Tuesday, December 02, 2014

GCSD Suspends Students

Fight Continues At TOPS

(posted to craigslist today)

While getting the deal of the week at TOPS,buy 2 pounds of bacon ,get 3 free, I was getting hungry....
Well if you're a bacon lover,this is one hell of a deal.

After getting my bacon,I left the store and drove around the corner to get a bite to eat at Greece Hots. When I turned the corner I noticed a large Greece Police presence in front of Greece Hots and as I drove by ,I looked in the window and saw police officers inside. I thought maybe the place got robbed and from all the police officers and investigators I thought somebody got shot. I know all the employees and the owner and I was hoping no one got hurt. I parked my truck and went into the restaurant. Once inside I found out that 2 Greece Central students were involved in a fight in school. The school suspended them for 5 days and sent them home. They didn't go home nor did their friends. They continued the fight off school grounds and into the TOPS back lot.I don't know who called 911 but the police response was quick and large. I counted 4 police cruisers, 1 unmarked car and a GCSD Security vehicle . HERE COMES THE BIG QUESTION ?

Why is it the school sent these kids home WITHOUT notifying their parents to come get them at the school?

BY NOT doing so,the district allowed the fight to continue OFF GROUNDS.

After police arrived,they the police department made the notification to the parents to come get their kids. 

So,we tied up 4 or 5 police officers all because the school didn't do its job of parental notification nor did they do anything to defuse the conflict. They chose to turn a blind eye to the whole problem. Get the fighters of school grounds and it's no longer their problem !! Where was the school safety officer as this went on IN SCHOOL ? Why wasn't the problem resolved in school ? I can tell you this,if one of the boys would of gotten seriously hurt the school district would be at fault. These kids should not of been allowed to leave school grounds until picked up by their parent. I thought that was standard protocol.

The only standard protocol here was to suspend the kids.
Will that resolve the original issue ? Did they hope time off would make the issue go away ? When these kids return from suspension so will the problem between them unless it's dealt with during their suspensions.
I don't think that happens though.

This district knows how to spend tax dollars on new equipment like John Deere lawn tractors and new security vehicles but don't know anything when it comes down to intervention techniques. So go ahead and make the school properties pretty with fresh cut lawns and keep throwing the districts problems into someone elses hands like the Greece Police Dept. They have enough on their hands to have to deal with students on the loose.

Don't develop new programs,don't have intervention training for staff, just keep teaching the common core bullshit and walk away because they are doing what the NYSBOE wants and thats all.

I don't know who makes the guidelines for the Greece Schools but from what I witnessed today and what I'm involved in as an advocate for a Greece student that the GSCD proclaims is "unteachable" , That by the way ,they can't find the records for this kid. A kid thats been in their schools since he was old enough to go to school. Here he is at 14 yrs.old and they can't find any of his school records. SOUNDS LIKE BULLSHIT TO ME. SOMEBODY IS HIDING SOMETHING HERE. This unteachable kid at 14 is an accomplished photographer that was highlighted on channel 8 news and has a documentary coming up soon.UNTEACHABLE,I DON'T THINK SO!!! Sounds more like LAZY ADMINISTRATORS TO ME, getting paid well to do nothing. Sounds about right in the town of Greece.
This district reacts,they DO NOTHING PROACTIVE .I'm not impressed, not even a little bit. I'm so happy my kids don't attend this school district.

I really don't like being lied to just so they can cover their collective asses.


Anonymous said...

Is the bacon deal still going on at Tops? I love bacon.

Oh, seems like a bunch of those punk kids need to kick the crap out of each other, might improve their attitude.

Anonymous said...


SCATS said...

To 5:38PM ~~ Kicks out who? When?

SCATS said...

OK, I found the daycare story for anyone interested. 5:38PM ~~ you think the closure is because why??


Anonymous said...

Why? Because the new principal is inept!

SCATS said...

To 8:23PM ~~ I was inquiring about the daycare situation. WHICH school principal are you complaining about? I've heard some bad things about several recently.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to see which of the principals makes the list. My kids have been in Greece Central for a long time and it has just regressed over the years. The last 3-4 being the worst. I will say they have had some pretty amazing teachers over those years. A few, not so close to even ok. But "various others" in schools has been inconsistent and worsened as the grade levels went up.

Charlie Hubbard said...

If it is as reported lots of people need to be held accountable. Must question the security but no doubt no accountability there either.

One thing we can be sure about - all involved will get raises.

SCATS said...

Agreed, Charlie. Ironically, these folks like to sit there and moan about the "lack of parental involvement." Looks like THEY THEMSELVES are at least 50% responsible for that issue. They disdain dealing with parents.

SCATS said...

BTW, one way to know it is as reported, or very close to that is the fact that no one has said it didn't happen, or didn't happen that way.

Anonymous said...

Why would they respond to anonymous comments on this anonymous site from a bacon lover whose kids don't go to Greece schools . Bottom line, the only people they are accountable to are the parents of those involved, if they have such and live in the district. They certainly need not respond to comments posted on SCATS when it comes to accountability. Another thing, how do we know that the district did not notify the parent or attempt to do so. It's a lot different for them to respond to a call from the cops as oppossed to a school administrator. Another unqualified rush to judgement which the norm here
In reality, the district failed to follow a board policy established 10 years ago on the proper way to handle fights, assaults as well as other criminal activity by students, that policy requires the district to notify the GPD and turn the incident over to them Inso doing, they violate the policy not so much as to inconvenience the cops, but to cover the fact that problems like that exist.
I know this protocol exists as I got that info from a former Chief of Police. That's where mistakes were made and will continue until this district recognizes the fact that problems like these exists and are best handled by those trained to deal with them and not In
The way it's supposed to work, security detains the combatants and call police. In the mean time, the principal investigates and issues the suspension to kids and their parents . Cops arrive, security signs complaint on behalf of district. Kids are taken into custody after complaint is signed. Cops now take charge of the situation as well as disposition . All this happens, Tops doesn't happen.

SCATS said...

To 2:30PM ~~ Apparently you are unaware that this site is WIDELY READ ... within GCSD, GPD, Greece Town Hall, etc. In fact, Laurel Heiden has even responded to postings at times in the past.

As for accountability, everyone who knows anything about GCSD knows that word is practically meaningless, especially where students are concerned.

I agree, GCSD FAILS to use policy they set! It's been an ongoing issue. In addition, each building & its administration behave as if they are not part of whole. The result is that the same incident gets handled 4 different ways at 4 different high schools.

It is no wonder enrollment is on a slide as parents flee Greece and head to Spencerport, Hilton & Webster.

Anonymous said...

'Wildly read' doesn't mean respected or in agreement with. This blog is great for the amusement value.

SCATS said...

To 4:32PM ~~ The fact that you are unable to copy TWO WORDS ACCURATELY doesn't mean your opinion is respected, or agreed with either ;)

Daddy always said: "Engage brain before opening mouth" ... something the critics of this BLOG should try.

Anonymous said...

Your use of " in the past " is on the mark regarding Heiden. She won't be making that mistake anymore if she wants to maintain her position with the district. That's not to say she won't be reading postings on this site anymore. The fact remains ,that regardless of what's said on this blog, it will not impact the manner in which they run this district simply because based on past results related to comments o this site relating to Budget approval etc, it has had little or no impact what so ever as to the outcome..

SCATS said...

To 10:29AM ~~ You are almost amusing!! I know full well that:

1 - this site is monitored by DO
2 - the reason being - DAMAGE CONTROL
3 - there are hundreds of small changes and several larger ones GCSD has made due to the fact this BLOG exists. Look at how it has changed BOE member behavior! lol
4 - you have NO CLUE about any "past results related to comments" here. In fact, those words SHOW this site's impact on GCSD.

Anonymous said...

I for one am very happy for this blog. Everybody in the Greater Rochester Area knows that Greece School District is one of the worst districts in our County and probably our State especially when it comes with respecting parents. Parents know that if you have a school age child you do not move to Greece. For the ones that are already here are looking for a way out. I have a child in district and I find the way the district treated my child disgusting. I find the way they treat me apalling. Write on SCATS. You are the parents voice. I am thankful that someone has our backs.

SCATS said...

To 6:04PM ~~ TYVM. I look forward to a day when I could retire & this site is no longer needed. Not sure I'll live that long.