Monday, September 01, 2014

Buying Into A False Sense Of 'Security'

New Security System To Keep 
Sex Offenders Out Of Schools*

13WHAM reports:

Greece, N.Y. - People who visit Greece Central Schools will have to present a valid, government-issued photo ID to be scanned through the National Sex Offender Registry. 

Director of school safety and security Steve Chatterton said, “It gives us the ability to notify everybody within the building that there is somebody that’s not supposed to be standing at the front desk within a matter of seconds.” 

At all 17 of the district’s schools, the new system scans each visitor through the same database. The visitor management system called Raptor collects a person’s name, phone** and birthdate from the ID. If cleared to enter the building, the software prints out a visitor badge. 

“It’s got where you are, where you’re going and you’re picture is clearly visible,” Chatterton said the new badges will help security guards make sure someone is not where they are not supposed to be. 

Chatterton said with the new system and the surveillance camera, he can see every visitor at every school. It creates an electronic record of who is in the building and when.  Chatterton said, “I’d be able to tell you the time you went in the time you left and we keep that forever.” *** 

If an unwanted visitor shows up, one click of a button on the main office computer will send a text to all the administrators in the building.  

Chatterton said, “It’s definitely the wave of the future and we spoke with parents, we went to conference, we checked with people and people like this, **** they like the system they like the fact that everyone has got an ID, the fact that we are checking the sex offender registry.” 

Visitors only have to scan their ID on the first visit and the Sex Offender Registry is updated every week. 

Chatterton said, “Every time they come into the building and we click submit it runs them back through that database.”  *****

Much more sophisticated that the sign in sheet that was used before, the system costs a couple thousand dollars per machine and GCSD has one at the entrance of every school. 

Chatterton said, “If we stop one sex offender from entering the schools then the system is worth it.” ******

According to the software company’s website, the screening system has stopped 15,000 sex offenders from entering schools all across the country.

* ~~ When did Greece have a problem with this? How many times was this a problem in the past 3 - 5 years?

** ~~ How do they get a phone number from a driver's license?

*** ~~ "FOREVER"!? WHY?? Even if grandma comes to see a Christmas play in the afternoon? What about that senior citizen who comes to read to the youngest kids?

**** ~~ Again, how often have we had sex offenders visiting schools during class time? What if a parent is a sex offender? Don't they have a right to go to conferences, etc?

***** ~~ This has a big brother feel to it!

****** ~~ GCSD spent $2000 (info that WHAM removed when they "updated" the original story) at each of 17 schools, plus the costs for software & other items to solve a problem we never had!

SCATS ~~ I think we've uncovered a great reason why a cop should NOT be heading up district security! It's fairly obvious Chatterton is very excited by this acquisition. In reality, the sex offenders the district had REAL problems with were ALL EMPLOYEES!  (Yes, I know we shoo'ed away the voters with records.) I hate to burst his bubble, but I don't think Greece schools are any safer now, than last year! The money would have been better spent on funding more SRO's!!


Anonymous said...

GEE, another GCSD piss away of tax dollars to create another ILLUSION.

We have the ILLUSION of education, the Illusion of safe structures, the Illusion of competent management, the DREAM of clean school buses to come that will be filled with social monsters + a deaf blind bus monitor, the Illusion of bus security via onboard cameras, and NOW, we have this spreader full of manure.

<EMO to Steve Chatterbox, the CCTV system is nonfunctional to any standard of security. Even the inmates er I mean students know the CCTV has been a failure since it was turned on. How about you investigate who got fat on that scam?

I'm sure some GCSD mommie is all happy knowing GCSD will now check for sex offenders though.

SCATS said...

To 12:28AM ~~ Isn't it odd that the GPD website only lists TWO sex offenders living in our community?? They used to show us not just all of the DOZENS of offenders residences, but also where & what type of crimes were happening in our town. Just another ILLUSION that we're safer than we are by eliminating that online info. Didn't Auberger try to convince us of that? History repeats itself, oh so soon!

Anonymous said...

Why knock it? Give it a chance to work. I think it's a great idea whose time has come . Regarding the other camera system , it was never meant to be used as a deterrent to bad behavior of students. They were located in high risk areas in buildings for one reason. PROOF! That's right .When mommies little, " my child would never do that" claim was made, videos of the incident caught on camera where used that clearly showed the "'innocent" student in the act of commission of the incident.and you know what? Even then some parents remained in denial inspite of the obvious . I'm with Steve on this one even though while there, I never was a big fan of his. But he certainly was
an improvement over the bum he replaced .

SCATS said...

To 6:34AM ~~ Re: "Why knock it?"

Go back and read the 6 asterisks!


It wasn't! The real problem with sex offenders is that:

1 - Often they are a friend/relative/neighbor/acquaintance of the family
2 - Only an already convicted offender is in that registry. The ones who haven't been caught yet are the ones I worry about.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can use that same ID requirement when the schools are used for voting.

SCATS said...

To 1:31PM ~~ Yes, maybe. However, the BOE already addressed that issue via a new policy several years ago. The thing is, they still have the right to vote!

Unless we are going to have giant red letters tatooed to their foreheads for ID purposes, kids are going to potentially be rubbing elbows with convicted sex offenders just about anywhere the public is permitted. I'd be more worried about Chucky Cheese, Adventure Landing, the bowling alley or a PG movie at the mall where you can NOT control who comes & goes than any of our schools.

Anonymous said...

Words are important. At best this system MAY help to keep REGISTERED sex offenders out of the schools. We have no way to know or keep a sex offender that has not yet been caught, charged and found guilty out of the schools.

Doug Skeet

SCATS said...

To Doug ~~ Agreed, Doug. Which goes right back to my question: WHEN did keeping REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS out of Greece schools become an issue?

It hasn't!! Which makes this investment a waste of $$, time & energy all for the purposes of instilling a false sense of security!

Again, I'm more worried about bullying, fighting, weapons, even drugs than I am about REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS in the schools. I bet most parents would agree.

Anonymous said...

Phelan has only been in the job since April and you would not be believe how bad things are on the street beat. Troupers are sometimes having to take calls because those 99 officers Baxter hired are no more!! Budget cuts galore.

SCATS said...

To 5:20PM ~~ I would blame those cuts on Reilich. He holds the pursestrings. The question is, WHERE is all of the money going that Reilich is "saving?" Spent on an oversized gazebo out back?

Anonymous said...

and town board just plays stupid as usual.

SCATS said...

To 8:40PM ~~ Can you say BOBBLEHEAD"? Just like the school board.

Anonymous said...

Well, we're screwed again.

I conducted an unscientific survey on this brilliant new system, asked 7 grannies and 3 grampas in Greece if they thought it was a good idea. 9 of the 10 think it's wonderful, and it doesn't matter there is no demonstrated need.

0 of the 10 were GCSD graduates and 8 had college degrees.

Betcha Commendant Chatterbox focus grouped this project before he spent the money.

SCATS said...

To 1:37AM ~~ I'm not sure if you are serious or not. If you are serious, did they specify any reasons WHY they think it was a good idea? Just curious ...

Anonymous said...

The gazebo was Robach 's biggie accomplishment for Greece for the year. Then again, he knows where the votes are and who represents his base in Greece. What a joke he is. He'd do better back in the " closet" . The Gazebo was for the " Geezers" lol

Anonymous said...

Deadly serious puttitat.

The thinking among those asked was "we have to do everything we can to protect the children".

People have been conditioned to believe in illusions put forth by "Professionals".

They believe hiring retired cops to run security is a good idea too, and they believe School Buildings are and can be secure environments. The "Professionals" say so.

SCATS said...

To 2:14PM ~~ For the geezers? Since Reilich stopped the music, WHAT use will it have??

To 3:29PM ~~ I can almost hear it now ... "for the children" ... nevermind that all of the OTHER ground level windows not only lack film, but might be OPEN allowing anyone easy access.

Anonymous said...

Lets get real, shall we.

What are the odds any perp headed into a school building to conduct a violent act is going to be delayed 1 damn minute by Beckie at the "Security" desk?

Perp doesn't give a damn who he wastes, so Miss Security will catch the first bullet because the building was NOT designed to be secure.

The brick walls and windows of the building were not designed to resist a pickup truck or Jeep ramming the window area. Is any film going to improve that? Hell No!

All this happy horsecrap by the overpaid Commandant Chatterbox is designed to create more illusion and give GCSD an excuse to fly in the lawsuit when the S#!t hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

What they don't tell you is there are students that are offenders that are enrolled and attend the high schools, They are in the court systems and come back from outside agencies.

Anonymous said...

Shahmell and Co.?

SCATS said...

To 1:17 & 5:40PM ~~ Anyone who wants an eyeful is encouraged to spend an afternoon or two sitting in Greece Town Court. You will then learn first hand about the REALITY of the low-life trash that lives in and/or targets Greece businesses and residents with their criminal activities. On average, 100+ cases per afternoon stream through, not including traffic court, small claims court, bench trials, etc.

The D&C's or Greece Posts' Police Blotter is barely the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

FACT CHECK: Pavilion by town hall paid for with a state grant that can only be spent on a capital project not more money for employees.
And great concerts are now held at town hall, Beatle magic and the Rat pack drew over 400 people each.
Once the current academy graduates the department will have 99 officers, difference is five less Sargent's so more officers on the road.
Crickets chirping....

SCATS said...


WHY DID GPD NUMBERS FALL BELOW 100 YET AGAIN?? Why should we have to wait so long to get some replacements? Sounds like an ongoing issue ... with image??

Anonymous said...

Yes at least 400 people plus lawn area for those who want to bring a blanket.
Since most are not transfers but new hires from Greece residents they take one full year for academy and field training.

SCATS said...

To 4:17PM ~~ You missed the BIGGER issue. WHY was GPD allowed to shrink so much??

SCATS said...

BTW 4:17, are you saying ALL of the new hires are Greece Residents? Is that a new requirement? I know residency wasn't previously required.

Anonymous said...

Chief and Super prefer Greece preference.

SCATS said...

To 9:34PM ~~ I prefer red hots over white hots. BFD. lol

Anonymous said...

Yes but you don't call the shots over hots so it is BFD. I like the preference to Greece residents so it is a big deal.

SCATS said...

To 3:46PM ~~ WHEN did this change in "preference" come about? I prefer Greece residents, too. In fact, I would like to see more Greece teachers & other town/school/public employees with a vested interest. If their kids had to go to school here, there might be some change for the better.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that part of common core stipulates all this information to be databased, not just student but parent information also. What better way than to require you to produce is and log it into their computers when you visit? IMO this has nothin to do with pedophiles getting into the buildings.

Inmates sounds right. Running it like a prison and calling it a school doesn't change anything. I'm sure someone got a nice sum of money for convincing GCSD to buy this system.

SCATS said...

To 9:46PM ~~ It's a facade of "safety" that invades individual privacy on a rather significant scale. WHY would they keep this info "forever?"