Tuesday, September 23, 2014


You Aren't Alone!

Many Homes Are Listed For Sale 
BENEATH Their Assessment.

Many Homes Eventually Sell For 
MUCH Below The Assessment.

Address                List Price         Assessment

149 St. Andrews St.               $122,000                             $133,400

47 Stonewall Ct.                      $89,500                             $118,000

39 Wheatfield Dr                      $112,900                           $142,000

184 Elmgrove Rd.                    $84,900                             $97,200

201 Black Walnut                    $124,000                            $131,700

195 Drumcliff Way                   $119,900                           $127,000

329 Sweet Birch Ln                $ 92,900                             $140,000

128 Stoney Path Ln.               $124,900                            $142,000

217 Andiron Ln.                       $185,900                            $215,000

278 Pepperidge Dr                  $84,900                              $100,500

80 Norway Dr.                           $183,000                            $200,000

160 Guinevere Dr.                     $115,000                           $143,000

235 Whispering Pines Cir.     $139,900                            $151,800

210 Kartes Dr.                          $120,000                             $127,000

34 E. Manitou Rd.                     $94,900                              $133,100

121 Grecian Pkwy.                   $105,000                            $119,500


Anonymous said...

If the assessments were fair, The town wouldn't fear me walking in with my deed, plunking it down and saying "SOLD" for any property I own

Doug Phillips said...

Just had mine lowered by $2 grand through court after assement review failed. The excuss given in court was the software that does the assessment is niether maintained or administered by the town of greece. Assessment was 115000 asked for 10000 got $2000 plus costs. We need a lawyer that wants to make a ton of cash sueing town in a group suite.

Anonymous said...

Monroe County Democrats chose Dave Garretson on Tuesday night as their first new leader in nine years, but a contingent of the party was missing when it came time to vote.

Assemblyman David Gantt left a party gathering at the Hyatt Regency Rochester with a number of other members of the Monroe County Democratic Committee before ballots were cast for a new chairman. Garretson, the outgoing Democratic leader in Greece, was elected over two other candidates — Ken Preston, founder of Rochester for Obama, and Simeon Banister, chairman of the Henrietta Democrats.

Reached by phone afterward, Gantt said he left out of dissatisfaction with the party, but declined to elaborate. Party leaders should know why, he said.

"I have been dissatisfied with this party for a long time," he said.

Gantt's departure came as all three candidates spoke about unifying divided factions of the party. Gantthas said previously there are people — namely African-Americans — who feel marginalized by the party establishment.

In a victory speech, Garretson credited the other candidates and outgoing chairman Joseph Morelle, the Assembly majority leader, who did not seek another term as the party's top organizer and fundraiser. Garretson also credited Gantt for recruiting and mentoring young people of color and said he'd made the party more inclusive.

"When we disagree, please remember: The things we have in common vastly outweigh our differences," Garretson said.


SCATS said...

TY 10:39PM :)

Charlie Hubbard said...

We have always used 'market value' to determine assessment. Now the town has chosen to interject 'dollars per square foot' making the assessment process a MESS.
In my opinion you cannot use both. It will be interesting to see if the board shows an interest as I can tell readers they are well aware.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I discovered about 5-6 yrs. ago that $$/sq ft was their language. At what point do you think they made that change? How can a homeowner fight and win in such a battle? It seems like the deck is stacked against the residents.

Charlie Hubbard said...

to Scats 11:46
It appears $$ per Sq.Ft is used as a convenience by the town. If you want to use $ per Sq. Ft. then tell us what it 'should be'- let me know if you get an answer.
I am not going to spend one minute offering solutions as this is one of those items that fits - you can't 'fix' a problem until you first admit there 'is' a problem.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I think the BIGGER question is: How do they get away with this since they are supposed to be following ORPS rules?

Anonymous said...

SCATS you know damn well the rules the Town is supposed to follow, and the rules the Town chooses to follow are 2 different sets of rules.

Going back either 2 or 3 revals the Town got caught flatfooted in a couple tracts pricing 6 & 7 year old houses equally with new houses built that year.

The only way people will get assessments lowered is to do their homework, and confront either the Assessor or the Board of Review.

Both have track records of backing down when confronted with facts & documentation. Both know 90% of the property inventories are wrong in the Town's favor.

The Town knows most people won't dig up the errors, and the Town profits from being wrong. The property inventory was done almost 20 years ago by a bunch of retired Kodak workers who sat through a 4 hour training session.
Many houses in Greece are being taxed for square footage they don't have.

SCATS said...

To 3:11PM ~~ At what point do we get to "confront the assessor"?

I've shown these folks PROOF of an entire neighborhood improperly coded for one type of home. It fell on deaf ears. It reminds me of dealing with GCSD. You can only discuss your own kid (or home) ... no others allowed, regardless the reason.

Pricing 6-7 yr. old homes the same as new would be no big deal compared to some of the errors I've seen. How about a 2500+ sq ft home they list with just 2 bedrooms? I know for a fact it has 5. But since it's NOT my home, they don't give a damn.

SCATS said...

To 3:11PM ~~ BTW, they don't care about documentation either. I truly believe that if they fixed what's broken, they'd have NO CHOICE but to admit that GREECE HOME PRICES HAVE DECLINED especially in that $90,000 to 200K price range.

Anonymous said...

Here are FACTS 2004 Receiver of taxes Richard Antelli bought the old firehouse 3564 Latta Rd $ 220,000. 2013 school tax bill ass value 185,333.Now 2014 Tax Bill assessed value at 130,333 A DROP OF $55,000 Which CRIMINAL TOWN ASSESOR SIGNED OFF ON THIS COMMERICAL PROPERYTY. The Corruption continues on and on

SCATS said...

To 5:30PM ~~ WHO is the current assessor? We were told Leo Carroll would be gone once the revaluation was completed.

Anonymous said...

5;30 if true that is the type of info that should be made public.

SCATS said...

To 9:14PM ~~ It should be easily seen on the county's tax portal, a PUBLIC website.

Anonymous said...

2014 school tax is on the Town of Greece web page parcel# 044.02-1-20 page 1292 Taxable Value $ 130,333 2013 school tax bill #2885 Account# 262800 Taxable Value $185,333 This information has been put out to the press but they refuse to make it a story. Who approved a $ 55,000 drop in value when they are fighting us on a few thousand dollars.

Anonymous said...

So Kimberly and Beck may be the last choice to get the story out to the public

Anonymous said...

3564 Latta Rd is 6693 square feet so if you go by the range of 102.00 to 136.00 per square feet value like the hearing officers stated in their written decision's that is $ 682,686 to $ 910,248 ANY ONE ESLE SEE A PROBLEM WITH THIS

SCATS said...

To 11:01PM ~~ I've been seeing problems over the years. The question is, WHO DO WE COMPLAIN TO? Everyone within Greece seems to be part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Little thing in ORPS Guidebook for Assessors on Commercial Property; The building shall be assessed at it's best use and greatest value.

Antelli could have bought the firehouse for less by pointing out the leach field for the firehouse was on his family property and would not be allowed to continue use after the Fire Department sold.

He then sat on the property keeping it empty for a couple years other than a short term use at no compensation by GVA as their "Western Station".

He was then able to argue that the old firehouse had a value lower than what he paid because he could not rent it. The argument was legitimate.

The problem is not unique to Greece, NY State is legally Bankrupt, and the State NEEDS higher Assessments to enable more borrowing. Cuomo I got caught in the cookie jar in 94, and we been paying ever since.

A number of blind eyes are employed in Town Hall. The mower shop on Kuhn Rd has no Operating Permit, and occupies a building that meets no Codes. The building in NOT Commercial, it's a Use Exception Permit and the man that Permit was issued to has left the building. WHY is this being allowed to continue?

Anonymous said...

The business in there now is an Auto Repair shop and doing well. He has been there for about a year. The property across the street was just sold for $ 750,000 Old Demay Hotel. Mr Antelli is getting a tax reduction because of who he is.

Anonymous said...

11:08, take a good look at the Auto Repair Shop and see what's missing beyond a grease trap.

It's just another Non Compliant business in Greece that gets away with things because of Politician Blind Eyes.

A year from now when the Town Hall Corruption becomes better known taxpayers will wish for the Good Old Days of Von Hairburger.
Your coming tax bill should be the first awakening.

george hubbard said...


1. Analysis of 124 recent sales early Aug to early Sep... average SALE PRICE of $120,000 versus average ASSESSMENT of $121,000 - variance only -0.8%.

2. But averages do not tell complete story. For example, address ‘131 Bri...’ assessed at $129,000 sold lower by $38,000 at $95,000 - variance -26%. Twenty other sales ranged -10% to -45% or more.

3. By contrast, ‘33 Mat...’ assessed at $150,000 sold higher by $38,000 - variance +25%. Nineteen others ranged +10% to +30%.

4. In summary, variances for two out of three sales exceeded +/-5% of assessed value.

5. Of course results may vary for other samples.

Anonymous said...

3:48PM The tax reduction on the property was before he took office. This is 2013 assessment. This years assessment will be next years taxes. You really want Augie back? His administration did this.

SCATS said...

To George Hubbard ~~ YOU did this analysis? When? Why? Just wondering.

FYI ~ According to an article in the D&C earlier this week, Greece's median home is valued at $132,500.

From what I've seen, higher end homes are listed for sale WAY beyond their assessed value. Moderately priced homes often are listed BELOW their assessments. Also, certain neighborhoods are taking more of a hit on the sale price vs. assessment than others. Despite that, the Town appears to go right back to assessing the homes at the high rate they did NOT sell for.

There's DEFINITELY something wrong with this picture.

To 9:03PM ~~ I don't see Reilich complaining about it. In fact, he KEPT Leo Carroll.

george hubbard said...

To SCATs 11:30 - Thanks for questions.

1. Who? I did analysis.

2. When? As reported, data from Aug and Sep.

3. Why? Local government claims to provide services – safety, maintain roads, recreation… etc. Somewhere on the TOG list is ‘assess property values’ for taxing purposes.

3a. In abstract terms, providing a service is a ‘process’.

3b. Ques: How well is ‘assessment process’ working? And, who is accountable?

3c. Let’s look at objective measures of performance.

3d. TOG says equalization= 100%.

3e. Ques: Should homeowners be satisfied?

4. As for D&C ‘Median home value= $132,500’… what was definition of ‘value’? What date was this published.

SCATS said...

To George ~~ It was from the article about new construction & retail projects this past week. At the end was a list of "facts & figures". It stated the source of the info is the Census.

Here's the link:

SCATS said...

BTW, if the Town assessments are too high, doesn't it impede home sales in the long run? My observation from some nearby properties is that they sit on the market for months while the price falls ... and falls ... and falls ... It gives potential buyers the impression there is something wrong with the house when it's assessed for mid-$130's but doesn't sell for even mid-$120's! One such home finally sold for nearly $20K BELOW it's assessed value! It is not alone, either. In this particular case, it used to be one of the pricier homes in the area. Not so now. And for the record, it was very well kept and was updated inside & out in the last 3-4 years.

george hubbard said...


I found the article... it was on digital version of D&C... never printed as far as I can determine.

In any case, the median home value= $132,500 would seem to be from sales data... and doesn't give date of origin.

I don't see this helping to understand assessments.

SCATS said...

To George ~~ The "value" of the median is that only a few (very few at that!) years ago it was stated by the "powers that be" to be at $120,000. Since it's up by $12,500, there's a reason driving it up. One could be home prices. Another could be assessments. I'm betting on the latter, since the assessor was the source of the info when it was $120,000.

Anonymous said...

Problem is this...Houses are assessed so high that people that could afford a certain mortgage can't afford the taxes in the monthly payment. That brings down the price of the house they can afford to buy. So either they pay less than the assessed value or they decide to buy a house in Hilton. That 20k differential/mistake adds up to a monthly amount. That $100 a month makes a difference. It is the fault of the inaccurate assessments here in Greece as opposed to the other towns. It also makes us owe more than neighboring towns in our share of the county tax.

SCATS said...

To 8:09PM ~~ Yup. Higher assessments mean more in Maggie's coffers & she didn't have to raise taxes!

Anonymous said...

I checked. The new assessment meant 130K more to the town. 130 thousand dollars means they could really do a lot with that.

SCATS said...

To 8:31AM ~~ Checked WHAT?? WHOSE assessment is up by $130K??

Anonymous said...

No with the full town reassessment the town will take in more money this year than last. The additional amount is 130,000. So a full town reassessment bring them that much more in revenue.

SCATS said...

To 12:15AM ~~ WHERE does that figure come from? It seems highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

from Leo Carroll the assessor.

SCATS said...

To 2AM ~~ Could I interest you in some swampland in Florida? How about a nice bridge in NYC?? lol

Anonymous said...

Megan McDermott the so called Greece watch dog reporter and Bob Lonsberry were given the photo copies of the tax bill assessment for 3564 Latta Rd back in May 2014. They did NOTHING with the information. It was sent NY State Exposed reporter Brett Davidson of WHEC TV 10. Not word one. Receiver of Taxes Richard J Antelli had his TAXES LOWERED $ 55,000 QUIETLY ON THE COMMERICAL PROPERTY HE OWNS AT 3564 Latta RD. 6693 Square feet FULL VALUE $ 130,333 REAL NICE WHEN THE REST OF US ARE PAYING $ 102.00 per THOUSAND HE IS PAYING $ 19.47 per THOUSAND

SCATS said...

To 6:20PM ~~ I learned long ago that these "watch dogs" have NO TEETH. No guts, no glory either. I believe you. I've tried to get media attention to various things before too. Unless I want to be on camera raising a stink by myself, they aren't interested. Sadly, our electeds know this & use it to promote their agendas without accountability.

Anonymous said...

The house you have listed on Guinevere is way below assessment because it's a short sale, has been for well over a year....and now it's vacant. I live in this neighborhood & another house sold for $130k, but it's assessed at $150k. Makes sense right? I used those figures to fight mine, I'm assessed at $145k, and they wouldn't budge. I def. cannot sell for that.
But, another house is assessed at 131k, in our neighborhood, big new addition, always upgrading something, mine is all original & it's BS!

SCATS said...

To 7:15PM ~~ This is a trend that has expanded to all parts of town over the last few years. Sooner or later, they will HAVE to lower assessments, because no one will get that price.

Anonymous said...

The information was sent to the NYS Attorney General Office for them to investigate Antelli for his $ 55,000 Valuation Reduction and to find out which Greece Town Assessor conspired to make it happen. Next moving on to the US Attorney Office

SCATS said...

To 4:05PM ~~ Is there more than 1 assessor? Who is the current one? Anybody know?

Anonymous said...

A property appraiser looked at the building 3564 Latta Rd from the outside and came up with a conservative value of $500,000. Mr Antelli is paying taxes only based on a FALSE valuation of $130,333. We the tax payers are paying for this. Even if you go by the $220,000 price paid in 2004 and consider no increase in value. The valuation has gone down $ 89,667 while the property valuations have gone up in that time. The property across the street from 3564 Latta Rd was just sold for $750,000 that is an empty building in need for major repairs. The only conclusion you can come away with is that Antelli is getting away with this because he is the Town of Greece Receiver Of Taxes

SCATS said...

To 7:28AM ~~ I'm not sure that's the ONLY conclusion, but it's certainly on the short list.

Anonymous said...

I see that the town just ran a new sewer line behind the property at 3564 Latta Rd anyone know why this is ?

Anonymous said...

It is a well known fact that there are thousands of over-assessed homes in Greece. The Assessor's number one priority is to keep the assessments as high as possible, thus keeping town's money coffers as fat as possible. Many of you residents know what your property would sell for but continue to overpay year after year! Make a commitment to take action and make the town accountable. Have them show detailed proof for your assessment - not a computer generated scroll of non-comparable properties. It is bad enough you are already paying the highest overall property taxes in the nation based on home value without being over-assessed as well!!! Sorry, the $$ per sq/ft the town uses to generate mass appraisal averages has no validity regarding property specific appraised or comparative market analysis value.
I agree that the assessment of 3564 Latta Rd. appears completely fictitious. Can anyone provide justification for the $133K assessment? I believe the town has the land appraised for about $60K, so that makes the building worth $73K ($11 sq/ft)....What a joke. For sure, the property is insured for many times the assessed valued.
Apparently, the news media has no backbone to dig deeper. Per post on 10/2/2014 4:05 PM - Has the Attorney General responded? What can anyone with any intelligence conclude from this?