Monday, June 02, 2014

Teacher Tenure


Anonymous said...

Correlation does not equal causation. The idea that charter schools perform better than public schools because they don’t have tenure is ridiculous!!! I’m sure that public schools would perform better too if they; didn’t have to adhere to all of the state testing/mandates, got rid of all special education students/programs or stop integrating them into the classrooms, could be selective about who they accept into their program through an application process prior to the lottery, and finally get rid of students that have attendance issues and/or break the rules. The selection bias for a charter schools is huge! Public schools have to indiscriminately take every student and are responsible for the learning of every student, even those that don’t show up to school.

SCATS had a HUGE issue with Odyssey because they required the student/parent to fill out an application (as simple as it was), which created a selection effect. As a result, the majority of the students at Odyssey wanted the education that Odyssey offered and those students that suffered from chronic absenteeism, or had absent parents weren’t at Odyssey. SCATS referred to Odyssey as “special and elite” in a demeaning manner numerous times (most notably in the Odyssey Academy: Ranks 75th Best HS blog post) because of this selection effect.

So why then does SCATS seem to support charter schools and not schools of choice?!?!

SCATS said...

To 3:50PM ~~ Yup, I had a HUGE issue with Odyssey alright. It's very interesting AND most amusing that you TOTALLY overlooked the statement I made when I posted the BLOG you referred to. That statement appears to have withstood the test of time, too. I wrote: "SCATS ~~ Will they be able to achieve Top 100 status after merging with Apollo? Not if it's a true merging ;)"

I agree that correlation doesn't ALWAYS mean causation. However, sometimes it does! I believe it has a SIGNIFICANT impact on charter schools. I believe the impact of tenure on TEACHER ATTITUDE (and thus teacher performance & student outcomes) is HUGE, too. Higher expectations usually result in better performance, even by nontenured teachers ;)

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer 3:50's question. Why do you seem to support charter schools but not schools of choice?

Seems pretty hypocritical to constantly complain about schools of choice on this blog and then turn around and make statements about charter schools in a positive light!

SCATS said...

To 6:29PM ~~ I can't answer a question based upon one or more premises that boil down to an apples to oranges comparison.

Besides, 3:50PM's states "it's seems as though ... that doesn't mean it is. No basis for that contention was proffered, either.

BTW, my issue with Odyssey was NOT " because they required the student/parent to fill out an application" ... it was because they screamed, yelled and protested so much that there was no real difference between Odyssey & the other schools, especially Apollo/Olympia. As if they thought no one was watching, or knew better. Of course in the NEXT breath, those same folks would turn around and tell some other parent some twisted thing like: "My son/daughter was to go to Odyssey" as if they really did win THE lottery.