Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beware Using Schools After Hours

Your Safety & Security Are At Risk

I've received some private messages about an incident that happened on the Athena campus last weekend. 

I'm told that:
  • A Greece resident rode his bike to Athena's track where he wanted to go for a run.
  • Afterwards, he returned to where his bike was parked. 
  • He surprised two African-American males who were in the process of stealing the bicycle.
  • They pulled a gun on him and took the bike.
  • The Greece Central School District wants this "problem" kept quiet, because Athena has had enough "bad press" in recent times.

I guess keeping the flood of Registered Sex Offenders out of the buildings is Administration's idea of providing school security.


Anonymous said...

Schools are no longer Public facilities. While all taxpayers might believe usage rights come with paying taxes, such is no longer the case!
Any time students are utilizing the facility - no unchallenged adult may enter the premises without scrutiny and proof of intent!!!
The outdoor areas, i.e. track, fields, parking, tennis courts, and any other area inside the fenceline is monitored, and usage controlled by permit only. Same as if you demanded the use of internal facilities.
So stay away... You are not safe, monitored and will be arrested for trespass if you do no possess approved permits!!!

SCATS said...

To 5:16PM ~~ That is one HUGE load (as in BS) that you dumped here!

First of all, the incident happened on a weekend afternoon, if I understand correctly.

I have no idea what an "unchallenged adult" is. An adult not suffering from retardation??

Not all of our schools are "fenced." No permits are "required" that I've ever heard!

Unless they post the grounds with "NO TRESPASSING" signs, the public CAN & DOES use many local school grounds to run, ride bikes, take walks, use the playgrounds, even play tennis on the tennis courts.

Someday you should stop by the entrance driveway to Apollo and read the "welcome" notice with all of the "rules" (a term I use very loosely here since NO ONE enforces them) regarding conduct on the property.

Anonymous said...

It's a Blog and I'm Just Sayin! Oh and beware the new and revised consequences.
As with all Law, application is at the discretion...

SCATS said...

To 4:40PM ~~ If you are referring to the district's Disciplinary Code, it's not "law" ... and application is all about WHO you know. Just ask VanOrman's son.

Anonymous said...

5:16 Maybe the men taking the bike were the security for the school to keep away "unchallenged adults". What do you think about the gun? Is that allowed on school property?
many of our school properties have access to the neighborhood for walking. Those paved paths are available to the public. There are no fences blocking entrance to the school yards at all. we can't walk up to the building and walk in for no reason . But we can walk on the paths and parking lots of the schools. If the principal closed off the access then we couldn't. Does anyone know about school that have those paths having been blocked?

SCATS said...

To 10:03AM ~~ Another BIG issue is that not all schools are fenced in! In fact, quite a few are WIDE OPEN to the world about them. Take Olympia for example. And it's also right next to the bike path.

Anonymous said...

My kids deserve to be safe at school. I expect every effort by the school to insure that.

Read the signage. During school hours, you are not allowed on school property without justifiable reason to be there.

It is to "aid" in providing for the safety of students.

If you enter any part of the perimeter, you are to be challenged, ID'd, reported, and without provision of reason to the District employee requesting these items - asked to leave!!!

Refusal to do so results in a requirement of the employee to call A.) security, or B.) 911
Doesn't necessarily happen, but should... GET IT NOW!!!


SCATS said...

To 5:08PM ~~ WHAT SIGNAGE?? Not all schools have them. In fact, I don't know of any signage with as many rules as the entrance to Apollo. SHOW ME THE SIGNAGE AT OLYMPIA, HOLMES RD etc.

SCATS said...

BTW, I have yet to see anything that says someone isn't allowed on district property during hours unless they have a "justifiable reason."

Do you realize how many people actually do come & go during a given day? Then there's vote days where I can bring along ANYONE I desire.

SCATS said...

From GCSD policy: "The Board of Education encourages parents and other citizens of the District to visit the schools."

Anonymous said...

Really no trespass signs what a joke. Not a single person stated anything about the black persons bringing a gun onto school property. Weekend or not guns are not allowed on school lands. But do the criminals care? Heck no. But for myself if it was me and they pulled a gun on me I would have a hard time not pulling my firearm out and let them feel the pain of some lead going thru them. Oh I stand corrected I'm a civil person and obide by the law and would leave my sidearm at home because I'm going to go onto to school property.

SCATS said...

To 6:42PM ~~ They are too busy keeping convicted sex offenders out of the buildings ... not that this was ever a big problem ... ;)

Anonymous said...

So this man didnt call the GPD, he sent u a private msg? Lol im sorry but i have to call BS on that one.

Anonymous said...

There is no signage on the perimeters of the school properties. We are allowed on the paths of the properties. It is a common right of way. We probably have to keep moving during the school day. But if we are getting from one area using that public walkway we should not be challenged. We cannot enter the school buildings without going thru some security. And we can't just go into the buildings for no reason. Again has anyone seen any signs that say on the perimeter "do not enter"? Has anyone noticed public paths like the one that people smoke on at Olympia Dr or Willowood blocked?

SCATS said...

To 12:18AM ~~ You need to go back and READ FOR MEANING. I NEVER said what you claim.

To 7:35AM ~~ You are 100% correct! School grounds ARE public. In fact, I know lots of people who take their young children or grandchildren to use the playgrounds. I know many folks who bike through the school groulds, or walk, or walk their dogs. There's even a policy stating that the dogs must be on a leash ... but it fails to say the owner must pick up the poop.

I bet few of you realize that there is actually a small park that's part of one school property.

Anonymous said...

That's the park behind Buckland Height Elementary School.

it's a public park..

at one time long ago it was called "pocket park" in the 70's

and Buckland school has TONS of folks using the fields behind the school and dog walkers and such...

not illegal - public grounds - just don't go in the school or hang out on the grounds during school time.

makes total sense.


SCATS said...

To 4:03PM ~~ Isn't it still called Pocket Park?

PS ~~ It's Buckman Heights School :)

Anonymous said...

I do love raising the bar and causing public discourse.
The level of restrictions rise every time there is a killing on school property in this country. And that is why school grounds are no longer public during hours of operation!!!
There are plenty of other public spaces to utilize... SCAT's Parks???
Stay off the property of a school when school is in session. That is generally 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. for sporting events.

SCATS said...

To 4:46PM ~~ Yes, a park! And a bike path ... and other areas for PUBLIC USE.

It's quite obvious, YOU do not have the authority to raise ANY bar lol


I know ... it does NOT.

Anonymous said...

Every time children are killed on a school campus, advocates for destroying Constitutional Rights arise. COUMONOMO enacts NYSSAFEACT and OBAMNOMO attempts to adopt Federal Gun registration Laws. Why then is 4:46 wrong to simply ask for citizens with no business at a school to stay off the property during school hours?

SCATS said...

To 8:25PM ~~ Simply put, it's PUBLIC property. We paid for it. It belongs to the community, not the children.

Anonymous said...

But you cry out for the children's safety without allowing for it to happen. Why, because it infringes on what right that you perceive to have claiming public property. Sorry but that won't work because the pedophile or felon that kills your kids claims that same right.
YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS... see I can yell too!!!

SCATS said...

To 4:44PM ~~ This isn't MY issue. It's a situation where the changes need to be made to the laws, rules, regs & policies. You can't simply tell people to stay off just because a few of you think it needs to happen immediately. These parcels are what THEY funded, built and have been using for decades. Do you realize that not so long ago, community members were LEGALLY permitted to visit & check materials out of school libraries? Do you realize that not so long ago, some Greece PTAs welcomed with open arms senior citizens & people who lived near their schools.

So much for the idea of "school community."