Friday, June 06, 2014

Who Do YOU Believe?

LOTS of Broken Glass ...
LOTS of Confusing Responses ...
“They (the roads) are absolutely safe. Certainly, these are random incidents and these are to some extent isolated incidents at this point and I think that speaks to what we're trying to tell people, don't panic because this does not mean that it's not safe to drive on the roads in Monroe County.” ~~ Maggie Brooks, Monroe County Exec.

“If in fact it occurred in the way we looked at it, it may also include a moving vehicle.” ~~ Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn

Sheriff O'Flynn says it could be rocks kicking up or someone shooting at random.


Investigators with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said they believe the cases are all related.

A special task force including Monroe County investigators, New York state troopers, Greece police officers and FBI agents is investigating.

Investigators said they believe the suspect or suspects may be inside a moving vehicle the time of the crime. The ask everyone to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious.  (13WHAM)
- April 15: Route 390 and 104 - vehicle struck in quarter panel (reported 5/1)
- April 21: Route 390 and 104 - vehicle damage
- May 1: Route 390 SB @ Buffalo Rd. train overpass - tractor trailer rear window
- May 14: 490 WB @ train overpass west of Mt. Read (two vehicles) - BB's found in one vehicle
- May 14/15: Route 390 @ Brooks Avenue - Windshield damage (reported 5/19)
- May 20: 390 NB area north of railroad tracks - chip in driver side window
- May 20: 390 SB Chili Avenue - chip in passenger side door
- May 21: West Jefferson near Clover - driver side window shattered
- May 23: Ayrault Road EB @ Moseley Road - Damage to passenger side of windshield
- June 5: 390 NB near Trolley Blvd. overpass - Damage to rear driver side window
- (List does not include incident June 5 in Avon @ 390 and 5&20)

SCATS ~~ Let's recount ...  We have Reilich & O'Flynn telling us to be careful, especially on 390. We've got Assini & Maggie telling us there's NOTHING to worry about. We've formed a 'Special Task Force' of law enforcers to investigate a growing number of incidents. They think the cases are all related & that a moving car might be involved. I think I'm going to avoid the expressways as much as possible! How about you?? Who wants to be the first person hurt or killed?

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