Monday, December 08, 2014

RRFD Commission Elections

A Facebook friend asked me when they are planning to hold the RRFD elections.

I responded I hadn't heard a word.

  • The RRFD.ORG website has NO INFO on this topic, none at all!
  • I've seen NOTHING in the Greece Post.
  • I'm told by those who live in the RRFD area they've received NO mailings, either!


Anonymous said...

Elections, RRFD don't need no steenkin elections.

Unca Bud & the boys got it all wired down. They start having elections somebody might ask about the 2% money next.

Anonymous said...

The highest taxed fire district in the county!

Anonymous said...

If it became a ''public'' election those folks might get asked some questions about the Holiday Inn Fire, and other misdeeds possibly linked to RRFD. Therefore, keeping silence is a must!! Community respect is ONLY earned though honesty, integrity, transparency, and good service. It is NOT given because of metal badges, and plastic lights as some believe. The true test of any public service organization is not how well you can perform your designated function. Its your ability to Police yourselves, and act accordingly in the face of corruption. These folks have failed this test miserably.

SCATS said...

To 5:50AM ~~ Very eloquently put!