Sunday, August 10, 2014

John DiTullio On Hueber ...

From The Rochester Press Box on 13WHAM:

"I'm embarassed to be a Greece resident ... the Bill Hueber situation still burns me ... A couple of board members had it in for Bill Hueber ... 

Why would you want your son or daughter to be part of that community out in Greece when we got a mess with the Board of Education?" ~~ John DiTullio, sportscaster & Greece resident


Anonymous said...

We are one of the largest suburban school districts in the state with a budget in excess of $200 million and we have a bunch of dumb asses in charge. I agree with John. This entire school board is an embarressment.

Parents need to wake up and take school board elections seriously. This mess is what you get when you elect the PTA mommies who have no clue what it takes to run a school district this large. Somebody on this board needs to stand up and tell this community the coach got fired for good reason!

SCATS said...

To 7:24AM ~~ Worse yet, the PTA mommies & co. hired a country bumpkin Supt from a district that fits comfortably inside of Olympia HS!!! NONE OF THEM ARE QUALIFIED TO HANDLE OUR BUDGET.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Greece was the place to live and the school district was one of the major reasons.
Now its become nothing but a big joke, from the idiots running the schools to the corrupt town government.Moving away was the best thing we ever did!

SCATS said...

To 8:01AM ~~ Yes, you and several THOUSAND others have fled the quagmire GCSD has become!

Anonymous said...

It took DiTullio a long time to be embarrassed to live in Greece I and no doubt many others have been embarrassed for a long time. I am getting out as soon as I can

SCATS said...

To 4:38PM ~~ The line out of town is getting to be a long one. Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty amusing...I don't think that SCATS can complain at all about the state of affairs in Greece and those that are leaving the district in droves.

As once being a Greece family that moved out of the district to avoid the changing/current school system, I can say that this blog has been very vocal in getting rid of the few good things that GCSD had going for it.

This blog has promoted getting rid of schools of choice, primarily Odyssey, which was a Newsweek top 100 school in the country prior to the restructuring and merger. Regardless of why you think Odyssey was a top 100 school (the haves vs have nots), it did look attractive to the outside world and was a compelling reason to move to Greece. The title promoted all of the other GCSD schools. I would often hear from families in other districts "Odyssey is a great school, the other Greece schools must be pretty good as well."

This blog has also promoted getting rid of advanced placement, IB, and other higher level classes in Greece. One of the few things that Greece still has where it can remain competitive with other area schools.

While there is A LOT of blame to aim at those in charge, look in the mirror before you start pointing fingers at others.

Ps. This post is on topic so don't make up some excuse to not publish it.

SCATS said...

To 11:40AM ~~ Actually, I love responding to silly posts, just like yours!

Your biggest problem is your extremely SELECTIVE MEMORY.

I advocated for K-5 schools. I've advocated for EQUITY between schools. I've always believed it's just not fair or right that two different households in town could experience such DIFFERENCES between schools despite suffering the same taxes!

I kept reminding folks that when West Ridge opened, it was designated a LEARNING LAB. We were ALL promised that their successes would BE SHARED AMONG THE OTHER SCHOOLS. Ultimately, nothing could be further from the truth than the reality foisted upon the parents & students attending the other schools in town! That was especially so after the opening of Odyssey & Pine Brook.

The only thing SOC parents/ students/employees "shared" was their arrogance about how much better, different, safer, etc. their schools were than the rest of them. "My child was accepted (keyword - usually said with emphasis) into a school-of-choice." Well, la-ti-freakin'-da!! Aren't you just SOOOOO special? NOT!!

IB is a joke in that the district shouldn't have to pay extra to sustain it. AP classes are great ... UNTIL IT COMES TIME TO START CUTTING OTHER CLASSES TO REIGN IN EXPENSES! As I've said over & over again about the school district, we can't afford to be all things to all people. Keep it focused on the basics. Some kid shouldn't be able to take water ballet as a new offering next year when someone else's kid just lost the opportunity to take Italian classes after they already began 2 years ago!


We're amused by the idea that this BLOG helped in "getting rid of the few good things GCSD had going for it" ...

Think back to the headlines about Greece over the last 10 years. SCATS didn't create ANY of those scandals! The same is true with the Town of Greece. We've had corrupt leaders in both areas! We've had numerous public employees spend time in jail. We've had international media attention for some of the STUPIDEST situations!! Friends in other states often thought I was joking when I told them what was going on here. Sadly, it wasn't a joke.

Our downturn in school enrollment is MORE related to the fact that we are allowing hundreds of CITY SCHOOL STUDENTS TO STEAL SERVICES than anything this BLOG has ever done. If people wanted their kids attending school with city kids, I think they'd move to the city where the taxes are lower. Instead, they are moving to Webster, Hilton & Spencerport ... by the droves.

Anonymous said...

I don't think city kids stealing serc=vices is the problem, The town of Greece is in long term decline due to the loss of Kodak and its tremendous source of revenues, and other forms of deindustrialization which have killed good paying jobs the general decline of the inner ring suburbs the decline of New York state as well as horrendous leadership in our government and in the school district just to name a few of the more prominent causes

Anonymous said...

I agree 100 percent that a large part of the steady decline of greece schools is due to the fact that they allow so many city kids attend greece schools. The verification for shared housing is a joke here. They say they live with granny and grandpa, produce a bill with said address on it in their name which is a piece of cake thanks to the internet and they are in. Never to be checked up on again. They just produce the same fake proof every year and they are left alone. The homeless scam is even more of a joke. We have a so called investigator but the woman that works in the department with him could care less about checking up on such things. So more and more people are getting away with it and telling their friends in the city how to work the system. When you call and complain and tell her that a car drops the kids off at the bus stop every morning and picks them up every Afternoon she could care less. I have had people tell me that they have called her and told her that the kids say they don't live At said bus stop address, they live just get the bus at gramas. Still this is allowed to go on. Put some extra money in to hiring a competent person to oversee this procedure and hire some more investigators to get rid of the people that are stealing greece services. The money you will save in the long run will be well worth it.

SCATS said...

To 8:05PM ~~ I agree that all of those things are factors too. However, they impact everyone, not just Greece. When you add Greece's problems with stolen services and other SCAMS & scandals into the mix, Greece becomes a town for families to avoid.

To 9:19PM ~~ I've heard that no one is listening when reports are recieved. The bottom line is that GCSD doesn't care. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

The changing demographics if this town is a major contributor to the decline of the school district not only in dwindling enrollment but academic achievement as well.I reject the idea that city kids who do not live in Greece but attend our schools is at fault as some have suggested While it's true that this results in problems financially for the district, remember they still get per capita state aid as a partial off set. The bigger picture is the resulting disciplinary problems they create However, this pales in comparison to the real problem that is in play in Greece.
Greece like other towns boardering the city, are victims of the urban creep going on all over the county, especially Greece and Gates This has resulted in an increase in the crime rate in these communities.
In my opinion these facts are central to established residents and prospective buyers to move out and look else where to locate their families. Add the fact that our district is now under performaning adds to the exodus and the reluctance to buy property in Greece.
Urban creep is evidenced by the turn over taking place in the southeast and eastern older neighborhoods. There a reason for this and some blame to be attached to this problem.
As I see it, there are two contributing factors involved in this down turn in these areas They are local realtors and property speculators. As I see it it works like this.
Since properties in these areas are very old and in need of repairs , the elderly home owners or their estate, find it difficult to sell their property at the assessed value. Now enter the realtors who buy the home and use it as revenue earning rentals . The other party buys the property at a bargain and also uses it as rental property and essentially become land lords who in most cases do not live in Greece themselves .
In my opinion therein lies the problems confronting this town in the areas of discussion on this topic. In the long term, things will only get worse as the boundaries of the city and related problems, expand into Greece at alarming rates.

SCATS said...

To 3:16PM ~~ While several things you say are true, you start off by engaging in DOUBLE-SPEAK ... a craft oft learned while serving on the Greece BOE!

How can you reject the idea that the theft of services by those who live elsewhere are a reason for the decline of GCSD, then in the NEXT BREATH agree they create certain financial problems (despite the fact we collect their state aid) AND that they cause disciplinary problems, too? Ask the kids from Greece who WANT TO LEARN IN SCHOOL what the biggest detriments are to them achieving their goals and they often complain that those students who are DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS ruin it for all! The total cost goes far beyond the State Aid reimbursement!

If you heard last night's BOE meeting, then you heard General Chatterton talk about the paramilitary type technologies, scenarios and tactics GCSD will employ when trouble arrives (when, not "if"). Practicing "shooter" scenarios & acquiring technology and training to keep everyone safe costs $$.

When you talk about properties that can't sell for their assessed value, you are WAY off-base if you believe it's only an issue in areas that are "very old and in need of repairs." How do I know? I've been watching property listings, sales and properties that haven't sold around town for quite awhile. I can assure you that there are numerous listings from Jackie Dr. to Black Walnut to Renaissance Estates and points inbetween that either ARE NOT SELLING (despite much reduced prices) or are selling way below assessed value!

The biggest issue I see with all of this is that the current "assessed values" and the price points where buyers are willing to sign are growing further and further apart.

Despite having an assessor go to jail, we never fixed the problem he created with the assessments! Add to that fact that this year under Relic's watch, essentially no one "won" much slack at their assessment hearing! As the gap widens, the problem grows worse.

Yes, it's multi-faceted, but the bigger factors are theft of services, a decline in GCSD's performance (graduation rates, etc), unrealistic assessments and, to some extent, too many rental properties that were once single family homes.

Anonymous said...

Scats first of all you have me confused with someone else as I never served nor would I ever on the BOE. After your sometimes incoherent rant on my post, you somewhat agree with my conclusion in your last sentence. I agree that the district should do more to stem the tide of illegals but refused to lay that factor at the door of declining enrollment in it's entirety .Yes and I agree, as I mentioned, this group does contribute to the disciplinary problems that effect the learning invironment in the classroom. Here again the blame lies at the doorstep of school administrators who seem inept at dealing with those disrupters .
Regarding the stealing issue. I didn't say it in my original post but I will say it now. The biggest tragedy is not the theft of services, but the stealing of a quality education from those exposed to their conduct.

SCATS said...

To 5:45PM ~~ I was waiting for your guilty conscience to show itself ... and it did! I did no more "ranting" than you did! LOL

And, I am not "confused." You are! I didn't say you were, or are a BOE member. I merely stated that you possess a skill oft learned by those who seve there. See the difference? ;)

PS ~~ WHAT is "incoherent"? I will gladly clarify, even for you! I listed rental properties last, because compared to the other listed items, they are not as great an issue.

Anonymous said...

I disagree , let's leave it at that !

Anonymous said...

I happen to agree with 3:16 in order to understand what is going on in this town you have to be exposed to it like me. I happen to live in the area of town this person talks about. I've lived in the Dewey aStone area for over 50 years and I have seen what's going on. I refuse to move out and sell our home for less than what it is worth.
3:16 is on the mark about realtors. In the past six months I have had two of them knock on my door wanting to know if I was planning on selling because they had buyers interested. So you see if you don't live and see what' is really going on you can not possibly understand what is happing in this area. The realtors and some buyers are wrecking this town.

SCATS said...

To 9:27AM ~~ I asked you to tell me what was incoherent about my comments. Now you refuse! LMAO!!! If you can't back up what YOU WROTE, then I guess it's not worth much.

To 10:20AM ~~ I've seen what's going on in the Dewey/Stone area. I know the businesses are often keeping their doors lock for safety reasons during business hours! I know that several years ago, GPD officers were telling the community that the city line had moved to the Mt. Read Blvd. corridor. Since then, it's moved even further west. I'd say it's approaching the Fetzner Rd. area these days ... and still pushing west through Greece.

As for the realtors, they send cards in the mail with photos of the homes they are selling in our area, asking if we might want to list also. Guess what? They've been doing that for 30+ years! They are in the business of selling and these practices drum up new listings ;)

The problem isn't the realtors. It's the absent LANDLORDS. Don't worry though. Slick Bill & Andy Conlon are on their way to rescue us all with the Town's new "tax" on landlords. I'm sure it will cure all the evils, right Mr. Big?

Anonymous said...

The inner ring city line currently extends to Crack House Commons and Affinity Lane. With the new section 12 senior housing going up at Latta/Long Pond, the encompassment of Greece City is nearly completed.
There is not a Greece neighborhood nor school unaffected by undesirable occupants - and the percentage is rapidly rising!
Arm yourselves and your children. The GPD is not available without very long response times - even for major crimes!
They can barely field 7 cars. That's about 1 per zone, unless one officer is on vaca or tied up on a call!

SCATS said...

To 7:02PM ~~ So my Fetzner Rd reference is spot on. I really fail to understand what the politicians PLAN for Greece and our future. There used to be a 5 or 10-year plan that was talked about a lot in times long gone. Whatever happened to planning ahead for this community? Instead, our Supervisor is out getting his pic taken when some nerdy guy opens an office for financial planning. While that's just fine and dandy, I'd like to see him actively working on some image of Greece that works ... in the future.

Anonymous said...

The worst is located east of Fetzner as you say. But it's more of a line east from N. Greece Rd. along the Ridge Rd. corridor and then look Northeast at North Ave. and extend that to the Latta/Long Pond intersection. From there it's a straight shot east to the Dewey Ave mess. And we all know that from Latta south all the way to the blurred city line, the Dewey corridor is a disaster.