appears it has become business as usual and the board should be chastised for it. The board should know the cost of 'every' item they approve - why? - because it's taxpayers money and taxpayers deserve to be respected. Unfortunately school board members sometimes forget 'who' elected them.