Thursday, December 04, 2014

Can GCSD Get Their Story Straight?

13WHAM reports: "Ten students are under arrest and 20 others suspended from school after a fight outside Greece Olympia that was caught on cell phone video... The investigation isn't over. School officials and police are still looking for the person who took the video. He or she will likely be charged."

WHEC-TV reports: "Ten arrests have been made in connection with a fight caught on video involving Greece Olympia students ...  In addition to the arrests, Greece Central School District officials tell News10NBC 12 students have been suspended in connection with the video."

TWC News reports: "At least five teens are facing either arrest or tickets ... A total of 12 Greece Olympia students have been suspended for two to five days."  

D&C reports: "The fight prompted the suspension of 12 high school students. Ten were criminally charged Thursday."

SCATS ~~ What are we, the community, to believe when the district can't get their own story straight?


Anonymous said...

Scats are you serious, the news can't get a news story straight if their life depended on it. Do you expect all of the local stations to have the same information posted. Get real.

SCATS said...

To 1:11PM ~~ Since GCSD relied upon so many press releases (they detest actually making statements on camera, but they did a couple of times), YES I expect the info to be the same. The fact that it isn't just shows that the right hand is unaware what the left hand is doing ... STILL.