Friday, June 13, 2014

Todd Baxter Demos Shooting @Auto Glass

13WHAM's Rachel Glaser watched former Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter attempt to break an auto windshield and side window using a pellet gun fired from varying distances. The result: BBs, pellets do little damage.

"It takes a powerful, high calibre weapon ... If it was a pellet gun, I don't think it would penetrate the window ... It takes a larger projectile ... It could be a rock or a true bullet." ~~ Todd Baxter talking about recent broken vehicle windows.



Anonymous said...

Wasn't MeChief available? Did someone remember the Baxman's deep involvement in shooting through the doors & body of a RPD car headed to scrap with a weapon & ammunition not available to the public?

Will SuperBaxter become a regular on TV now?

SCATS said...

To 3:27AM ~~ Maybe he can take over for Kimberly & Beck ... then have them on as "guests" lmao ;)

Anonymous said...

Well if Hollywood can't permeate the glass no one can. Now get on your white horse and leave Dodge. Please!

Anonymous said...

Another useless thread. Nothing to see here folks except the usual amusing comments by the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

Rubbing it in Relic's face. Love it.

Anonymous said...

OK...We'll do it here then!

So, if Baxter shows this isn't all that credible, why the belief in others to make this your vendetta?

What is your problem with the contradictory facts, ballistics, physics, and math of what is going on?

Anyone else who "believes" want to join me in testing the true capability of air induced projectiles, at the distances required, from the angles needed, in the locations with traffic cams operating and no video footage.

Come on folks?!

SCATS said...


To 5:14PM ~~ WHAT are you talking about?? What vendetta? Against??

You need to reread his words. I think he showed that BB's & Pellets are NOT the problem. Seems more like it's bullets.

Anonymous said...

Facts to consider , BB 's are round. Pellets are slightly cylindrical . The physical properties involved make the BB accuracy, velocity and distance of travel much less than the pellet due windage , drag coefficient and other invironmental factors, The average BB rifle projects the BB at a rate of 300 ft/ sec at the muzzle . The most powerful pellet rifle has a muzzle velocity of about 1000 ft/ sec.
Impact of both determined by distance traveled as well as the impact angle, In other words, the farther they go to reach their target, the less damage results.
A BB will not penetrate auto windshield glass nor will a pellet under certain conditions . The BB at close range, when striking the glass, will make a small hole along with spider webbing. It will not penetrate and will not be found in the vehicle and fall to the ground after impact A pellet at close range, will penetrate but is "spent" after contact and poses no threat other than shattered glass fragments to the occupant
A live .22 round is all together different due to muzzle velocity and riifeling in the gun barrel. However it too is subject to drag, wind and angle of contact. I have observed this when the angle is too flat, the round merely skips off the glass barely leaving a scratch .
I believe these are the factors in play in these incidents making for difficult conclusions by law enforcement agencies. Just a few thing to consider relative to recent incidents.