Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Other Districts Keep Non-Resident Students Out

WHEC Reports:

The parents of a 12-year-old sent to the Rochester area from New Orleans to live with her great aunt, so she could be safe, go to school and have a better life.

That was at the beginning of October, but because of state laws, the girl is not allowed to enroll in her suburban school district and now she's going on three weeks without being in class. We are standing up for this girl and her family in a story you'll only see on News10NBC.
This could happen in any suburban school district around Rochester. It's another case where we have adults making laws and enforcing laws and we're left with a girl who wants to be in a good school but can't.
Jolie Cheramie is living with her great aunt in Irondequoit. Her parents, who are separated and struggle with drugs and alcohol, sent her here from Louisiana to get her away from the problems and to get her into a good school. But the East Irondequoit School District will not let her enroll. 
Jolie's great aunt Jodie Shaw says, "I'm at a loss that a school is allowed to do this. I thought that keeping a child from an education is against the law."
Jolie's parents signed notarized documents giving provisional custody to Shaw and they signed an affidavit saying Shaw is responsible for Jolie's education.
We asked the East Irondequoit School District Communications Director Dave Yates what's the harm in letting her come to school here.
He says, "The harm is if you were to do that than other people, who are residents here, can start bringing in nieces and nephews and things like that without having full custody of the child."
The concern is you could have thousands of parents sending their children into the suburbs to live with aunts, uncles or friends, just to go to the schools. The state rules say children have to attend school where their custodial parents live. 
Yates says, "And because the state says until that great aunt has custody of the child then we can't do anything about it."
Her aunt says, "What I'd like to see is her get into the school district that I'm paying taxes on."
Jolie can go to East Irondequoit schools but only if her aunt pays tuition which can be thousands of dollars. Aunt Jodie says she's already been paying school taxes for ten years.
SCATS ~~ Come to Greece to attend school, Jolie! We're like the border to Mexico: OPEN !   GCSD won't bother verifying anything, or make you pay tuition, either.


Anonymous said...

GCSD doesn't verify the addresses of their students? Shocker! NOT. Nothing about this ridiculous district shocks me anymore.

Anonymous said...

The head honchos don't give a rat's rear end if students live in the district or not. They get their state aid just the same and it makes the enrollment numbers look WAY better than they really are.

I can't tell you how many documents I notarize each year on behalf of people who have to swear or affirm these kids are living in the same house hold as the owner of the house. This document is a joke because the district never checks up on these folks anyway.

Like i said is all about the state aid and being able to claim that our student population is not declining as rapidly as it is. We would have to close two or three more schools if all these kids who really don't live here where tossed out.

SCATS said...

To 5:57PM ~~ WELL SAID! I couldn't agree more. We should be CLOSING A COUPLE MORE SCHOOLS NOW ANYWAY! Instead, they are going to push for building a stadium. Only in Greece ...

If we got rid of the thieves, we'd be down another 4-5 buildings, easily.

Anonymous said...

You would have loved Relic's presentation last week at Dewey Neighborhood group on his vision for Greece.

SCATS said...

To 7:28PM ~~ That group must have given up announcing their meetings. So why don't you tell us all what he had to say?