Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reilich Nixes Fringe Churches

Claims some want to make a mockery of the invocation given before Town Board meetings.

He has nixed Pastafarians & the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, among others.

"One he said told the town he worshipped spaghetti. Another wanted to bring his own altar and do a live animal sacrifice before the meeting."



Anonymous said...

A live animal sacrifice? Is that different from the constant sacrificing of taxpayers that they do?

Anonymous said...

We here at the First Church of The Stairway to Heaven want to go on the record here and now that we are deeply wounded by Supervisor Reilich's rejection.

We are reaching out to Widow Stevens and her supporters for help in bringing the Supervisor to the Light and RAPTURE.

Anonymous said...

Actually a good move by the Relic. This is in reality a"shot" at one of ladies who filed the suit who is a confirmed Atheist.
The other point, look at what your actions have caused.
All the crack pots in the world now want their shot
If I were Relic, I would declare victory and then by a vote of the board, end this prayer practice that has now become a circus and an unnecessary distraction. A well meaning attempt by Auburger gone terribly wrong.

SCATS said...

To 6:47AM ~~ Re: "A well meaning attempt by Auburger gone terribly wrong."

Based upon that statement alone, I can tell you are completely out-of-touch with Auberger's agenda in pushing for prayer!

I've said it before, but will restate it one last time: AUBERGER WAS THE POSTER BOY FOR THE PRAY IN JESUS NAMEGROUP WHO USED HIM TO FURTHER THEIR AGENDA. In the end, he used the entire Town of Greece for his own personal celebrity.

I agree that this practice SHOULD BE ENDED ASAP!! Friends & relatives from around the country think we're a HUGE joke. Sadly, we are.

Anonymous said...

We are a joke as well publicized on this site.

Anonymous said...

No amount of prayer can help the lost souls that are called politicians.