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Tuesday July 29 @6:30PM 

Hueber's Atty. Jim Maslyn: "It's clear to me nobody at the meeting understood the rules. It's in everybody's best interest that (the board members) realize they made a terrible legal mistake and they (revote on) him as coach."

Maslyn questions whether it was proper for two BOE members to abstain from voting which left the opposition to rehiring Hueber in the minority.

BOE Prez. Sean McCabe claims he was "blindsided" by Julia VanOrman's request to vote on Hueber's reappointment separately.

SCATS ~~ I wonder if we could get this fellow Maslyn to monitor future BOE meetings for additional blunders, bloopers and bungles ... despite our highly paid clerk, Robert's Rules, district policy & NY State Education and other laws are routinely bastardized!


Anonymous said...

They need to hire him or someone familiar with parliamentary proceedure as a" Parliamentarian"
at all board meetings. The board clerk is not qualified as she barely understands her own job.
As I said earlier, abstaintions must be justified or are considered to be "NO" votes on the question on the table.
Both McCabe and Oberg should have known this. McCabe should have ruled the abstaintions out of order and Oberg should have raised a " point of order" objection to the president for a ruling.As it stands now they are a sorry lot.
Julia really " stepped in it" this time. It will be interesting to see how she and her Siamese twin O.Toole handle the revote
By calling this special meeting, they hope to avoid a revolt at the August meeting. Won't work as it just moved the inevitable fallout up a week and made it more attractive to the media coverage.Let the cameras roll.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sean, what a classic blunder by him with that blind sided statement for the record and public. Obviously everyone with exception of a few were surprised by Julia's move
If indeed there was no preliminary discussion about this coach in an executive session setting, McCabe should have not allowed the vote.
As I see it he had but two options under the rules in the policy. First, honor her request for a separate vote. Secondly, either ask for a motion to enter executive session to discuss only this item. Or not allow a vote until the next meeting in order to fully vet this request by all board members during the next regularly scheduled meeting in August. Now he's created a bigger mess.

Anonymous said...

I want the pop corn concession for this circus.

SCATS said...

To 6:23AM ~~ "Stepped in it" almost minimizes the trouble she's caused. It will be MOST interesting to see IF they properly extricate themselves from the sewage without anyone swallowing a mouthful. I'm NOT hopeful, because they would have to KNOW & UNDERSTAND Robert's Rules. Clearly, they do not!

To 7:08AM ~~ BINGO!! You are spot-on in your observations about how McCabe should have handled this!

IF the BOE actually went about going into Exec. Sessions properly (which they typically do NOT), then they could have done so BEFORE voting on this specific item to hash out whatever angst Hueber caused for VanOrman & Crandall.

Sean McCabe needs to WAKE UP! It's time this BOE gets its act together & fast!

In addition to this mess, we have the bogus "Public Hearing" on the Kirk Rd. Charter School to clean-up after. Both can be blamed on Julia. Isn't it time for her to resign?

Anonymous said...

I noticed there is no public forum on the agenda. Was that done on purpose so the supporters can't speak and it will be easier for some to vote no again? So then they can come to the August meeting which they were planning on already and speak just to have it fall on deaf ears since they will already have hired a replacement coach which they will vote on at that meeting? I certainly hope this special meeting was called to rectify the wrong that was done instead of the later scenario, however with no opportunity for the community to speak I am becoming very skeptical that it may not be.

SCATS said...

To 4:09PM ~~ Far be it from me to help this bunch of goofs on the BOE, but traditionally, "Resident's Forum" is only offered at the Regular Monthly BOE meeting.

I seriously doubt they want to HEAR anything about this major faux pas from those who care. After all, they ARE revoting the item, but as you pointed out, that doesn't mean the outcome will change.

What will Babs do now that she put Laurel Heiden to work writing an editorial showing us the Supt. supports the orig. decision? The BOE Prez. is in a no-win situation, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Who voted for and who voted against continuing to employ the coach?

SCATS said...

To 10:54PM ~~ The members against Hueber returning as coach were Adam Crandall, Joe Grinnan, Gale O'Toole and Julia VanOrman. The three members in favor were Sean McCabe, Terry Melore and Frank Oberg. The two new BOE members, Bill Maloney and Lisa Christoffel, abstained.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious as to why the board leadership wanted to deal with this screw up at a special. My guess is that the sign up list for the public forum for the august meeting was loaded with supporters and critics of the board. So they decided to call a special meeting where a public forum is usually not allowed. By doing this, they drew more attention to the problem. Big mistake!!
The courageous thing to do would have been to to Suck it Up , place the revote on the agenda for August, admit mistakes were made and engage in open dialect on the incident and then call for a revote by a more informed board membership.
If they did this, explained their initial action if they so choose. To do during the public forum. This is now allowed as a previous board amended the existing policy regarding the conduct of the public forum so as to allow members an apportunity to engage the speaker with permission and over site by the president. If they did it this way, it would result in much needed respect for their conduct as an OPEN operating board.

george hubbard said...


1. School Law handbook says school boards can (generally) rescind actions taken at a previous board meeting.

2. If a revote is taken on the coach, a roll call vote would give board members an opportunity to explain how/why their vote is in the best interest of GCSD (students, staff, community etc).

SCATS said...

To 10:15AM ~~ There's nothing "open" and nothing "courageous" about the operation of the Greece BOE! In fact, McCabe erroneously told the ONE person to address them during Resident's Forum at the regular July meeting that she couldn't COMPLAIN!!

They have NO REGARD AT ALL for policy, law, regulations or even simple cordiality between two humans.

George ~~ Yup, they can rescind it under Robert's Rules. Don't expect them to explain anything ... and if they do, be careful what you choose to believe.

Anonymous said...

I do not view their actions or lack thereof as disrespect for policy and the law, I believe it to be in line with ignorance and unfamiliarity with board policies and SED Law. If ever a group needed to engage in work shops moderated by experts in parliamentary proceedure and board policies, these people are a prime example. I would be willing to bet that few if any have taken the time to revue the policy book since they have been in the board, Simply put, they need to go to school themselves.


SCATS said...

To 2:40PM ~~ I agree that they are collectively ignorant, too. However, I've also seen current members who previously pushed for policy changes, either new or amended, then sat there and FAILED to uphold the policy once it was in place! I call that willfully disrespectful & arrogant.

God forbid should they behave as if EDUCATION mattered.

george hubbard said...

To 2:40PM – Point of information.

Biography for Board members on GCSD website reads:

Gale O’Toole: “…Mrs. O’Toole received the New York State School Board Association Master of Boardsmanship Award in 2009 and the Board Achievement Award in 2011.”

Julia VanOrman: “…In 2011, Mrs. VanOrman received the New York State School Board Association Master of Boardsmanship Award.”

George Hubbard

SCATS said...

Excellent point George!

And they BOTH voted to NOT reappoint Hueber ... hmm ...

Anonymous said...

So much for the credibility of those awards especially in light of the fact that neither had any business being elected to board seats in the first place. Both parents with kids in the system, both with personal agendas and it showed.
Both no doubt nominated by Monrie County School Bioard Czar Jodie Seigle, the brain washing Queen of proper school board conduct and her brand of so called boardmanship. Her philosophy, go along to get along and be nice to your only employee, the Superinintendant .
With the exception of their latest screw up, when they let personal motivations trump that thinking, we seen examples of their thinking since Julia rode Roger Boily's coat tails to the board in 06 followed by O Toole the following year.
These two represent the rationale of keeping parents with children in the system off the board as their personal agendas will always result the best interests of the few at the expense if the many.