Monday, September 15, 2014

Greece Man Steals Deliveries

WHEC-TV reports: "A 34-year-old Greece man is facing charges in connection with the theft of a package from a home in Irondequoit that was caught on camera.

We’re told Michael Schneider was arrested in Greece on Friday. Police say he’s charged with three counts of petit larceny in connection with three separate incidents – two on Simpson Road in Irondequoit and another on Franklin Road.

Police advise people who are planning to receive deliveries to ask that they be placed out of sight."


Anonymous said...

Some neighborhoods will not get deliveries unless there is a person to sign. It also has to do with the wishes of the sender or the value of the item delivered. Obviously this guy knew Irondequoit was not on the watch list. Maybe they will be now. Has anyone here had a problem getting things delivered when they weren't home?

SCATS said...

To 12:16PM ~~ I agree that the sender has more say in this. We once had an expensive, bulky item (VERY $$) delivered by UPS, as arranged by the retailer. Although we were home (it was the afternoon of New Year's Eve and in the middle of a decent snowstorm) they didn't bother ringing the bell. Instead, they heaped up the boxes (about 10 cartons) IN THE SNOW on the porch in full view of whoever went by. A complaint to them resulted in: " The driver decides what's best." Had we not opened the door to look outside at the accumulating snow, we might not have known there was a "delivery" made for a few days. NOTE: UPS took greater interest when we informed them they left a package on our porch intended for someone several streets away. Our offer to "deliver it ourselves" was met with them sending someone to get it ASAP! lol