Sunday, September 28, 2014

VADIR* Data By School 2012-13




ATHENA ~ 273

Longridge ~ 79

English Village ~ 26

West Ridge ~ 22

Holmes Rd ~ 17

Brookside ~ 15

Lakeshore ~ 14

Paddy Hill ~ 9

Pine Brook ~ 7

Buckman Hts. ~ 7

Craig Hill ~ 4

Autumn Ln ~ 2

*Violent & Disruptive Incident Reports  (Bullying statistics can also be searched by school)


Anonymous said...

If a school or District chose not to report an incident or many, how reliable is the data?
And therefore doesn't that make the data corrupt and useless?
What mandates a school or District to report an incident?
What watchdog enforces mandatory reporting?
What if Administrators empower staff to dictate the tenor or pace of the investigation?
And that staff biases data by dictating the tone, content, and reporting of such incidents?

SCATS said...

To 3:02PM ~~ All are good questions. NYSED dictates that each district report these incidents to the state annually. As for mandatory reporting, surely you must jest!! Having said that, I'd say that schools with higher numbers are at least more honest, especially the middle & high schools.

Anonymous said...

What's more interesting is the question "what is the minimum line you have to cross to count in these statistics?". In other words, are we counting "violent" gestures, "violent" words, "unwanted" physical contact etc, or are we limiting the reporting to actual physical violence that leaves a mark? In other words, even if the data are accurate in some sense, do they really mean what they seem to mean?

SCATS said...

To 5:14PM ~~ I'd like to know how these stats compare to the number of calls for the PD at each school. Lots of interesting questions on this subject.

Anonymous said...

So there is reason to believe that a school with a higher population should have higher numbers because these stats are not percentages but raw data? And if that is not the case we either believe low numbers mean "better" school or liars reporting?

SCATS said...

To 6:22PM ~~ They are NOT percentages, but actual number of incidents reported.

Anonymous said...

ARCADIA Wins, hands down!