Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Proposed Stadium Raises $$ & Other Questions


1. Suggested topic for new thread – scanned article attached.

2. Note cost of construction $8.5M… 78% paid NYS… implied 22% local= $1.87M local share.

3. But it also says, "Annual impact…about $0.12 per $1,000 assessed value.

4. So, $0.12 per $1,000 x $4.4B GCSD total assessed value= $525,000 taxes collected each year.

5. But for how many years??  If collected over 15yrs… 15 x $525= $7.9M collected locally to pay $1.9M share!

6. What figure does BOE believe voters should use Mar 24th?

Coming Soon To Arcadia Neighbors

SCATS ~~ There are a million questions people should be asking about this project including financial issues, team use/schedule, transportation arrangements, parking, impact on residents, maintenance costs ... But Greece Schools decided to SHUT-OUT THE COMMUNITY WITH A SURPRISE MEETING HELD JANUARY 5th!


Anonymous said...

Why is a special vote scheduled Mar 24th rather than at annual budget vote in May?

What is the cost of the special vote?

SCATS said...

To 4:04PM ~~ Having a special vote gives them the best odds of getting EVERYTHING they want passed at TWO separate votes. Because residents have become so apathetic, and because the seniors will still be in warmer places Mar. 24th, two votes will get them a new stadium, whatever budget they want okayed, plus any bus-related proposition will pass, too. Only the in-school vote shows up these days ... thus the extremely low turnout.

Anonymous said...


The comment counter reads "0 comments" on the main page. Why isn't the comment counter working?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for 'why'.

What's the cost?

A few yeas ago the Clerk did an analysis... seems like $40 - $50K... big pieces for public notices, poll watchers, voting machine rental etc...

Anonymous said...


Answer to #5 – How many years... for ever?

If tax rate increases $0.12 per $1,000, it never stops!

State aid will be used for other things.

SCATS said...

To 4:37PM ~~ It's fine from my vantage point. I suspect either Blogspot had an issue, or possibly you needed to refresh your browser/dump temp. files.

To 5:09PM ~~ I thought the previously quoted cost was around $30-35K ... since they were quoted on that, much has changed. They swapped "official" papers to something no one reads. They no longer have the voting machines. The poll workers come from the MCBE, etc. So, your question is a good one.

To 5:28PM ~~ I tend to agree. Besides, these supposed state aid reimbursements have NEVER, EVER resulted in any actual savings, since the rebated funds get dumped into the General Fund & GCSD spends it something else!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the money used to fund mandatory after school/summer programs for students who are failing or assessed far below grade level in reading,writing and math. The money could be used to increase and update technology so teachers do not have compete to get their classes signed up for computer lab use. How about investing the money to help the district meet Common Core standards. I wish voters were provided options.

I understand that 78% will be paid for by the state but the portion taxpayers will be responsible for could be used in so many other ways that would directly impact student learning.

SCATS said...

To 7:38PM ~~ Pssst!!! Don't look now but that 78% "paid for by the state" IS ALSO TAXPAYER MONEY!!


Anonymous said...

You just don't understand School District bonding Math.

It takes a few pages to explain, but between Bonding and collecting taxes to pay the bond, the District winds up with all the State Aid Dollars over a period of time as a slush fund.
That's why you never see a NY School (Athletic) District retire Bonds as the State Aid arrives.

It works differently with other public Bonds. They get called and retired as aid funding arrives. School accounting methods make a corkscrew look straight.

SCATS said...

To 12:06AM ~~ Excuse me but I fully well understand exactly what GCSD explained to the community about the ultimate destination of State Aid received for capital improvement projects. It goes into the GENERAL FUND and is spent however they damn well please.

george hubbard said...

I attended a recent school district committee meeting.

I asked a question that had been asked of me recently, “Why is a special public vote scheduled for Mar 24th to approve CIP (Cap Imprv Proj) and the Stadium Proj”.

A few attendees offered comments... there was dialog - at all times serious:

1. Good marketing.
2. Avoid voter confusion and overload at May vote.
3. Reduce risk of defeated budget in May.
4. Other districts do it.

Which of these do you find acceptable/unacceptable... or add others?

Comments invited.

George Hubbard

SCATS said...

George ~~ After ALL of your years of involvement with GCSD projects, do you REALLY not know (or want us to believe you don't know) WHY they have separate votes???

Your list is a laugh-and-a-half!!

What the heck does "good marketing" have to do with anything?? In reality, they PRAY people don't know/realize they are going to have a separate vote so that the FEW, the VERY FEW who work in or walk into a school on vote day will be the MAJORITY of the ones who vote. WHY??? Because district employees and the booster groups, PTA clubbies, etc. typically vote YES!

This isn't rocket science, George. Methinks you've achieved analysis paralysis ;)

Anonymous said...

The reason for a March vote is that the snow birds are not back from Florida to vote it down. Same old, same old.

SCATS said...

To 2:47PM ~~ Yup, that too, as I stated in my post from 1/20/2015 4:12 PM

Anonymous said...

My question is, what is wrong with all of the current sports fields? After years of cutting teachers, after-school programs, budgets, closing schools...they decide that Greece needs an 8.5 million dollar stadium!?!?! They certainly aren't hiding what they hold important...so much for "Where student learning is the goal"

SCATS said...

To 9:18PM ~~ I'll put it a bit differently ... Despite CONTINUED enrollment declines, GCSD keeps raising the budget, buying properties, hiring employees and expanding facilities.

Student learning will always be the goal, but it may NEVER get acieved!

Anonymous said...

Student learning... always the goal...never the result... for too many students.

By the way, what's the latest graduation rate?

Anonymous said...

This bond vote will pass with ease because the community will support it.Even if the voter turn out is low.

SCATS said...

To 3:57PM ~~ It will pass with ease because it is planned to pass with the help of a very small minority, NOT the community. The in-school vote will git 'er done. The taxpayers will get the screwing they deserve.

Anonymous said...

It will pass with ease with the expected low turn out because of the lack of organized opposition to it. In the ole days CARE would have opposed it with a mailing designed to create public sentiment against it by calling for no vote.

SCATS said...

To 1:13PM ~~ As I stated on another thread, CARE got PR attention by a variety of means, including mailings, forums, interviews, editorials, etc. They helped to EDUCATE THE COMMUNITY out of their apathy.

SCATS said...

Maybe once people see the additive impact passage of these two proposals will have on their tax bills, along with another budget increase approved in May, someone will wake up & get mad enough to do something about it. Until then just hope there isn't a shortage of Vaseline on vote day.