Thursday, June 05, 2014

Help Wanted: Greece Choral Society Director

Availability: Monday/weekend evenings & most major holidays for the next 40+ years

  • Willing to work for peanuts (under $5000/yr... that works out to about $2.19/hour)
  • Single & open to possible arranged marriage to accompanist*
  • Co-dependency, low self-esteem & control issues a plus!
  • Must be able to recruit similar
  • Willing to kowtow to Joe Robach & his employees, as needed
  • Capable of blackmailing Town Supervisor for "Donations" to keep the group alive!
  • Must provide own baton

Application deadline: June 15th
For more information, call Karen Walter at (585) 235-xxxx

* Your input will be sought, but final selection will be made by others.


Anonymous said...

May 12, 2014
For Immediate Release

Wanted: New Greece Choral Society Director

The 80 member Greece Choral Society has begun the search for a new choir director.

Ralph Zecchino, the group's founding director, is retiring after 43 years of service along with his
accompanist wife, Sandy. The Choral Society is under the umbrella of the Greece Performing Arts
Society, one of the country's oldest community-based organization of its kind. The Greece
Symphony, Community Orchestra, Community Band and Jazz Band are also part of GPAS, which has
501(c)3 non-profit status.

The ideal director candidate will have a choral-based educational background, preferably with a
Master's degree, along with a minimum of three years’ experience leading a choral group. He or she
can be expected to plan performances, aid in member recruitment, manage the weekly rehearsal
schedule, assist in concert venue location, work within the GPAS budget for the group and in general
be the Choral Society's liaison with the public. This is a paid part-time position. The new director will
also have input in the selection of a new accompanist.

The choir currently meets September to May on Monday evenings from 7:15 to 9:30 at Greece
Athena High School. Membership is through auditions open to all Monroe County residents with
basic choral experience. A minimum of three annual concerts are typically scheduled at Christmas, a
fund raiser in mid-winter and in May. Additional performances are booked as they arise. Repertoire
ranges from classical to modern Broadway hits.

A complete list of selection criteria and expectations is available for applicants. Candidates are
encouraged to submit a resume expressing their interest in the position before the deadline of June

15. Each will be requested to fill out a common questionnaire. In-person interviews will take place
thereafter, with finalists asked to hold a separate brief rehearsal audition with interested Choral
society members. A decision is expected by late July. The season begins on Monday, September 8.
Please contact Karen Walter, 585-235-4017, with questions or to submit a
resume. Additional details can be found on the Choral Society page on the GPAS web site.

Anonymous said...

I went to a choial reef once. Am I qualified?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ralph!

SCATS said...

To 2:51AM ~~ Do you possess your OWN baton??

Anonymous said...

Scats You are more than qualified dor that position.Go for it!

SCATS said...

To 9:34AM ~~ Sorry, but my self-esteem is at a new high! lol

Anonymous said...

Ralph Zecchino is a magnificent music director and a community treasure.

Thank you Ralph!

SCATS said...

To 9:01PM ~~ Community treasures are typically housed in museums.

Anonymous said...

Little (joke in there) Ricky is on the Board of Directors of Greece's Museum. You really expect anything worth a dam to stay in there?

Anonymous said...

I got the broke off top 2 feet of a snowplow fiberglass driveway marker. I could use that for a baton.