Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Greece School Board Behavior

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 Anonymous said...

I went to the BOE meeting last night. Here is what I took notice of.

1. I arrived at 6:15pm to hear a group in the overflow room apparently celebrating something with cake and well wishes all around. I thought the Board was supposed to be in executive session? Apparently patting each other on the back and eating cake qualifies for an executive session.

2. Sean McCabe sat with his head in his hands and couldn't have possibly looked more disinterested.

3. Julia walked around like she owned the place. Glad handing nearly everyone in attendance. The proceeded to continue to eat her cake during the meeting from the front table.

It is obvious why no one goes to these meetings. They are a complete joke. The members of the board act either like spoiled little children who have become queen of the prom or disinterested little boys chasing mommy's coat-tails.

Totally ridiculous. Just once I would like to see the board invite comment and actually respond directly to the community. They constantly reference dialog and discussion, but this only occurs in their cake parties, oops I mean executive sessions.    6/11/2014 2:44 PM

SCATS ~~ To 2:44PM ~~ It absolutely sounded like a "holiday" celebration on the radio last night! There was NOTHING said to show they had any intention of CONDUCTING DISTRICT BUSINESS.

On the good side, they started more or less on time. Keeping the radio audience waiting up to an hour (not to mention those who actually bother attending whether out of obligation or otherwise) is just plain rude!! They do not seem to mind that they are this rude ... OFTEN.

Once the "meeting" started(I use the term VERY loosely here! They basically did next to no real business in the first 2.5 hours from start time!), there was MUCH TOO MUCH PARTYING/LAUGHING/INSIDE JOKING going on. Getting through all of the fluff with PTA, GTA & the kids took a little over an hour. Handing out awards to kids should be done at a DIFFERENT TIME & PLACE, period.

Then there was a return to Exec. Session. Awhile later (maybe 40 min??) they came back in to "celebrate" administrative appointments & the newly tenured. Just once, I'd like to see someone with a backbone vote against something ... ANYTHING!! Not even a discussion of credentials ... just 100% acceptance. Of course, Greece Central has no "bad teachers" because our BOE is just so extremely capable of only choosing the "good apples." (Wanna buy some swampland??)

After that, it was back into Exec. Session yet again! I do not know if they EVER came back out & discussed or dealt with any of the actual BUSINESS on their agenda. I listened until shortly after 11PM. I presume they didn't miss continuing the Happy Hour vibe at Hooligans late into the night. Julia told us early on that was their plan.

I suspect the LAST THING they wanted us to hear was their "amendment" to Babs' contract or their justification for overwhelming apathy at the polls. Of course, they are saying we're not "the worst" but they are comparing Greece to MUCH SMALLER DISTRICTS, an apples to oranges comparison.

God, I hope Julia is done running things ... not that I want the arrogance of McCabe instead. But the condescending voice she uses has worn too thin.

Attending a Greece BOE meeting is PUNISHMENT. No wonder people avoid it like the plague.


Anonymous said...

I understand it was a farewell party of sorts for members whose terms were up. I see nothing wrong with that at all. These people volunteer their time and are entitled to a little token of appreciation for the amount if time they spend as non payed board members
Kudos to them for celebrating their own as they get little or no thanks from this community, especially on this blog.
To the complainer, pick up a petition and run for the board. Maybe just maybe, you might have little more respect for them once you see the hours monthly they put in away from board meetings like visiting and talking to students in schools that they are assigned as liaisons. Plus the hours spent reviewing volumes of district generated information prior to all board meetings delivered to their homes on the Thursday before the board meeting.
Personally , I don't know why anyone in their right mind would want to serve on a board representing residents if this district, especially the vultures who support the agenda of this blog.

SCATS said...

To 5:56PM ~~ I don't give a damn about a farewll party for some poor slob who sat on the BOE for 3 years voting "yea" on EVERY SINGLE AGENDA ITEM (they usually do), BUT let them do it on their own time. DURING A BROADCAST SCHOOL BOARD MEETING IS INAPPROPRIATE!! Not to mention, a waste of time & in some cases, money, as when an attorney or other professional is waiting to speak.

TY for explaining why so many school children have such poor social skills. We now know they learned it's OK to party at times when business is supposed to be done.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple scats, don't listen to the radio. Who listens to radios these days, Get a life.
Your tirad is an indication of your total disrespect for public officials as well as anyone who disagrees with your ideology . Fact is, you don't give a damn about anybody
With the possible exception of thy self.righteous existance..

SCATS said...

To 7:46PM ~~ Re: " Who listens to radios these days"

Apparently, LOTS of folks do! That's why Kimberly & Beck lost their jobs. That's why Lonsberry still has a job. That's why WHAM has run the Home Repair Clinic for decades! Even The Greece Central School District has their OWN STATION because it's POPULAR! I could go on & on, but I realize it's useless to argue with the poorly educated among us.

PS ~~ Please tell me what is a "tirad" and "existance". I can't find them in Webster's.

Anonymous said...

I thought the purpose of "Board Docs" was so BOE members (with a special sign in) can review everything on their electronic devices (if they know how to use them). The original agendas and any changes to agendas can be available to all at the same time without the use of district couriers running up the overtime and mileage as things change.

SCATS said...

To 12:17AM ~~ The use of couriers and the use of a PO box are examples of wastes of taxpayer $$. But they can't find anything to cut back and reduce the budget ;)

Anonymous said...

Scats you should know this after all you know everything else. Board meetings are just what they are. Monthly business meetings conducted in furtherance of their duties as board members.
As such they are public meetings of which portions are open to the public . However, broadcasting or televising these meetings is not mandated by law and is done as a courtesy to the public. The point being, these meetings and conduct of these meetings is the prerogative of the members of the board consistant with policy. However,the board reserves the right to adjust meeting protocol as the situations dictate. Such was the case in the topic under discussion.
Therefore the topic of this discussion is moot as situations dictated what took place and was a legal discretionary move that usually takes place at the last meeting of the year. It was their prerogative to take the action that they chose to take. Sorry that this was an inconvenience for you.

SCATS said...

To 7:39PM ~~ You actually made my point! The "BUSINESS" portion of their monthly "BUSINESS" meeting was missing!!

Their celebrations & awards should be done ELSEWHERE, period.

It wasn't an 'inconvenience' to me, but it should be an EMBARASSMENT to them.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if their conduct could be viewed as out of control or an embarrassment . And why do you feel that doing as they did should be done elsewhere .
They obviously left the door open so as to welcome those in attendance to join them and have a piece of cake. Again common practice at the final meeting if the year.
The person complaining should have joined the party as others have done in the past .

SCATS said...

To 1:50PM ~~ You can "doubt if their conduct could be viewed as out of control or an embarrassment" all you want but I've already viewed it that way lol

Anonymous said...

One opinion does not constitute majority thinking except on this site. Lol

Anonymous said...

Scats, it's that very attitude that renders this site as lacking credibility ,irrelevant and inconsequential. Your my way or the highway dictates renders this site impotent in terms of open, differing opinions that lead to meaningful consensus building and positive ideas to bring about much needed changes in our community it's really to bad as you have the ideal format to make this happen.
I have talked to many followers of this site who tell me that they would like to post on this site but hesitate to do so because of your attitude toward those who take a different position than yours. They feel it would be fruitless and a waste of time as your personal attitude on various topics is absolute and unyielding .

SCATS said...

To 6:52AM ~~ Why should I believe that someone with your views has " talked to many followers of this site?" Prove it.

As for what YOU perceive the purpose of this site to be, I'm sorry, but "consensus building" sounds an awful lot like that crapple they made the Greece BOE attend seminars on 20+ years ago - it's a buzzword for GCSD's internal "my way or the highway" thinking!

PS ~~ Don't look now, but this site not only survived, but has THRIVED while ALL of the others flopped ;) So, we must be doing SOMETHING right :)

Anonymous said...

It thrives because it caterers to the malcontents that you have given a platform to spew their hatred of public employees, unions, pensions etc. nothing more.
You call is success I call it a failure in as much that you profess to performing a community service. Nothingis farther from the truth,
On another score, you will just have to take my word for it as I have nothing to prove . Let's face it scats, between five and ten readers of site are regular commenters. Your disciples on Face Book no doubt, which it itself is a curiosity of sorts as who would embrace anonymous person as a friend. Sounds like a one way street to me, You know them while they have no idea who you are. Pretty dumb in my opinion.

SCATS said...


When it comes to "malcontents" on here, I'd have to give top prize to you! The reason being that out of nearly 250 viewings of this thread, YOU and maybe one other feel the need to spew your displeasure about those who dare to see things differently, or who question some phony level of "authority" (according to outdated standards leftover from the 1950's) felt by someone who gets a HUGE salary for a job not so well done on the taxpayer dime.

The reason YOU keep writing in is that it kills you to realize YOU do NOT have total control over what people get to read, think, say, about subjects related to Greece, NY. This BLOG is HATED, detested even, because it leaves a lengthy, searchable history documenting the CRIME & CORRUPTION that are hallmarks of Greece, NY and the local system of cronies who keep their legacy of cheating the taxpayers out of "quality" governance, education, police, fire and other services going. YOU are helpless in stopping this BLOG, just as we are helpless to stopping those who cheat us.

As for Facebook, though people don't know us, they often realize we can be trusted. That's just another concern for YOU, i.e. another loss of control.

Regarding your opinion, no I will NEVER "take your word for it" or for anything else, either. Reason: YOU can't be trusted! YOU don't know WHAT you are talking about either. YOU don't have access to the info that shows us what threads people are reading, what numbers are reading them, what cities they come from, etc.

We won't engage further discussion of the BLOG, or our identity, etc. That's not the purpose here, as you are well aware.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that only 2 people disagree with your views. Ive read plenty of comments that disagree with you. I have nothing aganist this blog, however i do see how it tends to be one sided. There are problems with this town and the GCSD, but show me one town/distrect that doesnt. Ive only been reading this blog for a very short time, a few months to be exact, and it does come across as being very negitive. Out of a town as big as Greece, 250 readers seems like a very tiny number. Maybe if this blog posted more postive things more people would follow. Not all people are only interested in the bad. There does seem to be alot of hatred by the author in regards to the schools, the GPD and anyone who does not fully agree with most topics. Like I said, I have nothing aganist this blog, but ive lived in Greece most of my life and all of my children have gone to schools here, and Ive had very few issues with the schools, and never had any problems with the GPD at all. They seem to be very nice men and women, that go above and beyond for the people of Greece, and do alot of good for the children. I do know there have been some bad apples in the bunch, but all in all, I love my town. Thank you!

SCATS said...

To 12PM ~~ Please don't put words in my mouth! I said ON THIS THREAD perhaps two disagreed with me. Also, 250 had read THIS THREAD as of the time of my previous posting. Now, that number is much higher. The numbers who read some part of this BLOG vary daily, but I can assure you it's often more than the total number who vote in GCSD elections!!

As for your children having attended Greece schools ... this district sunk to the bottom third of the county when it comes to suburban district rankings. It's not the district it was in the 1990's when it performed much closer to the top. If you are satisfied with less-than-mediocre, so be it. Most aren't.

GPD is infamous around Monroe County too ... and not in a good way. But far be it from me to burst your bubble of contentment.