Friday, June 13, 2014

Three More Broken Windows Friday*

Social Media Hints Police Aren't Doing Enough

The Greece Police say they're starting to see comments on social media about people going out themselves to find whoever is doing this and police want people to understand that is a bad idea.

"We are asking members of the public to refrain from becoming directly involved in the investigation of these incidents and to simply call 911 if information is obtained" the GPD released said.

Greece Police are concerned that people think they're not doing anything to solve this.

* D&C ~ Police say a 39-year-old unidentified Rochester woman was waiting for someone on Lee Road about 5:45 a.m. when she heard her back window shatter.

WHEC-TV ~ The first was this morning after 9 o'clock near the Mount Read exit on I-490 West. And then in the early afternoon, another driver at I-390 and Lyell Road called 911 to say his windshield was hit.

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