Saturday, July 19, 2014

GCSD Posts Dreaded School Supply Lists


This year, you will need a computer with internet access and the ability to access Adobe Acrobat Reader and/or Microsoft Word files to view MANY of these lists.

So much for a "free" public school education ... KA-CHING!!


Anonymous said...

What??? They aren't going to publish them in the Rochester Business Journal ( or some other "official" organ of the school district)? Darn, and I just paid my subscription!

SCATS said...

To 12:26PM ~~ Don't worry. Maybe they will print school lunch menus in the Daily Record.

Anonymous said...

Dear delusional Union Member/teacher,
I have heard of your list of school supplies more commonly known as your dream.

Given my experience with previous Union Members, let me inform you, AIN'T going to happen!

I am NOT an educational facility/sport enabler, nor am I a Social Agency or supply system.
I do not have unlimited funds to expend on your less than sane expectations or silly ideas.

Here is my supply list;
I will supply you with 1 still fairly ignorant shild, 2 #2 pencils, a notebook filled with paper, a pen and a 12" ruler. I have developed this list from my 13 years of experience with Public Education where 50% of the crap I was "required" to haul in every September remained unused.

You will probably be less than happy with my list. Learn now that your happiness is not my concern. You should quickly find a way to accept that I make the decisions because I pay the bills.

I shall look forward to our initial parent/teacher meeting where I plan to further enlighten you on what I expect you to teach my kid. You probably won't appreciate my expectations.

That is your problem, not mine!
Have a nice day now.

SCATS said...

To 1:54PM ~~ I hope your kid/s survive!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I do not buy everything on the school supply list every year. I do buy assorted color folders and notebooks, pencils, pens, calculator, maybe a binder or 2, and a new pencil case. That's it. I learned quickly. I cannot afford to waste money on stuff that doesn't even get used or is given to other kids whose parents didn't buy a darn thing. If my kids need something I didn't buy, I'll gladly go pick it up and they will have it the next day. But I won't buy everything on their stupid lists every year prior to the first week of school. These school supply lists are ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I didn't look at all of them, just picked a few to look at. I don't think they look that unreasonable, and we're similar to what I remember getting for school.

SCATS said...

To 4:48PM ~~ I just looked at 3 and was a bit pleasantly surprised to see that there were NO janitorial supplies listed, for a change. However, I'm not sure if that's a good sign or a bad one. Maybe the district will just go without bothering to clean or disinfect anything for a year.

Tom Kackmeister said...

RE: Sunday D and C article titled : "Troublesome Teachers"

I passed the follwwing comments to the D and C. Perhaps others can add more detail to my recollections.

"Re: D and C July 20 2014 watchdog report titled "Troublesome Teachers"
A suggestion: And please forward to Steve Reily and others who may be

Thanks you for the a very informative and useful investigative reporting about
teacher terminations. This is information your readership needs to properly
try to
influence those with the power to make changes to the system.

I suggest you also do companion research exploring similar contract separation
agreements with departing school district superintendents. I recall hearing of
agreements with a departing superintendent in the Greece Central School district
in which school board members had to agree not to respond to any inquiries
made by prospective future employers of a departing superintendent. Only the
board president was allowed to respond and language of that response was
Other restrictions were also said to be a part of the separation agreement.
At that time the community was told that there was nothing unusual about the
separation agreement. On the surface it sure did stink.

Thanks for your in depth reporting on this issue and I hope there is more to

Tom Kackmeister

Anonymous said...

Two agenda items that have conveniently disappeared from the BOE agenda are Contributions and correspondance. Both have signicant costs implications.
Ever since the Walts era, The Greece Education Foundation, a function if the Greece Chamber of Commerce, made monthly contributions to the district for class room supplies not provided for in each building operating budgets. This enabled Walts to cut building appropriations by 5 % for a number of years. The shortfall was passed on to parents and donations from the Foundation. This practice is still in place with one exception. The publics right to know who and how much is being donated to cover the cost of class
room supplies that should be part of the , overall school yearly budget.
The other, although not related to this the publics right to be made aware of the existance of various law suits filed with the district. It used to be the responsibility of the Board Clerk to give that info at the board meetings under Correspondance. The blame for these omissions lies strictly with leadership of the board who is charged with setting the agenda each month. To me, the reason is obvious. The district not so much the board, does not want that information known to the public.. New board members would not be aware of these past practices.

SCATS said...

To Tom ~~ I suspect you are referring to Meg's leaving & the threat to fine anyone employed by GCSD & the BOE who spoke negatively about her for a sum of $10,000 per instance. Such agreements tend to prove the person it applies to is better off elsewhere, don't you think??

To 9:45AM ~~ TYVM for bringing that up!! In fact, today's agenda bears NO RESEMBLANCE to those of 15 yrs. ago!! On top of that, much of what used to be summarized in the Minutes has also disappeared. Meeting Minutes used to summarize what was said and done, or not done. NO LONGER! They don't even mention when a resident addresses the BOE. It's as if it never happened.

BTW, I find it hard to blame anyone other than the BOE for allowing this to happen, since there's never more than 3 of 9 seats vacated in any given year.

Anonymous said...

Waltz's departure contract had some tricky language but I never heard the details. Anyone recall??

Anonymous said...

Nothing tricky about it all. An addendum to his contract was approved on 12-13-04. That addendum would amount to grand Larceny by Walts approved by the board at the time.
That little dandy resulted in the granting him fully paid health and dental care for life regardless of future employment. It basically declared him officially retired after 5 continuous years of service in Greece. He then went to PWC Virginia and was paid $325.000/ yr. meanwhile, Greece taxpayers pay in excess of 25,000 / yr as long as he draws a breath.

SCATS said...

To 2:36PM ~~ A point of clarification: We are providing him AND his family health & dental for life.