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HAPPY 2015!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Greece Police News You Won't Hear Elsewhere

Walmart Fight Closes Store Early

A reader shared the following little nugget you aren't likely to find reported anywhere else. That doesn't mean it didn't happen though ;)

Dear Scats,

I was in Walgreens Christmas day talking to the cashier and she told me she was at the Northgate Walmart Christmas eve when two girls got into a knife fight inside the store.  They ended up closing the store 3 hours early because of this.

I wonder if this will make it to the police blotter???


Civil Service Exams Scheduled
For Greece Police Positions

P-74718Chief Of Police (Type C)Qualified employees of the Town of Greece

P-75161Deputy Chief Of PoliceQualified employees of the Town of Greece

MUST APPLY BY: 1/15/15.
EXAM DATE: 3/14/15


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas At Rock-Away Rest

Twas the night before Christmas at Rock-Away Rest,
And all of us seniors were looking our best. 

Our glasses, how sparkly, our wrinkles, how merry; 
Our punchbowl held prune juice plus three drops of sherry.

A bedsock was taped to each walker, in hope
That Santa would bring us soft candy and soap. 
We surely were lucky to be there with friends, 
Secure in this residence and in our Depends.

Our grandkids had sent us some Christmasy crafts, 
Like angels in snowsuits and penguins on rafts. 

The dental assistant had borrowed our teeth, 
And from them she'd crafted a holiday wreath. 

The bed pans, so shiny, all stood in a row, 
Reflecting our candle's magnificent glow. 

Our supper so festive -- the joy wouldn't stop -- 
Was creamy warm oatmeal with sprinkles on top.

Our salad was Jell-O, so jiggly and great, 
Then puree of fruitcake was spooned on each plate. 
The social director then had us play games, 
Like "Where Are You Living?" and "What Are Your Names?"

Old Grandfather Cooper was feeling his oats, 
Proclaiming that reindeer were nothing but goats. 

Our resident wand'rer was tied to her chair, 
In hopes that at bedtime she still would be there.

Security lights on the new fallen snow 
Made outdoors seem noon to the old folks below. 

Then out on the porch there arose quite a clatter 
(But we are so deaf that it just didn't matter).
A strange little fellow flew in through the door, 
Then tripped on the sill and fell flat on the floor. 

Twas just our director, all togged out in red. 
He jiggled and chuckled and patted each head.           

We knew from the way that he strutted and jived 
Our social- security checks had arrived. 

We sang -- how we sang -- in our monotone croak,       
Till the clock tinkled out its soft eight-p.m. Stroke.

And soon we were snuggling deep in our beds. 
While nurses distributed nocturnal meds.

And so ends our Christmas at Rock-Away Rest. 
Before long you'll be with us, We wish you the best!


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Greece: No More "Free" Sewer

TWCNews reports: "Some Greece residents found an unexpected expense on their annual tax bill as a sewer tax is now in effect. 

About 30 homeowners on North Greece Road must pay $300 a year for a sewer line that was installed 20 years ago. The tax charge is set to continue annually for another 20 years.

"When we were going through this year's charges you look at last year's, and look for the changes. We say why didn't they pay something last year? We got a bond here for North Greece Road then we looked into past years and found that they haven't been charged," said Greece Finance Director Paul Hoolihan. "The district got formed, the work got done but the residents in that area that benefitted from the sewer hadn't been charged. We checked with our accountants, with our bonding attorneys and in this kind of situation, the people that benefit from the work are the ones that have to pay for it."
Homeowners along the sewer line signed a petition for the sewer in 1995.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Totally Greece Police Reports ...

From Greece Post 12/18/14 pg.A27

Nov. 9: A victim on Windsor Rd. reports that his girlfriend threw a 15 lb. bag of cat litter at him, causing him to be annoyed & alarmed.

Nov. 9: A male reports that his ex-wife's new boyfriend shot a BB gun in the house while the male's children were visiting their mother in Orleans County.

Nov. 11: A man let his girlfriend stay in his basement on Woodhill Dr, unbeknownst to his wife. The wife stumbled upon the girlfriend and called in a burglary.

Nov. 13: Officers responded to a moving vehicle accident and discovered that each separate driver had their own revoked driver's license. Both drivers were arrested.

Nov. 14: A victim was confronted by a customer inside Wegmans on West Ridge Rd. because he was checking out with too many items.

Nov. 14: A suspect first attempted to fight a victim who took 20 items through the express seven item lane at Wegmans on West Ridge Rd. The suspect then tried to hit the victim with his truck when the victim attempted to get the suspect's license plate number.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ready For Another Tax Increase?

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Proposed Capital Project Vote Dec. 16

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES will be seeking voter approval for capital improvements to its main campus on Big Ridge Road in Spencerport. Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES serves students from the Brockport, Churchville-Chili, Gates Chili, Greece, Hilton, Holley, Kendall, Spencerport, and Wheatland-Chili school districts.

The proposed $29.2-million project is the first of its kind for Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES in its nearly 60-year history. The project work will improve building infrastructure, upgrade technology in classrooms to support quality instruction aligned to career preparation for students, accommodate student enrollment increases and continuing program expansion, increase capacity for professional development, improve security measures, reconfigure traffic flow on the BOCES campus and increase parking capacity.

The Capital Project Vote will be held on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Room #2 at the Educational Services Center, 3599 Big Ridge Road, Spencerport, NY 14559. Anyone 18 or older who is a United States citizen living in the Brockport, Churchville-Chili, Gates Chili, Greece, Hilton, Holley, Kendall, Spencerport or Wheatland-Chili school districts for at least 30 days prior to the vote date is eligible to vote.

Q. How will the project be financed?

A. The State of New York will be contributing
approximately 63.2% of the project cost. The nine
component districts will be responsible for the remaining

Q. How will my taxes be affected?
A. BOCES 2 serves nine component districts that have
differing tax structures. Contingent on the component
district’s tax structure, the average tax range on a home
with a $100,000 assessed value ranges are as follows:
• Senior STAR exemption............................$2-$3 per year
• Basic STAR exemption.............................$4-$6 per year
• No STAR...................................................$6-$8 per year
More exact tax computations are shown in the Capital
Project’s Public Presentation within each component
district’s website and the BOCES website.

Q. What will it take to pass the vote?
A. A simple majority of the total votes cast by eligible
voters in the nine component districts is needed.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Greece Town Budget & Assessments

Greece Post (12/11/14 pg. A18) ~ "Early on in my administration I realized that in order to hold the line on property taxes in 2015 I had to close a budget gap of over $2.5 million." ~~ Greece Supervisor Bill Reilich

Cited as one of the key components of the 2015 Greece Town budget: "Strong assessment growth of $117 million generates $724,000 of additional revenue without increasing the tax rate."

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

McCabe: Lauds GCSD Response To Olympia Fights

At last night's Greece Board of Education meeting, Greece school board Prez. Sean McCabe patted GCSD & Greece Police employees on the back for stomping out the racially-charged fire that caused a dozen Greece Olympia students to rumble in the streets a week ago.
  • There was NO MENTION of the underlying problems, or their causes, at Olympia HS.
  • There was NO MENTION of the total failure of GCSD's anti-bullying efforts.
  • There was NO MENTION of what GCSD needs to do to prevent further gang fights.

Monday, December 08, 2014

BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the Board will go into an Executive Session at 5:30 pm to discuss the proposed acquisition sale or lease or real property and collective negotiations persuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law.


Rollover Budget Process

Reserve Fund Report and Analysis

Strategic Data Report

Veteran's Exemption Update

Shuttle Bus Approval for Polar Plunge

RRFD Commission Elections

A Facebook friend asked me when they are planning to hold the RRFD elections.

I responded I hadn't heard a word.

  • The RRFD.ORG website has NO INFO on this topic, none at all!
  • I've seen NOTHING in the Greece Post.
  • I'm told by those who live in the RRFD area they've received NO mailings, either!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

The Urban-Suburban Program

Spencerport Plans A January Vote On The Issue

 Why, or why not?

Friday, December 05, 2014

Making Sense of Video Evidence In Greece


  • We want the video/s of the Olympia fight found & destroyed
  • We want the person who recorded it found & punished
  • GCSD: does not want to deal with the facts or the reality of what happens within their schools ~~ Parents would freakout if they knew how inept they really are at protecting their kids or keeping them safe.

  • Used video of fight to arrest and/or get about a dozen Olympia students suspended for their violent acts
  • Has tested body cams on police officers
  • Will let cops voluntarily wear body cams in the future
  • Phelan ~~ About a week ago, he couldn't tell us if Jared Rene was wearing a cam when he shot Thomas Manza. "It's part of an ongoing investigation."
  • Helfer ~~ This week told a reporter that Jared Rene was NOT wearing a body cam when he shot Thomas Manza. Refused to say if the other officer/s were wearing body cams that day because "It's part of an ongoing investigation."
  • Manza has been charged; Rene is back to work
  • GPD: will use the video cams to their advantage ... when the cops can benefit, not when the public can use it against them...

Thursday, December 04, 2014

GPD Charge Manza

Thomas Manza, 34, was shot by Greece Police Officer Jared René in early November during an incident at his home.
Manza is charged with menacing a police officer, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Can GCSD Get Their Story Straight?

13WHAM reports: "Ten students are under arrest and 20 others suspended from school after a fight outside Greece Olympia that was caught on cell phone video... The investigation isn't over. School officials and police are still looking for the person who took the video. He or she will likely be charged."

WHEC-TV reports: "Ten arrests have been made in connection with a fight caught on video involving Greece Olympia students ...  In addition to the arrests, Greece Central School District officials tell News10NBC 12 students have been suspended in connection with the video."

TWC News reports: "At least five teens are facing either arrest or tickets ... A total of 12 Greece Olympia students have been suspended for two to five days."  

D&C reports: "The fight prompted the suspension of 12 high school students. Ten were criminally charged Thursday."

SCATS ~~ What are we, the community, to believe when the district can't get their own story straight?

3 Arrested, 12 Suspended ...

Investigation into Olympia gang fight continues ...

SCATS ~~ A question for GCSD administration: If you didn't know about the fight until Wednesday, how could you possibly declare that it wasn't racially motivated when you hadn't begun investigating it? 

I did also note that you didn't deny it was gang related. Maybe you've raised one eye above the sand your head is stuck in ...?

Olympia Students: Fights Are Racially Motivated Gang Violence


WHEC-TV reports: 

"Olympia students say this is gang violence. They also say it is racially motivated. The students they say started this fight are African American and the victims are Caucasian. "Michael" (whose identity we have shielded for his safety) says he afraid to go to school." 

In a written statement, the Greece Central School District denies it:

Statement from district:
The fight happened after school and off school grounds. Any time we are made aware that a fight may occur, we contact Greece Police and routinely work with them to resolve potential altercations before they escalate.
This incident was not reported to us in advance and it was not racially motivated. We were made aware after the fact. Because the fight did not occur on school grounds, Greece Police are overseeing the investigation.
As a district, we are working to identify all students involved. Participants will be subject to criminal action and school disciplinary measures.

SCATS ~~ Olympia HS has had BIG problems with racial tensions for at least the last 25 years, and the Greece Central School District remains in TOTAL DENIAL about the problems that result. If student safety were a top concern, something would have changed by now, but it hasn't.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Olympia Student Fears For Personal Safety

Informed Greece School Officials Of Videotaped Fight;
Now He Is The Target;
Requests In-School Suspension For His Own Safety

Greece Police are using a cell phone video to find the group of Greece Olympia students shown jumping another student Monday. They are also investigating threats targeting another student who wasn't even involved. 

"He's tried to do the right thing and they turn on him. He's got a label on his back," says the student's mother Kelly Zubert. 

Her son, a sophomore, did not take the cell phone video of the fight. But when he discovered it, he turned it over to the Olympia principal. The backlash on social media was swift and threatening. 

"They said that he was next. He's now on the hunted list," said his step father Larry Zubert. 

The video shows the student's friend being attacked by another student, then six or seven others join in. The video lasts about two minutes. 

"They're kicking him in the face, they're kicking him in the ribs and he fought back," Kelly Zubert says describing the video. 

The incident happened on Olympia Drive near the school. The next day, after hearing rumors that another friend would be jumped - this time in the hallways - Kelly Zuber's son went to adults. 

"We encourage students who become aware of potential conflicts to tell a trusted adult so they can intervene," Director of Security Steve Chatterton. 

"As a district we are working to identify all of the students involved. Participants will be subject to criminal action and school disciplinary measures," the district said in an e-mail. 

As the investigation continues, many of the students involved remain in school. Now the student who came forward to "do the right thing" has asked for an in-school suspension for his own protection. 

"That's pretty sad when somebody that didn't do anything wrong is asking to get punished so he doesn't have to walk the halls," said his stepfather. 

"I can't keep them home every day in fear that something's going to happen," said Kelly Zubert. "If they're going to tell and get jumped for telling this really isn't okay." 

Greece Police say Monday's fight was not random; the people involved had a plan to meet up. 

One of the new rules in the Greece School District this year: anyone who shoots video of these kinds of fights or is a bystander encouraging them can also face discipline. 

"We added language to our code of conduct," said Chatterton. "Our hope is that students and parents recognize that we all have a role in keeping schools safe."


Tuesday, December 02, 2014

GCSD Suspends Students

Fight Continues At TOPS

(posted to craigslist today)

While getting the deal of the week at TOPS,buy 2 pounds of bacon ,get 3 free, I was getting hungry....
Well if you're a bacon lover,this is one hell of a deal.

After getting my bacon,I left the store and drove around the corner to get a bite to eat at Greece Hots. When I turned the corner I noticed a large Greece Police presence in front of Greece Hots and as I drove by ,I looked in the window and saw police officers inside. I thought maybe the place got robbed and from all the police officers and investigators I thought somebody got shot. I know all the employees and the owner and I was hoping no one got hurt. I parked my truck and went into the restaurant. Once inside I found out that 2 Greece Central students were involved in a fight in school. The school suspended them for 5 days and sent them home. They didn't go home nor did their friends. They continued the fight off school grounds and into the TOPS back lot.I don't know who called 911 but the police response was quick and large. I counted 4 police cruisers, 1 unmarked car and a GCSD Security vehicle . HERE COMES THE BIG QUESTION ?

Why is it the school sent these kids home WITHOUT notifying their parents to come get them at the school?

BY NOT doing so,the district allowed the fight to continue OFF GROUNDS.

After police arrived,they the police department made the notification to the parents to come get their kids. 

So,we tied up 4 or 5 police officers all because the school didn't do its job of parental notification nor did they do anything to defuse the conflict. They chose to turn a blind eye to the whole problem. Get the fighters of school grounds and it's no longer their problem !! Where was the school safety officer as this went on IN SCHOOL ? Why wasn't the problem resolved in school ? I can tell you this,if one of the boys would of gotten seriously hurt the school district would be at fault. These kids should not of been allowed to leave school grounds until picked up by their parent. I thought that was standard protocol.

The only standard protocol here was to suspend the kids.
Will that resolve the original issue ? Did they hope time off would make the issue go away ? When these kids return from suspension so will the problem between them unless it's dealt with during their suspensions.
I don't think that happens though.

This district knows how to spend tax dollars on new equipment like John Deere lawn tractors and new security vehicles but don't know anything when it comes down to intervention techniques. So go ahead and make the school properties pretty with fresh cut lawns and keep throwing the districts problems into someone elses hands like the Greece Police Dept. They have enough on their hands to have to deal with students on the loose.

Don't develop new programs,don't have intervention training for staff, just keep teaching the common core bullshit and walk away because they are doing what the NYSBOE wants and thats all.

I don't know who makes the guidelines for the Greece Schools but from what I witnessed today and what I'm involved in as an advocate for a Greece student that the GSCD proclaims is "unteachable" , That by the way ,they can't find the records for this kid. A kid thats been in their schools since he was old enough to go to school. Here he is at 14 yrs.old and they can't find any of his school records. SOUNDS LIKE BULLSHIT TO ME. SOMEBODY IS HIDING SOMETHING HERE. This unteachable kid at 14 is an accomplished photographer that was highlighted on channel 8 news and has a documentary coming up soon.UNTEACHABLE,I DON'T THINK SO!!! Sounds more like LAZY ADMINISTRATORS TO ME, getting paid well to do nothing. Sounds about right in the town of Greece.
This district reacts,they DO NOTHING PROACTIVE .I'm not impressed, not even a little bit. I'm so happy my kids don't attend this school district.

I really don't like being lied to just so they can cover their collective asses.