Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why The Big Secret About Kirk Rd. School?


The Greece School Board and the Renaissance Academy of the Arts Charter School Board conspired to keep their new location (Kirk Rd. School) of the City Charter School secret at the required public hearing of May 13, 2014. 

This hearing is referenced in the document in this link from the Board of Regents. The Board of Regents was approving the re-location of the charter school from its original proposed location. The document states that there was a hearing in the city, as well as in Greece, and that the new location was part of the information that the public should have been aware of when the hearing took place. 

For some inexplicable reason, there was no information about the Kirk Rd location provided before, during or after the hearing on May 13 in Greece in the Board room (no wonder no one showed up!).  In fact the website of the Renaissance Academy stated on May 13 (and still does this evening)  that the "new location" was 133 Hoover Drive, and it appeared they would be sharing space with the already up and running Discovery Charter.

Maybe the Board of Regents would like to know they were been misled and lied to when the Charter and Greece Central came to them for approval of the final location.

There may be nothing wrong with this school. The building is perfect for a school. However, if a public hearing with information is necessary for the Regents approval and that information is lacking, then the community was essentially left out of the process. 

It is the LAW. 

Why did they not want the Kirk Rd. building's surrounding neighborhood to be notified as happened when the Discovery Charter had a nice meet and greet with the Koda Vista community before their school was approved? 

Are they afraid of the Kirk Rd community?

And is this a done deal? The regents doc says that they will be leasing until a possible sale April 2015.

BTW it was really difficult to dig up this information. If we didn't, no one would know they were trying to cover this up until it was too late to give the community a voice.

(Name withheld at author's request)

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