Thursday, August 07, 2014

Road Construction Scamming Greece Taxpayers

From Craigslist: 

Greece Road Repairs. 

There is some road rebuilding on Old School House Road in Greece.

It runs between the Greece Central Office and the Paddy Hill Fire department off Latta Road.
This road leads to the school bus garage and employee parking.
This roadway has also held the Soap Box Derby regional races.
The road gets well traveled most of the year and has been in need of repair.
I think its great that the Town of Greece is taking care of their roads.
What is not great is the manner of this repair is being done.
Tax dollars spent with no oversight of the actual project.
This means the contractor has the opportunity to make up some of the monies he was loosing trying to get the low bid in for the job. It Happens,not always ,but it happens.
This is a contract job and not being performed by the towns regular road crew,which by the way do a nice job.

Shhh.Don't tell anyone that the contractors have run into an underground stream.
It's a secret..ALMOST..
If compaction tests were properly completed,they would of shown the underlying problem.
Where the hell is the road inspector that oversees these projects?
Is there one in Greece ? Is he on vacation ? Somebody has to take a look at this.
The City of Rochester has an inspector assigned to each road project it has to maintain the citys interests and to be a liaison in case of unforeseen problems like this one.
The towns contractor has poured 3X the amount of road base stone on top of that stream and water is still gurgling to the top.The normal amount is around 11 inches of stone on a complete dig out.
Thats not the contractors fault,he was doing this job according to the prints which of course did not include a stream...They are still going ahead with the asphalt until some one stops them. They will still be paid due to the poor land survey and prints of the area by the Town Of Greece and get more money to correctly repair the problem.
All because no one gives a rats ass,even if the project is wrong,just hide it and get it done..
The deal is to look the other way and get the job done by putting asphalt on top.
It won't last even to winter. The job should be stopped, the water issue dealt with even if piping is involved then fix the roadway
Why allow half assed repairs.
Do it right or don't do it at all.
Allowing faulty repairs by "looking the other way" just isn't right.

SCATS ~~ Apparently, Kirk Morris (head of Greece's DPW) is too busy writing editorials to the Greece Post to "correct" (and silence?) those who publicly complain about the wrongs in Greece to bother with this sort of project! His editorial left a really bad taste in my mouth ... and that was before I knew about this scandal in the making!  Are we paying him to write editorials rebutting citizen complaints? OR should he be overseeing such projects as these contracts? Personally, I don't give-a-damn about his opinion, but I would like to see him do the job he's paid to do.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, it's NOT a Town road, or a County road. It's a private road belonging to GCSD.

Call it Babsie Boulevard if you want to, but it ain't the Town's responsibility.

It's been screwed up since it was built, and how many times have taxpayers been hosed on paving and repair since then?

Really, how can you expect the Greece Central Sport District to build a damn road when they can't even educate a kid?

Leave Captain Kirk alone. He's doing a fine job of authorizing overtime for the Union boys.

Anonymous said...

Morris is only doing what he knows best, political speach writing. For years he was "close Joe's" political scribe. He knows absolutely nothing about what his current position entails. But this is Greece, Monroe County cronyism at it's best and being qualified for a position is not a requirement, period .

Anonymous said...

First of all Kirks only qualification for that job is that he has spent his whole career as a Republican Party shill. Robach staffer, deputy asst county clerk... Never a real job that wasn't supported by taxpayers or political benefactors.

However this sounds like a DPW employee with an ax to grind about contractors.

Anonymous said...

Good morning SCATS. I read this and called the Town of Greece to complain. They said they're not involved with anything having to do with school district roads and suggested I contact the District. I did and was told its a private road for the District and they hired a private contractor to pave it. I wasn't given any information about supposed abuses from the contractor.

You know I was fuming when I read your post so I followed up like anyone would expect the public to do.

But you wasted mine and I assume other people's time with inncorrect information about who is involved. Please be more careful next time. Thanks!

SCATS said...

To 10:08AM ~~ LMAO! Your comment would be more believable if you waited at least until NEXT WEEK to post it! Why, you ask? Because GCSD NEVER answers their phones, or returns calls that promptly! LOL

SCATS said...

BTW, previous posters hit the nail on the head: Morris went from Robach's secretary to head of DPW with a short stint on the Town Board inbetween time. If he's qualified for DPW, then I guess Andy Conlon will be next up!

No one has addressed the fact that good ole Morris WASTED TIME TRYING TO TEAR APART A CITIZEN WHO DARED TO COMPLAIN.

I guess this is what Reilich meant by returning this town to days of the past ... when politicians stomped on ALL who complained in public.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE ... right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really messed this one up big time. Surprised you don't get sued for promoting lies. Maybe someday. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

I told you that you want Jacko back. He could take lessons from Relic concerning political patronage, Relic has returned Greece to its former glory days when being a loyal
Republican butt kisser was rewarded with taxpayer funded jobs. More to come so standby . You see, that's how Relic got started himself and wound up Kissing Maggie's and ended up with Minarik's job after she dumped all over him in favor of our new MR BIG. Did you ever notice how small in stature this guy is. Classic little big man syndrome for sure.

SCATS said...

To 1:27PM ~~ How did I mess up? I didn't write the rant. It came from Craigslist ;) Besides, my point about Morris writing editorials STILL STANDS.

To 3:34PM ~~ From what I'm seeing, Auggie & Relic each have their own issues, esp. with political patronage. Why is Reilich throwing all the not-for-profit community groups out of the Town Hall meeting rooms? Certain programs like the free tax prep service can't be done at the library. There's NOT enough room. I'm told Auggie was a budgeter but Relic pinches every red cent. It appears to be true ... except when he appoints his cronies to the high paying jobs in town.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy Scatsy. You really kicked the hornets nest this time. Highway Dept. sources say "The Boss" went nuts after reading the comments here and has been screaming his silly little head off all day.

Apparently, the Union Boss and the Tree Boss have it out for him and have teamed up to take him out. The Boss cracked down on some shenanigans and it isn't going over so well with the Duke boys.

Whoop-dee-do. More dysfunction in good ole Greece NY!

Anonymous said...

"Relic pinches every red cent. It appears to be true"
And the problem is????

SCATS said...

To 11:18PM ~~ The problem is that combined with some hefty property tax hikes, his appointment of friends to high paying positions and the cutbacks to community groups will leave everyone (except his insiders) alienated sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Monthly Historical Society programs got kicked out of Town Hall too. Can't let the old codgers contaminate the fancy Board Room they paid for according to Little Bill.

Bill seems to be a very hateful man, although he also has a thing for pickleball.

No need to worry though, come Election next Greece Democrats will run against him. They have a dead candidate who will really make a splash. They plan to pull him out of the dredging pile from the new Bay opening project.

Anonymous said...

"Tear apart a citizen"

I read both articles and I don't remotely see this.

Can you explain what words were used that show this was the case?

Anonymous said...

So you're mad that Reilich put people into high paying jobs. What exactly do you think Dick Beebe would have done had he won?

Waaaaiiiiittt for it......

Exactly. Honestly you make no sense sometimes.

SCATS said...

To 10:32 & !0:36AM ~~ Since you are likely the SAME person ...

I said he TRIED to tear apart the author of the complaint. I didn't say he succeeded.

As for Reilich, his cast of characters seem to mostly have names recycled from 15 years ago! I can't think of any high level position in Greece that hasn't had one of his buddies (mostly Republican party cohorts) plugged into it. My God even the library wasn't spared his makeover.

Anonymous said...

How do you "silence" a written article? I've been reading one over and over and am trying to silence it and it's not working.

Anonymous said...

10:42 You’re suggesting he should of kept everything the same? Come on!
You’re suggesting all the people should have been hired that he did not know?
Let’s see 410 employees at the town and Reilich brought in A deputy Supervisor, Attorney, Highway Commissioner and Finance Director. I believe when one gets elected they are allowed to assemble a team they have confidence in. You failed to mention the Finance director came from the city and is a Democrat! Four employees out of 410 is not stacking the deck with all friends or all Republicans. The new library director was the vote of the library board. A highly qualified individual that ran the Pioneer library system. Seems like a stretch that can’t stand up to the test. Once again hatred and miss information.
Scats, you can’t believe anything you write. First the wrog information on the school road now you spin that story into more bull.

SCATS said...

To 10:31PM ~~ You need to re-read what I ACTUALLY wrote (and forget about what you fantasize that I wrote lol) ;)

To 11:27PM ~~ WHERE did I suggest he keep "everything the same?" I didn't, of course!

WHERE did I suggest that all the people he hired be people he didn't know? Again, YOU are attempting (and failing) to put words into my mouth!

I didn't "fail to mention the Finance director" or anyone else, because I wasn't attempting to list ALL the positions. But then YOU failed to even utter the BIGGEST change: Ridding GPD of Baxter! lol

Bottom line, despite the totally impotent vote of the library board, or the community's love affair with Baxter, Relic HOLDS THE PURSE STRINGS TO ALL THOSE POSITIONS ... and more!

BTW, your writing is SO POOR (especially when you are angry) that I might be unable to post future comments that are as riddled with errors as this one.

For the record:


SCATS said...


But they are reported to Google, and retained by SCATS in the event they are ever needed.

Anonymous said...

Think you should feel pretty honored you've gotten so much attention that Town Hall toadies and Reilich apologists post here so often. What a thin-skinned bunch of maroons. So much butthurt over a little criticism. Glad to know our many, many tax dollars pay the deputy supervisor to take on such tasks.

SCATS said...

To 12:01AM ~~ Would they be surprised to know Auggie's groupies did the SAME thing? lol