Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Greece Police Honor License Plate Record Requests

According to today's D&C, records generated by Greece PD's use of license plate scanners can be obtained by the owner of the plate.

"Attorney Christopher Thomas of Nixon Peabody LLP told Justice John J. Ark on Tuesday morning that other law enforcement agencies — including the Greece Police Department — have readily handed over such information to people who asked for records on their own plates."

SCATS ~~ Everyone should make this request!



Anonymous said...

How do we make the request, SCATS?

SCATS said...

An EXCELLENT question, 4:10PM. I think I might call the Chief's line directly, to bypass the possibility of being roadblocked (pun intended ... sorta ...) at every turn. I'd have the D&C's quote ready to recite, just in case.