Thursday, December 18, 2014

Totally Greece Police Reports ...

From Greece Post 12/18/14 pg.A27

Nov. 9: A victim on Windsor Rd. reports that his girlfriend threw a 15 lb. bag of cat litter at him, causing him to be annoyed & alarmed.

Nov. 9: A male reports that his ex-wife's new boyfriend shot a BB gun in the house while the male's children were visiting their mother in Orleans County.

Nov. 11: A man let his girlfriend stay in his basement on Woodhill Dr, unbeknownst to his wife. The wife stumbled upon the girlfriend and called in a burglary.

Nov. 13: Officers responded to a moving vehicle accident and discovered that each separate driver had their own revoked driver's license. Both drivers were arrested.

Nov. 14: A victim was confronted by a customer inside Wegmans on West Ridge Rd. because he was checking out with too many items.

Nov. 14: A suspect first attempted to fight a victim who took 20 items through the express seven item lane at Wegmans on West Ridge Rd. The suspect then tried to hit the victim with his truck when the victim attempted to get the suspect's license plate number.


Anonymous said...

seems to me the most egregious crime was the bag of kitty litter. What waste , huh, puddy cat
TOTALLY. PLEASE!!! I used to work in the office on Island Cottage and it was common practice for reporters from the Post and the D&C cherry pick the report log and pick out select items from the extensive list of calls for service the police responded to during a specific time frame.
By using the word TOTALLY, it would appear to me and I'm sure others, you were insinuating that those incidents reported in the Post represented the sum total of the number of calls the police responded to in that time frame. Only an idiot would believe that to be factual. Highly misleading and nothing more than your usual attempt to minimize the effectiveness of the PD. For instance the last year I worked there, we logged over 40,000 requests for service. These are well documented numbers BTW.

SCATS said...

To 1:50PM ~~ Speaking of idiots ... I don't think for even a millisecond that people believe the posted items are "the sum total" of what was reported.

In fact, I would be an idiot to post the SOURCE if I wanted someone to think that, but I don't believe in taking what's not mine, so that shoe doesn't fit! LOL :)


Maybe you will behave like something more than a grinch in the coming New Year. There's ALWAYS hope.

Santa, PLEASE bring him a sense of humor!!

Anonymous said...

Nice try but your not fooling any one with your response.
Your use of the word totally was an example of transparency in your intent otherwise why use it, Now because I took issue with it, you claim it was a joke .In keeping with the spirit if the season HO HO HO As far as a sense of humor goes, I know a joke when I hear or see one and laugh accordingly. In this case I only see one.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that taking someone's car plate number, and being seen by someone is a dangerous act. That woman in Parma was beaten after the fender bender. Now someone in Wegmans parking lot. We better do it surreptitiously and just try to remember it for fear of inciting rage. In fact we might be writing down a phone number we've heard on the radio and someone who did something naughty or is just paranoid thinks we are writing their plate number. Maybe we better not write anything in our cars at all lest we cause a roid rage attack.

SCATS said...

To 2:56PM ~~ I really don't give a horse's backside WHAT YOU think. Obviously, you haven't been around any younger kids, girls especially, who use the word "Totally" in a totally different way :)

To 3:17PM ~~ LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS as soon as you get inside!

Anonymous said...

WWWWW Puttitat.
Where &

Was the litter new or used? That is critical to the degree of the offense.

Hell, I would have been applauding the harasser of over posted register limits guy' I might have even handed him a squirtcan of whipped cream to use on the no good rat scumbag with excess items. Those people need, no DEMAND public humiliation.

Probably not only an over itemer but an EBT card user too.
Of course, it could also have been a GCSD Math teacher.