Thursday, August 07, 2014

Home Invasion, Burglary: "Targeted"

Family Held Hostage, Jewelry Store Burglarized

  • Jewelry Lab store manager followed home from mall Wednesday. 
  • He and his family were held hostage in their apartment overnight. 
  • Keys taken & used to rob store early today.
  • Police searching for suspects and victim's stolen car.

SCATS ~~ In Greece, it's ALWAYS "targeted." Is this supposed to make us feel safer? Is this supposed to ease our concern it could happen to us or our family? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? It's still a nightmare for the victims!



Anonymous said...

Scats I think you are right on the mark with this one. THe police use the rationalization that this was nor random violence and therefore we are safe. But if someone else can be targeted why not you or your business or you personally because you offended someone or because you are different.

Anonymous said...

Punked again. Inside job.

Anonymous said...

It does appear that these people were targeted. I don't see this as an attempt to minimize the growing problems confronting this community and law enforcement.
While it is true that at any time every one of our ninety thousand plus community members, along with the thirty five thousand residential and business properties, could be victims of a crime in a town that spans forty three square miles, I am at a loss for answers that local officials can do to guarantee everyone's individual safety. To me, it simply can't be effectively done given the limited resources available.
Perhaps some one can suggest how you would deal with being targeted,randomly or specifically by a person intent on making you or your property a crime victim and your answer to preventing this from taking place.

SCATS said...

To 7:29PM ~~ I'd like to know how we can prevent becoming "targeted" since so many of the REALLY vicious crimes in Greece are "targeted" according to GPD.

I'd also like to see GPD offer some OPEN (no sign-ups) community forums talking about our crime stats and what homeowners can do to make their homes safer and what citizens can do to stay safer when out in public. I'll even start the forum ...

#1 - Stay aware of your surroundings! Walk with your head up, looking about you as you walk, scanning for potential trouble or threats BEFORE approaching that car parked in a dark lot ...

Anonymous said...

Repeat of the Columbia Bank job years back minus the corpse in the car trunk.

Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

Family owned business that resides in North Glen apartments. Now doesn't that sound a tad suspicious? Inside job!!!