Thursday, June 12, 2014

California Tenure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional

In his ruling Tuesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu cited the Supreme Court's landmark equal protection ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, saying that all students are entitled to equal education. The current laws create a situation in which minority and low-income students are discriminated against when ineffective teachers are placed in their schools, he found.

Judge's Ruling

SCATS ~~ NY State, especially this area with such huge poverty levels among the young,  desperately needs to follow suit!


Anonymous said...

With the ruling being based off of "all students are entitled to equal education" it makes me wonder how far will or could this go.

It may open a pandora's box of legal challenges in education. What would keep a student from suing because another school offers a class or an educational opportunity that will help them get into college, secure a scholarship, or provide them with an employment opportunity after high school when their current school does not? Even the size of different school budgets and the amount of money spent per pupil could be challenged on the basis of it's not an equal education. Who then sets the bar?

Just because Pittsford may have more classes, lower class sizes, up to date books, supplies and facilities when compared to other schools, would that mean that every other school has to reach that same standard to provide an equal education?

SCATS said...

To 11:26AM ~~ In reading your remarks, I'm immediately reminded of the recent fight for equity among Greece schools! Schools-of-choice, IB programs, different course offerings at different schools, etc. within the same school district was unfair to all ~ taxpayers, parents & students.

I'm still waiting for Babsie Dearest to tell us what she plans to do to make Pine Brook more equitable & level the diversity differences to resemble something like other Greece elementary schools. I'm sure she's hoping we've forgotten. We haven't :)

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that she couldn't care less that Scats hasn't forgotten and will give that fact the proper weight that it deserves as she in total charge of what does or does not happen for the foreseeable future.

SCATS said...

To 1:36PM ~~ You DO know what they say about opinions, right???

BTW, better not tell the GTA that Babs 'thinks' she's running the district ... 'cause she's not ;)

Anonymous said...

Parents need to take their rose colored glasses off regarding our educational system. Once the teacher's unions came into power, our entire educational system in the country ceased to be about educating our children and all about protecting those that work with in the system. Union contracts with zero accountability. A job for life (tenure) after only 3 years of teaching. State laws that give more protection to the employees than the children they are supposed to care so much about.

Education is a multi billion dollar industry and the money is flowing into the pockets of those that manage and work within the system, while we are getting a bunch of kids coming out of the system that are dumber than rocks.

I still don't understnd why parents are not madder than hell about the crappy education their kids are getting today.

SCATS said...

To 6:46AM ~~ AMEN to that! But then, if you look deeply into the parents' educational backgrounds, many of them are barely literate, too. You can see it on this very site!

Anonymous said...

I gotsta object to that barely literate parents comment SCATS.
When I got my GCSD Deeploma sevrul uv my teechyrz sed I was as literate as they was.