Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Olympia Student Fears For Personal Safety

Informed Greece School Officials Of Videotaped Fight;
Now He Is The Target;
Requests In-School Suspension For His Own Safety

Greece Police are using a cell phone video to find the group of Greece Olympia students shown jumping another student Monday. They are also investigating threats targeting another student who wasn't even involved. 

"He's tried to do the right thing and they turn on him. He's got a label on his back," says the student's mother Kelly Zubert. 

Her son, a sophomore, did not take the cell phone video of the fight. But when he discovered it, he turned it over to the Olympia principal. The backlash on social media was swift and threatening. 

"They said that he was next. He's now on the hunted list," said his step father Larry Zubert. 

The video shows the student's friend being attacked by another student, then six or seven others join in. The video lasts about two minutes. 

"They're kicking him in the face, they're kicking him in the ribs and he fought back," Kelly Zubert says describing the video. 

The incident happened on Olympia Drive near the school. The next day, after hearing rumors that another friend would be jumped - this time in the hallways - Kelly Zuber's son went to adults. 

"We encourage students who become aware of potential conflicts to tell a trusted adult so they can intervene," Director of Security Steve Chatterton. 

"As a district we are working to identify all of the students involved. Participants will be subject to criminal action and school disciplinary measures," the district said in an e-mail. 

As the investigation continues, many of the students involved remain in school. Now the student who came forward to "do the right thing" has asked for an in-school suspension for his own protection. 

"That's pretty sad when somebody that didn't do anything wrong is asking to get punished so he doesn't have to walk the halls," said his stepfather. 

"I can't keep them home every day in fear that something's going to happen," said Kelly Zubert. "If they're going to tell and get jumped for telling this really isn't okay." 

Greece Police say Monday's fight was not random; the people involved had a plan to meet up. 

One of the new rules in the Greece School District this year: anyone who shoots video of these kinds of fights or is a bystander encouraging them can also face discipline. 

"We added language to our code of conduct," said Chatterton. "Our hope is that students and parents recognize that we all have a role in keeping schools safe."



Anonymous said...

The system is totally out of control.

Anonymous said...

This is just insane! There's always going to be disagreements and arguments amongst students that age, but the frequency and violence here is down right scary these days.

Scats, in your opinion which of the GCSD middle/high schools is the better one?

Anonymous said...

I find that last part odd that a student can be disciplined for shooting a video. Is that GCSD's way of trying to limit video evidence and stay out of the news?

And is it just me or do those punks not know how to throw proper punches? In the video I mostly see limp wristers To the body and cowardly kicks. whatever happened to a good old mouthful of knuckles?

Anonymous said...

Did this fight end up at Tops or is this a second incident?

SCATS said...

To 9:04PM ~~ It's hard to decide who is more out-of-control: the students or their keepers.

To 9:23PM ~~ Based upon what I hear, I'd say Olympia is still the worst, but Athena & Arcadia are not far behind. For anyone paying attention, Odyssey isn't the "school of choice" it once was. I'd opt for home-schooling or private over any school in Greece these days ... aside from Pine Brook, of course.

To 11:05PM ~~ They made the videos "illegal" after this BLOG received the postings showing the Athena parking lot car bashings a couple years ago, which was not far removed from the bullied bus monitor which became our international claim to fame. Of course they don't want actual "evidence" of what goes on in school. Can you imagine what would happen if a student videotaped a teacher writing "c_cks_cker" on the blackboard?? Oh wait!! It already happened ... nevermind ;)

To 11:27PM ~~ To date, I have seen nothing to show that they are related in any way.

Anonymous said...

This level of CRAP has to be expected when "schools" are allowed to operate internal police forces and "justice systems".
Greece residents are paying for the same service twice and getting no service. Why the hell aren't GPD Cops locking little pisspots down for the criminal assault?

MeChief and his clown club are perfectly willing to sit on their collective asses and pass the job to the "School". WHY? More important, WHY are they allowed to slide it without repercussion?

Why will any punk fear punishment for criminal action when it is left to the "school"?

Better question, WHY is the parent of the kid who turned the video over not demanding at home tutoring for their kid? Kid ain't safe in school law says the District must educate the kid in another school or at home.

Lets turn off the TV Mom & Pop and do a little learning yourselves.

SCATS said...

To 12:19PM ~~ While I get your point, let's not be too hard on the kid's parents. You need to remember that they have likely been given all kinds of lines of total BS from GCSD, the GPD and God knows what other sources. It can take time to sort it all out and find the avenues that might actually help. I'm pretty sure GCSD will do everything possible to avoid "doing the right thing." They are VERY skilled at it.

Anonymous said...

Homeschooling isn't an option for several reasons. We'd love to send our kids to a private school, unfortunately that's not something we can afford. Believe me, we've tried to find a way to do it, but the truth is we just cannot afford it. We live in the Arcadia area (not that it matters, people lie and GCSD looks the other way when it comes to residency) and it looks like that's where they'll go. Our kids are good kids and keep to themselves but it still concerns me.

SCATS said...

To 5:01AM ~~ You've got two things going for you:

1 - Your good kids
2 - Tuned-in parents (look in the mirror)

Plus, you know about this BLOG ;)

Anonymous said...

Then move... You're on the inner ring now.
You want something for nothing, not gonna happen.
Public education under Liberal regime has no chance beyond basic Common Crap standards and the philosophy that no child should be expelled! Cause God forbid we teach the youth of today that there are losers and failure is an option in life if you don't try!!!

SCATS said...

To 5:46PM ~~ When people bought homes in Greece, Gates, etc. 20 or 30 yrs. ago, who forewarned folks "You'll end up with all of the issues living in the inner ring brings"?? IMHO, that catch phrase has become little but an EXCUSE. An excuse for doing nothing to change the status quo.

I do agree with your conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I never said nor do I expect *something for nothing*. My husband and I work hard to provide for our children and they know never to expect anything to be handed to them. Moving out of here isn't as easy as some people seem to think it is.