Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Greece School Board & 'Transparency'

They've Given Us Reason To Vote "NO" 
On The Capital Improvement Plan

The Board of Education for the Greece Central School District has been working hard to ignore the community over the last few years. Because there is no watch dog group, they are back to their secretive ways of the past, including scheduling meetings in such a way as to ensure they are essentially closed door meetings.

A recent case in point is a flagrant violation of whatever small amount of trust the Greece community might have in either the BOE or the district's administration.

At the regular BOE meeting held December 9th, the BOE approved a REVISED SCHEDULE of BOE meeting dates. Clearly shown is January 13th (today) as their first anticipated scheduled meeting for the New Year - 2015.

In reality, a BOE study session was held either Jan. 5th (according to the posted date for the video of that meeting) or Jan. 6th (according to various memos and the BoardDocs "posting" of that meeting) to discuss the options for a sports stadium, financing a capital improvement project plan, etc. I know that this meeting was NOT posted the weekend just prior to the reopening of school on Jan. 5th following the holidays, because I checked BoardDocs myself!

By viewing the video, it is abundantly clear that the study session was held without an audience of outsiders.

While the BOE explores options for a Capital Improvement Project that will have a larger impact on taxpayer wallets (i.e. HIGHER TAXES!!!) than most in the recent past, they are obviously excluding the larger community from hearing their plans and/or giving input to them. A committee is NO substitute for the community, regardless how big that committee might be. A "NO" vote might be the only way for Greece residents to be clearly heard by this controlling group who SHOULD know better than to try to circumvent the Open Meeting laws.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps there will be discussion regarding the recent (anti)discriminatory policy addressing the mandate that there can be no suspensions for Black Male students who F up? I guess we look racist when we do the right thing. Why can we suspend Black females? Or aren't they racially protected?

Anonymous said...

The simple answer is the fact that the females are deadlier than the male in certain cultures.
If you ask anyone close to this problem , even the students, conflicts between two or more black females take on feud proportions and can continue long after the first altercation. In some cases, the entire school year. They definately need a cooling off period And time out to regain their composure.Until they are removed, they tend to polarize the entire school population in an anticipation of continued hostilities between them on a daily basis.
In contrast, black males have a tendency to resolve their differences shortly after the first incident.
In this case the district was wise to recognize this and choose to deal with it accordingly .if you don't believes this, if you have kids in school, ask them and they will confirm this fact.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Board Work shops and special meetings should be posted and are open to the public. However, comments from the those in attendance are not allowed at these forums. The time for public comment on issues of discussion takes place at the public hearings on the budget and Capitol improvements when scheduled as part of the budget approval process at which time, the Superintendents proposed budget if adopted by the board becomes THEIR budget.

SCATS said...

To 6:04PM & 10:56AM ~~ Would you please clue the rest of us in? WHAT policy are you talking about? Does anyone have a copy of it to share? TY.

SCATS said...

To 1:56PM ~~ My comment about giving input was related to the fact that one can't give feedback on topics they've been shut-out of, right? In reality, the BOE could have public input, or even two-way discussion (God forbid!!) ANY TIME THEY WANT They control (keyword!) it all.

Anonymous said...

Two way discussions are allowed at regular scheduled meetings. One big problem though. Nobody attends, including you anymore,or signs up to speak.
Last nights meeting would have provided you with an opportunity to address the board on that item in the proposed upcoming CIP instead of promoting a no vote without relative information, from the Distrct and board, not outdated previous general studies done in other areas. No matter though, I am sure the district will make a thorough presentation outlining their findings in terms of health and liability concerns in this regard at the oppropriate time and format.


Anonymous said...

Come on SCAT's do you think they'd publish it!

SCATS said...

To 1:55PM ~~ Re: "Two way discussions are allowed at regular scheduled meetings."

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? I've heard McCabe admonish speakers BEFORE the start of Resident's Forum that it is NOT a question/answer session. They do NOT respond to speakers UNLESS the speaker is showing complete support for some school-related program/employee. The fact that GCSD has the nuggets to call anything a "forum" when speakers are left addressing stone figures would be funny if it weren't so sad!!!

As for your lame attempt to imply that you know me, you can't prove anything either way LOL

The reason "nobody speaks" is because there is NO DIALOGUE!!!! The BOE & Admin. do NOT want to hear from the community UNLESS it is supportive, period. People like YOU are part of the problem with that.

To 6:01PM ~~ Are you talking about the new policy?? They have to publish it, at least in BOE minutes, if they vote to adopt it.

Anonymous said...

Tax payers should vote NO! Every CIP project has been an absolute disaster.GCSD hires outside companies like Christa to over see them and they don't do anything.
The performing Arts center was never done right and now they are spending money to rebuild it this summer. I see that its taken 3 tries to get front steps put on the teacher center, so you know what a joke rebuilding APAC will become.
Wake up voters, GCSD will waste any money you give them.

Anonymous said...

1:55pm: talking to the Greece boe is a waste of time. So is attending their meetings. Anyone can listen to the radio or watch the videos online after posting. There are at least a dozen other ways I can waste my time that are better than going to these meetings.

Anonymous said...

You know the difference between "POLICY" and "RECOMMENDATION". Please don't try to bait me!

SCATS said...

To 5:57PM ~~ You haven't said, so I'm left to assume your remark relates to the comment posted at 1/13/2015 6:04 PM. It clearly states "policy" and "mandate" ... Your comment at 5:57PM is the ONLY ONE on this page that mentions anything about a "recommendation."

Consider yourself baited.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem like people are commenting very much anymore. Is this just Greece becoming increasingly apathetic?

SCATS said...

To 6:37PM ~~ And/or tuned out. There's usually something of a slowdown this time of year. It will pick up again with the next scandal ;)

Anonymous said...

Lots of people are ill with the flu and other viruses, too.

Anonymous said...


Except for the big $100M+ CIP back in 2000, I thought school budgets had funds for capital included in the budget voted in May. Why the change?

SCATS said...

To 10:04AM ~~ Greece essentially stopped funding large capital projects back in the 1990's when they worried about passing budgets. Now we have to have two votes/yr. to ensure people don't come out by the droves to defeat either the budget or their capital/busing projects.

george hubbard said...

To: 10:04AM

1. GCSD budget books show (C=Contingent Bdgt):
______________________________Bdgt Yr_June30 Est.
Ln#___________Prop____Trsfr_____Total Fnd Bal
_____Yr_______Bdgt____Cap Fnd__+ Reserve Fnds

2. Please advise of any suspected errors.

3. Note trend from Ln 1f to Ln 1k. Capital Appropriations go down from $3.9M to $0.1M while Est. Year-end Fund Balance (unspent budget surpluses) grows from $22.5M to 28.8M.

Comments invited.
George Hubbard

Anonymous said...

Can Babs buy this and save the Beefers from eating chunks of rubber from her carpeted football field?


She could brag about saving taxpayer dollars

Anonymous said...

To: 2:20PM

Where did the Fund Balance $28.8M come from?

Is this taxpayer money?

Anonymous said...

To: 10:19PM

Fund Balance is the accumulation of annual surpluses.

It is taxpayer money.

SCATS said...

To 9:20PM ~~ Let's be abundantly clear about these accumulations. Large amounts are PURPOSELY accumulated. It's by design, not accident.

gekorge hubbard said...

According to public sources, local share of stadium could be $1.9M.... or maybe $7.9M.

$1.9M= (22% x $8.5M) by construction cost analysis per news report.

Or, by tax impact calc (tot ass’d val= $4.4B, tax rate increase= +$0.12 per $1,000)...

1yr tax collected: $0.528M= ($0.12 per $1,000 x $4.4B x 1yr)

5yr tax: $2.6M

15yr tax: $7.9M

How long will increased tax be collected?

Comments invited.

George Hubbard