Friday, January 30, 2015

Shaun Nelms Jumps Ship

Becomes East High's Deputy Supt. 

To hold newly created position overseeing hiring of administrators & staff members and the daily operations of the East High Educational Partnership Organization plan.

Shaun Nelms pic

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A) A public vote is scheduled March 24, 2015 seeking approval for a $35 million Capital Improvements Project, and an $8.5 million District Athletic Stadium.

I am writing to ask for answers to two questions Re: a scheduled March vote (Ref A):

Q#1: Does the Board of Education have a documented position/policy stating reasons why a special vote is necessary/preferable for the CIP and Stadium projects in March vis-à-vis voting in May at the regularly scheduled school district vote?  If there is, how can I obtain a copy?

Q#2: If the Board does not have such a documented position, for what reason(s) did the Board chose to schedule or otherwise approve a special vote in March?

I look forward to your reply... and thank you for your attention.

George R. Hubbard
Resident of GCSD

SCATS ~~ Expect to hear the crickets chirp!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Playground To Cost More Than New Home

Included among the planned Greece Central School District Capital Improvements are new and/or upgrades to playgrounds at half-a-dozen district schools. 

The list below shows they will expend more than half of the $415,000 allotted at Pinebrook alone! That $225,000 is enough to build a new home!

Pinebrook ~ $225,000* (to install new equip.)

West Ridge ~ $75,000 (to install new equip.)

Paddy Hill ~ $40,000 (to install new equip.)

Long Ridge ~ $25,000 (partial equip. replacement)

Lakeshore ~ $25,000 (partial equip. replacement)

Craig Hill ~ $25,000 (to install)

TOTAL ~ $415,000 @ six elementary schools! The others didn't make the cut.

* Enough to build a new home!

BOE Meetings, Tonight & Tomorrow

Tonight, 6PM ~~ It is anticipated that the Board of Education will go into an Executive Session to discuss collective negotiations pursuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law.

Tuesday, 5:30PM ~~ It is anticipated that the Board will go into Executive Session to discuss the proposed acquisition, sale or lease of real property; the employment history of particular person(s); and to discuss matters made exempt under federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Tuesday, 6:30PM ~~ Regular monthly meeting. Check BoardDocs for details. Much discussion about upcoming Special Vote for Stadium, Capital Improvement projects.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Now We Know Why Baxter Is Gone!

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich to Greece Police Chief Pat Phelan:

"I want more Mayberry and less CSI."


SCATS ~~ I believe this statement shows us that homicides with international ties and cold case investigations (like the Holiday Inn Arson Case) are unwanted "news." It's back to the "Safe City" image Auberger deluded the sheeple into believing, despite the reality!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Proposed Stadium Raises $$ & Other Questions


1. Suggested topic for new thread – scanned article attached.

2. Note cost of construction $8.5M… 78% paid NYS… implied 22% local= $1.87M local share.

3. But it also says, "Annual impact…about $0.12 per $1,000 assessed value.

4. So, $0.12 per $1,000 x $4.4B GCSD total assessed value= $525,000 taxes collected each year.

5. But for how many years??  If collected over 15yrs… 15 x $525= $7.9M collected locally to pay $1.9M share!

6. What figure does BOE believe voters should use Mar 24th?

Coming Soon To Arcadia Neighbors

SCATS ~~ There are a million questions people should be asking about this project including financial issues, team use/schedule, transportation arrangements, parking, impact on residents, maintenance costs ... But Greece Schools decided to SHUT-OUT THE COMMUNITY WITH A SURPRISE MEETING HELD JANUARY 5th!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Phelan Predicts Prosecutable Holiday Inn Case

From the NY Times:

“We feel we are close to finishing a prosecutable case that we would like to bring to the D.A.’s office with the hope they would bring it to a grand jury. This is the most horrific crime we have ever experienced. It is the murder of 10 people, in one night, in one location. It is like a cloud that hangs over the town. It is there and unsolved, and everybody feels that.” ~~ Police Chief Patrick Phelan

Friday, January 16, 2015

DA Doorley Flip-Flops Party

"Doorley said her husband is a republican and the move is best for her family. " (Source)

"Doorley is the first Republican District Attorney in Monroe County in 40 years." - (Source)

When asked if she approached the Republicans, or if they approached her, she giggled as she stated, " I really don't think that's important!"

SCATS ~~ So then, she did it for her family & doesn't think it's important to tell us who approached who ... I just lost ALL respect I ever had for her.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Greece School Board & 'Transparency'

They've Given Us Reason To Vote "NO" 
On The Capital Improvement Plan

The Board of Education for the Greece Central School District has been working hard to ignore the community over the last few years. Because there is no watch dog group, they are back to their secretive ways of the past, including scheduling meetings in such a way as to ensure they are essentially closed door meetings.

A recent case in point is a flagrant violation of whatever small amount of trust the Greece community might have in either the BOE or the district's administration.

At the regular BOE meeting held December 9th, the BOE approved a REVISED SCHEDULE of BOE meeting dates. Clearly shown is January 13th (today) as their first anticipated scheduled meeting for the New Year - 2015.

In reality, a BOE study session was held either Jan. 5th (according to the posted date for the video of that meeting) or Jan. 6th (according to various memos and the BoardDocs "posting" of that meeting) to discuss the options for a sports stadium, financing a capital improvement project plan, etc. I know that this meeting was NOT posted the weekend just prior to the reopening of school on Jan. 5th following the holidays, because I checked BoardDocs myself!

By viewing the video, it is abundantly clear that the study session was held without an audience of outsiders.

While the BOE explores options for a Capital Improvement Project that will have a larger impact on taxpayer wallets (i.e. HIGHER TAXES!!!) than most in the recent past, they are obviously excluding the larger community from hearing their plans and/or giving input to them. A committee is NO substitute for the community, regardless how big that committee might be. A "NO" vote might be the only way for Greece residents to be clearly heard by this controlling group who SHOULD know better than to try to circumvent the Open Meeting laws.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session @6:00PM to discuss the employment history of a particular person.


Rollover Budget Presentation

Budget Development Process Update

Capital Project Update *

District Bond Resolution for BOCES Capital Project 

SEQR Resolution for Arcadia Natatorium Roof Replacement 

Purchase of Latta Road Land Approval 

* page 7 ~ The District also engaged our district physician to research and report on the health, safety, and injury concerns around artificial turf vs. natural grass. The report considered heat stress, injury, concussions, infection, allergies, chemical exposure, ingestion, inhalation, and direct contact. The conclusion of the report is:

Based on available data, studies, and state specific guidelines, the us of third generation crumb rubber artificial turf appears to be a safe alternative to grass turf with consideration made to providing appropriate gear, staying aware of the filed temperature and monitoring athlete hydration,, and taking steps to prevent ingestion of the “crumbs”.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Wet Seal's Greece Employees 'Surprised' By Closing

The sign reads:

Our Mission Statement
Who We Are:
We lie to our employees. We hide the fact that YES our store is closing and we gave our employees NO warning!
We took away all benefits including sick time & vacation time and we left them with NO SEVERANCE PAY!! But we gave our CFO a $100,000 raise. :)

Wet Seal Greece Ridge employees want to personally thank all of our *loyal* customers as well as the support of fellow mall employees. We enjoyed our time here and the relationships we've made.


Colleges Aim Reading To Middle School Level

The average college freshman reads at 7th grade level, according to a report by Renaissance Learning.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

More Friendly's Locations Close

On Sunday, January 4, 2015, Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC. announced the closing of its Friendly's location at The Mall at Greece Ridge, 338 Greece Ridge Center Drive, in Rochester, New York. The restaurant will cease operations, effective immediately. Friendly's in Rochester values its guests and thanks them for their patronage.

SCATS ~~ I wonder how may parents used the promise of ice cream to bargain for good behavior from irritable children during mall shopping trips over the decades ... 

Monday, January 05, 2015

Recent News You May Have Missed

Woman In Custody Following Police Investigation

Greece Man Charged - Drove GF's Body Around 

Man Shot by Greece Police Sergeant Indicted

Bally's Total Fitness Abruptly Closes

Murder of Alexandra Kogut Featured on Dateline NBC 

Learning Recovery 'Boot Camp' Helps Greece Students Get Back On Track  *

Odyssey Assistant Principal Jeff Henley is hoping this program will not only get students back on track, but help with other problems as well ... “Everyone is smiling,” Henley said. “The teachers are here enjoying their time with the kids. The kids are here feeling really special that the teachers would come in and do this. This is really all about the magic between the teachers and the kids.” 

SCATS ~~ Yes, Jeff, it truly would be "magical" if Greece teachers were actually "giving" their time, but methinks they were paid ... right??

Lawsuits & Recording Revisit Greece Police Scandals **
** "That tape recording - its audibility so bad that it is, according to a judge, "extremely
difficult to hear" - has the potential to be evidence in civil lawsuits against the Town of Greece, its police force, Rahn, and former Greece Police Officer Gary Pignato.
The tape may well be benign and its relevance to the lawsuits inconsequential ... "

SCATS ~~ Talk about lousy reporting! First the author claims the recording might be evidence, then IMMEDIATELY says it could well be benign. Is this factual reporting, or editorializing?

Man stabbed outside Mirage Palace on West Ridge Rd

Two injured in fight outside California Brew Haus