Thursday, August 21, 2014

Greece Mall "Security" ~ An Oxymoron

Berkeley Brean interviews The Jewelry Lab's owner, Mimi Salib, about the recent heist at her shop.

She quipped: "People come covering their head and gloves and it's not noticeable for the security here to stop these people? That's what's sad about it."

Greece Ridge Mall claims it "was not a breach of security" when three masked men wearing gloves entered via a public mall entrance and deactivated the security alarm on the store's entry before unlocking the store doors and carrying-off $250,000 in diamonds & gold without intervention by mall security.

In response to the owner's question, mall officials defend their lack of intervention, claiming the suspects entered the store "under the guise of store employees." The letter says the suspects de-activated the alarm and if it had gone off, it "would have alerted mall security and authorities."

Any resemblance to mall employees is purely coincidental ;)
SCATS ~~ So if you are walking at the mall before shopping hours and see men wearing masks & gloves entering a store and clearing the shelves of merchandise, don't worry about it! It's ONLY AN ISSUE if they set-off the security alarms while burglarizing the retailers!


Anonymous said...

Spirit Halloween store open early?

Anonymous said...

Bet one or more of these clowns were frequent shoppers of this establishment.

SCATS said...

To 11:02AM ~~ It seems very likely that they cased the place out, watched the manager & employees come & go, etc.