Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WHAT Would YOU Think?

It's an average Tuesday afternoon until ...

You finish work, arrive home and are immediately confronted by a neighbor.

They inform you that a body was found in the neighborhood. The police are investigating. They are treating it as a "suspicious death."

You listen to the news for more information. There's nothing.

The next day you check the newspaper and again, listen to the news. Again there's no word.

It's as if it never happened ...

Then you realize. The body was found within walking distance of the homes of a State Senator, a Town Board member and the Chief of the local police department.



Anonymous said...

So...if it was not reported on the news any where who said it was a suspicious death? I'm guessing the incident your referring to is the one I heard on the police scanner yesterday. They were dispatched for a self inflicted gun shot wound in the Black Walnut neighborhood (forgot the street name), they confirmed a dead person from a self inflicted wound. Not news worthy, not a coverup or conspiracy, happens more freaquintly than you think.

SCATS said...

To 6:09PM ~~ First of all, I never said anything about a "conspiracy." Your imagination is working OT.

Second, the neighbor said they (the cops, as I understand it) were treating it as a suspicious death. IF it was a suicide, then obviously the cops got it wrong. An explanation to those who live in the area should be made, since they MADE A MISTAKE.

If this is so common as you say, why has it NEVER EVER happened near me? Nor my friends? I know many people in Greece who have lived in the same house for 50+ years. Guess what? NEVER happened there either.

Anonymous said...

Ever tell someone a story then hear it back from someone else 5th had? Most likely the story changed, most likely what happened here. When I said it happens more freaquintly than you think I was referring to the whole area in general, probably 3 or 4 a year in the town.

Anonymous said...

I live in Greece- close to Craig Hill School. A gentleman in his 40s shot himself one afternoon in 2009. It was first investigated as a suspicious death. It never made the papers or news. Five years later, the man's home still sits empty.

Anonymous said...

Suicides are not. Typically reported on the news. The police do not owe anyone an explanation when this is the case. Suicides are not typical to any one neighborhood. There are depressed or troubled people living in neighborhoods all over. Just because you haven't heard of it before doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

SCATS said...

To 9:33PM ~~ The keyword in your comment is "probably" ... it means you do NOT know.

To 9:33PM ~~ I'm not pushing for media coverage, so much as I expect them to TELL THE NEIGHBORS IT WASN'T A CRIMINAL ACT after all !

I bet the Robachs, the Phelans & Andy Conlon rested well knowing what really happened while others worried through the night. That's just wrong.

To 9:51PM ~~ I disagree. When the cops start telling people it's being investigated as "a suspicious death" and then they discover they are WRONG, they owe everyone in that area a simple explanation that it wasn't a criminal act.

I find it extremely amusing that those who've screamed loudest (especially on Facebook) about how this isn't anybody's business and that the family deserves privacy and all of that other wishy-washy crapple are the SAME people who dished to a BLOG that it was a suicide and broke that very confidentiality they claim to want protected.

For those of you who can't comprehend simple English, I did not say suicide is amusing and will not post ridiculous comments claiming I did.

Anonymous said...

I live down the street from this terrible incident and I was told it was a "suspicious" death. To me, that means it is a great possibility this was a criminal act. We have had numerous break ins around here in the last few years and when I heard about this death I was scared. Just because we live in "burbs" does not mean we are immune to serious criminal activity. Those who believe other wise are living under a rock. It would have been nice to find out the day this death occurred that we did not have to fear some thug running around our neighborhood shooting people.

My sincere sympathies to this person's family.

SCATS said...

To 6:27AM ~~ TY for so eloquently stating EXACTLY what I was attempting to convey!

When people start talking about "a suspicious death" I know those words are typical cop-speak, not laymen's terms.

Greece is no longer a paragon of public safety (not that it ever was, but Auggie attempted to sell the illusion of it). My neighbor's home was broken into approx. 8 yrs. ago. It happened in a 45 minute window of time on a nice May afternoon. Those kinds of incidents send shockwaves through a neighborhood. Lots of folks installed steal doors, alarm systems, etc.

SCATS said...

For Friends & Neighbors: His obituary is in today's newspaper.