Monday, January 05, 2015

Recent News You May Have Missed

Woman In Custody Following Police Investigation

Greece Man Charged - Drove GF's Body Around 

Man Shot by Greece Police Sergeant Indicted

Bally's Total Fitness Abruptly Closes

Murder of Alexandra Kogut Featured on Dateline NBC 

Learning Recovery 'Boot Camp' Helps Greece Students Get Back On Track  *

Odyssey Assistant Principal Jeff Henley is hoping this program will not only get students back on track, but help with other problems as well ... “Everyone is smiling,” Henley said. “The teachers are here enjoying their time with the kids. The kids are here feeling really special that the teachers would come in and do this. This is really all about the magic between the teachers and the kids.” 

SCATS ~~ Yes, Jeff, it truly would be "magical" if Greece teachers were actually "giving" their time, but methinks they were paid ... right??

Lawsuits & Recording Revisit Greece Police Scandals **
** "That tape recording - its audibility so bad that it is, according to a judge, "extremely
difficult to hear" - has the potential to be evidence in civil lawsuits against the Town of Greece, its police force, Rahn, and former Greece Police Officer Gary Pignato.
The tape may well be benign and its relevance to the lawsuits inconsequential ... "

SCATS ~~ Talk about lousy reporting! First the author claims the recording might be evidence, then IMMEDIATELY says it could well be benign. Is this factual reporting, or editorializing?

Man stabbed outside Mirage Palace on West Ridge Rd

Two injured in fight outside California Brew Haus


Anonymous said...

There was also an incident that happened at the new Dunkin Donuts on Saturday around 2:30 PMIrondequoit Police were present as was an ambulance!!!

SCATS said...

To 11:11AM ~~ Do you mean the new Mt. Read/Maiden Ln location? Irondequoit police?? In Greece?? Interesting!

Anonymous said...

More child porn arrests in our lovely town.

SCATS said...

To 4:43PM ~~ Yup, I saw that little item. What can I say? In Greece, even the cops do it ...

Anonymous said...

The Kogut Family wanted nothing to do with the Dateline episode. Unfortunately, Sandy Baby went against their wishes. She doesn't give a rats behind about victims. It's all politics and power with her.