Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another Resident Questions Need For March Vote


Letter To Editor
Greece Post

By Bill Hueber
Regarding the upcoming Capital Improvement vote in March I have a few concerns. I personally don't remember having an extra vote in March. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that turnout is critical to passing such votes. It also is a fact that seniors are less likely to come out and vote in winter like weather in March versus votes held in May. Also there are a number of seniors that go south for the winter and don't come back before April. Is it possible the board is attempting to improve their chances of success at the expense of disenfranchising some senior voters. I hope not, but I am suspicious. As for the 8 millions dollar field I would think you could put a turf field at each high school for that amount of money which would benefit all athletes equally. One of the arguments for the stadium is that they can hold sectional games. While technically true, it's no different than now as teams hold sectional games on grass every year. Greece could hold semis and finals on a new turf field but those games are played on neutral sites so they would not involve any Greece teams.


Anonymous said...

This guys argument is irrelevant as to its involvement of senior voters regardless of the month and weather conditions.
One look at voter turn out on the last several budget votes in May makes that argument shallow. In the first place their numbers have dwindled. Of those that remain, it would appear that they have no desire to make the sometimes difficult trip to the polls. When only 3,000 voters turn out its hard to imagine that their numbers would make a difference . The resulting budget votes would seem to indicate that their usual no vote has no impact on the final result.

SCATS said...

To 10:37PM ~~ Sorry, but YOUR argument doesn't make sense. First off, WHERE do you get the idea there are fewer seniors in Greece? That's just plain BS. You do realize that more & more baby boomers are getting their AARP cards in the mail as we write?? Secondly, the lousy turnout at the polls in May has more to do with the 2% tax cap than anything else.

Tell them they will pay $20+/yr extra on an average Greece home for the next 15 yrs. and you will see lots of YOUNGER FOLKS turn out to vote "no" too.

Anonymous said...

Any one seen in writing the dollar amount for local share on $8.5M stadium?

GCSD website says on Jan 13, 2015
Board approved...

Proposition 2 $8,490,289...

For residents with no STAR... annual tax bill increase of 12 cents/$1,000 assessed valuation.

Did BOE know local costs they approved?

Anonymous said...

I agree with SCATS. Greece has a large senior population. Thousands of early retires from EK, Xerox, GM/Rochester Products and Valeo. Incomes that will never be equaled - huge buy-out bonuses, pensions, bridge payments, bridge payments as well as real home equity. These seniors provide a significant source of income for the Greece Fat-Cats, area restaurants and retail. This income stream will eventually stop artificially cushioning Fat-Cat budgets and spending levels. Like it or not, this "Old Money" will eventually dry-up and the town cronies will discover what an empty cookie jar really looks like......

Anonymous said...

Scats this is 10:37.Perhaps I should have made that statement a different way. Of course there will always be a large population if seniors in Greece.what I meant to say those former seniors had a different mind set than those of us taking their place, I being a new member of that group
Having lived in Greece all my life, during that time it was a given that the seniors of which I speak had a negative attitude toward any program that would impact their tax burden, especially their school taxes. At the same time this same group had no problem with their elected town officials raise their town property taxes and inspite of this, they continued to reelect them every year.
Don't get me wrong here.that group of seniors were correct in opposition to increases Most were surviving on SS checks of a meager $500 a month and nothing more. However my group is generally much better off in retirement with access to pensions, 401 k and other investment income that did not exist for them.
I think it's fair to conclude today's Greece seniors are in much better shape and with the Star programs, can absorb an additional $20 / provided it's used in a manner that we approve.

Anonymous said...

To: 4:22PM

At 12 cents/$1,000, GCSD raises $524,000/yr.

Over 15yrs= $7.9M.

Locals pay $7.9M on $8.5M proj= 93%... based on what we're told.

SCATS said...

To 4:58PM ~~ TY for your input. Well said!

To 5:45PM ~~ You need to read 4:58PM's remarks. They are accurate. Your parting supposition isn't based upon reality.

To 5:57PM ~~ How did you get to $524,000??

As for any aid provided, we all know the "rebates" end up in the general fund and never get used to lower taxes, not ever!

Anonymous said...

To: SCATS 6:18PM

I checked calc by Geo. H. a few days ago. I agree.

The key is Tot Taxable Ass'd Val= $4.37B. Think of it like total of all taxable assessments in GCSD.

Would you agree for $100K assessment... ($0.12/$1000) x $100K val= $12.

Scale up from $100K to assessment= $4.37B...

($0.12/$1,000K) x 4.37B= $524,000.

Anonymous said...

Channel 10 news says GCSD could get extra $3M state aid... or maybe not.

March voters won't know.

May voters would.

SCATS said...

To 8:34PM ~~ I guess my underlying question is where did that $4.37 billion come from? Where's the documentation? It's new to me.

To 8:38PM ~~ I assume you are talking about Cuomo's method where school districts claim he's "holding them hostage" because he won't give them narrow aid figures? Like Cuomo said, budget for the SMALLER amount. If you get more later, then you can celebrate. Seriously, this isn't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

To: SCATS 11:33PM

Source $4.37B is 2014-15 Proposed Budget, pg 59.

Anonymous said...

To: SCATS 11:33pm

You miss my point.

+/- $3B places financial uncertainty on taxes for next year - add 5 cents +12 cents on top of what rate in March?

So why are voters being asked to vote in March... in the face of uncertainty... for no good reason?

SCATS said...

To 2:05AM ~~ TY :)

To 4:42AM ~~ To answer your question (which you aren't going to like) is because they can. Because they believe they have the best shot of getting it ALL (including the budget in May) approved. Because they are counting on the in-school vote (employees & parents) to carry the March vote to success. And finally, the "official" reason is because they think we are too stupid to keep different issues (like buses vs. stadium) separate! In other words, they are doing it for OUR benefit because they don't want to "confuse" us!

Joe M said...

Scats that 4 billion figure came to light during the Kodak
Reassessment scandal in 05 when I was a member of the board.As I recall, because of the sudden drop in Kodak assessments, that 4 billion figure dropped to less than 39billion. This of course resulted in devastating effect
on school taxes as well as town taxes.
If you will recall, the board decided to intervene during settlement portion that the court levied on the two co conspirators assets. This happened Inspite of Auburger's attempts to lock the District out of the settlement process. He wanted all the money for the town. It didn't happen.
Our lawyer and board representative Bill Grason, convinced the judge that GCSD had a standing and in fact, in his final decision, he concluded that the district suffered the most from this criminal act and gave us first aggrieved status. This meant that of any sale of the assets of those involved, GCSD would receive the amount of 1.2 million off the top and the remaining amount would be divided between the town and Kodak. Eventually, that 1.2 million was received by the district.