Monday, June 30, 2014

Top 10 Things GCSD Needs ...

Does NOT include a diving coach!

This is why school budgets are failing

The Greece Central School District had an ad in yesterday's paper looking for a Varsity diving coach. Hey, if you want to learn how to dive, go get a private coach. Don't rely on the taxpayers of Greece to do it for you. WTF? This has gotten out of control. This is the main reason Irondequoit's budget was shot down twice is a row. Wasteful spending. If your kid wants to learn how to dive, YOU spend the money to teach them, not the taxpayers. Irondequoit will not have modified sports for 7th, 8th and 9th graders for the upcoming school year because of the failed school budget. GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Go join some club and play your sports. Don't rely on the taxpayers to fund your kid.

is currently seeking a Women’s Varsity Diving Coach for the upcoming Fall Season. 
Candidates must hold a valid NYS Teaching Certificate or eligibility for a
NYS Temporary Coaching License, valid First Aid, CPR, and AED certificates, and
willingness to enroll in and complete the Coaching Eligibility Program.
Preferred credentials include two years sport specific upper level coaching
experience and strong leadership skills.

SCATS ~~ As we've said so many times before ... we can no longer afford to be all things to all people! Parents MUST step-up & provide these kinds of opportunities for their own children, because the community can no longer afford to do so!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Military NOT An Option For Many Grads

More than 2/3's of today's youth are too uneducated, have behavior issues, and are not physically fit enough for military service.

Too many young adults lack high school diplomas, have felony convictions, and are on prescription drugs.

Still more do not meet the military's appearance standards due to extreme piercings & too many tattoos.

71% of the 34 million young adults ages 17 to 24 would not be able to enlist if they tried, not counting people turned away for tattoos or other cosmetic issues.

Only about 1% of young adults are both eligible and inclined to have a conversation with recruiters.

New recruits aren't passing the Armed Forces Qualification Test, which measures their reading and math skills.

"They aren't educationally qualified to join the military in any capacity, not just the high-tech jobs." ~~ Retired Maj. Gen. Allen Youngman 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reilich Nixes Fringe Churches

Claims some want to make a mockery of the invocation given before Town Board meetings.

He has nixed Pastafarians & the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, among others.

"One he said told the town he worshipped spaghetti. Another wanted to bring his own altar and do a live animal sacrifice before the meeting."


Greece Bus Window Smashed

Students Were On Board 
No One Hurt
Passenger Side Window Breaks
On 104 Near Long Pond Rd.

Did This Pic Stop The 390 Sniper?

Davy V.'s pic of possible shooter

Last evening, I made a very interesting discovery while cruising the internet - On the evening of June 11th, activist/blogger Davy Vara posted this photo to his BLOG after spotting this curious fellow walking down Lyell Avenue in Gates, just east of the I-390 overpass. Vara reports that he called the cops but NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP!

Here is how he describes what he observed:
"Interestingly, this was the same location where less than two hours earlier, Rochester news media had aired reports that the shooter, or shooters, may actually be using a bicycle path trail adjacent to the Barge Canal, less than two blocks from where I observed this individual.
A white male, close to 6 foot tall, wearing a camouflage type soldier cap, carrying a large backpack on his shoulders, with a black, long, and narrow, tube-shaped case, which looked like it could house a rifle barrel possibly enclosed in some sort of case, protruding from the back pack, extending about a foot above his head.

The individual was looking down below the overpass at cars that drove by on Intestate 390."
Then on Sunday June 16th, I posted this description, not knowing about Davy Vara's photo: "As for a profile, I have this to offer: A young Caucasian male, age 17 to 25, or so, possibly with an accomplice at times. A bit of the nerdy type - knows physics well. Think Sheldon Cooper. Probably fit, very active. Lives in the Greece/Gates area. He's either unemployed, or works evenings/nights/ maybe weekends. To him, this is a game ... him vs. the cops ... and he's winning. Perhaps he's got a bit of a vendetta against, or score to settle against the police. Possibly a paintball aficionado. He's got experience with weapons which makes him a pretty good shot, so far.     6/16/2014 1:41 PM
The LAST actual reported incidents of shattered windows occurred on Friday June 13th, just two days after Vara posted the pic and two days before SCATS posted a description!
Could it be that the sniper caught word of what the blogging world was posting and was driven back into hiding?
We may never know ...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Greece Police Duped By Teen

It's obvious from the outcome of yesterday's AMBERT ALERT that Greece Police were duped by a 16 yr. old girl, since the guidelines for issuing an Amber Alert include:
  • Reasonable belief by law enforcement that an abduction has occurred.
  • The law enforcement agency believes that the child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death.
  • There is enough descriptive information about the victim and the abduction for law enforcement to issue an AMBER Alert to assist in the recovery of the child.
  • The abduction is of a child aged 17 years or younger.
  • The child’s name and other critical data elements, including the Child Abduction flag, have been entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) system.
Today the question is: WHAT was this girl attempting to do?

Was she running away?
Is a romantic connection involved? 
Was it the result of a family dispute?
Will she be charged with additional crimes,
including falsely leading the cops to issue an Amber Alert?

Monday, June 23, 2014

At A Parent's Request ...

I've been asked to have readers weigh-in on which middle school a parent should choose to send her child to.

What are the PROS & CONS of
Athena MS & Arcadia MS?
What are the PROS & CONS of
Odyssey MS & Olympia MS?

Greece: Valid Passport Required?

Reilich: "We don't know the immunization history of these individuals. Is there the potential for disease? We don 't know how long they'd be there. The government's intent is to house them until they can locate a family member to reunite them if one exists." (Interpreted he means "ANYWHERE BUT GREECE, NY!")

Statue of Liberty
 "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

Scats ~~ Did we worry about such trivia as immunizations in our past?

Lexington Commerce Ctr. Could House Illegals

The Dept. of Health & Human Services is looking to house illegal, immigrant children in WNY.

Buffalo & Greece options considered.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Greece PD Reorganized

Recent changes made within the Greece Police Dept. since Patrick Phelan became Chief on April 1 include:

Organizing GPD into three areas of responsibility:

1. Office of Chief of Police. Chief Patrick D. Phelan
2. Office of Operations and Special Services. Deputy Chief Jason Helfer
3. Office of Investigations and Administration. Deputy Chief Richard Downs

The Criminal Investigative Division ~ Lt. Casey Voelkl

Sgt. Mark Sundquist promoted to Lt. May 24, 2014 and assigned to the Internal Affairs Division.

Off. Arthur Joubert promoted to Sgt. May 24, 2014 and assigned to the Road Patrol Division.

Come 'Pray' With An Atheist

Dan Courtney will open the July 15 Greece Town Board meeting with an invocation on inclusion in America.

SCATS ~~ Will he support inclusion of God?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Where Has Expressway Sniper Gone?

After ramping up activity to 2-3 incidents each day a week ago, news about the investigation has disappeared from headlines.
  • Has the perpetrator gone into hiding following traffic stops & questioning of motorists GPD conducted on Ridgeway Monday?
  • Has he graduated or finished school for the year & left the area?
  • Has the media been told to cease coverage so that visitors for the Intnl Jazz Fest feel safe during the next 9 days?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

GCSD Change Defies Common Sense

At the April 8th Greece School Board meeting, the Board of Education voted to change Greece Central's "official newspaper" to the Rochester Business Journal. The Daily Record was designated for instances where a second publication needs to be used. These new publication choices replaced the Greece Post and the Democrat & Chronicle for announcing the district's business.

When the recent election and budget vote was held, the new publications were used for the first time. Afterwards, many people remarked they didn't even know Greece Central was having a vote. Turnout was ridiculously low. This was but one of many changes, but it was mentioned by some who noticed there was NO notice in the usual places.

Of course, it's doubtful that many of this school district's residents either subscribe to or read either of the two newly designated "official newspapers." In light of the growing number of families with children receiving free/reduced lunches, it seems odd that a free newspaper like the Greece Post would be replaced by the less readily available and/or known Rochester Business Journal. The same is true of the Democrat & Chronicle which is sold in stores all over town and found in waiting rooms everywhere.

With all of this in mind, how does it make sense that the Greece Central School District chose to print the most recent Honor Roll lists in the Greece Post? If you are going to say it's because that's where district families would find and read them, then why isn't the Greece Post still used to announce something as important as a school district budget vote and Board of Education elections?

Once again, Greece Central decision-making under the current administration and school board leadership defies common sense. I believe they wanted people to stay away from the polls


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coming Soon, To A School Near You ...


[ submitted by Bob Kane ]

Can it be far off?

Olympia: NO Middle School Today


Monday, June 16, 2014

Zoning Board Meeting, Tuesday @7PM

Return of The Animal Hoarders

Applicant: Elizabeth LaBeef Cardella

Location: 290 Stonewood Avenue

Mon. Co. Tax No.: 060.58-4-27

Zoning District: R1-E (Single-Family Residential)

Request: An area variance to allow six (6) dogs to be kept at a residence where not more than three (3) dogs shall be permitted per dwelling unit. Sec. 211-30 A

Sunday, June 15, 2014

While Researching 'The 390 Sniper' ...

Why Does A Rock Shatter Glass, But A Bullet Passes Through?

(glass footage starts at 2:47 & 4:29)

Rochester BB Sniper ~ Facebook Page (Beware! This may be offensive to you)


Pykrete Ammo: Destruction Potential?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Three More Broken Windows Friday*

Social Media Hints Police Aren't Doing Enough

The Greece Police say they're starting to see comments on social media about people going out themselves to find whoever is doing this and police want people to understand that is a bad idea.

"We are asking members of the public to refrain from becoming directly involved in the investigation of these incidents and to simply call 911 if information is obtained" the GPD released said.

Greece Police are concerned that people think they're not doing anything to solve this.

* D&C ~ Police say a 39-year-old unidentified Rochester woman was waiting for someone on Lee Road about 5:45 a.m. when she heard her back window shatter.

WHEC-TV ~ The first was this morning after 9 o'clock near the Mount Read exit on I-490 West. And then in the early afternoon, another driver at I-390 and Lyell Road called 911 to say his windshield was hit.

BEWARE! This Shooter Is Getting Crazy!

Rear Window Shatters While Vehicle Stopped

WHEC-TV reports: "A woman says her vehicle's back window was shattered while she was on Lee Road in Rochester. It happened just before 6 a.m. Friday.

Rochester Police say the woman was sitting in her SUV waiting for someone when she heard her back window shatter. Police tell us they are unsure what caused the window to break. Investigators and a K9 unit checked the area but nothing was found.

Police have notified the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office of the incident. At this time, investigators say there is no evidence or indication that this incident is related to other incidents on area highways."

Todd Baxter Demos Shooting @Auto Glass

13WHAM's Rachel Glaser watched former Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter attempt to break an auto windshield and side window using a pellet gun fired from varying distances. The result: BBs, pellets do little damage.

"It takes a powerful, high calibre weapon ... If it was a pellet gun, I don't think it would penetrate the window ... It takes a larger projectile ... It could be a rock or a true bullet." ~~ Todd Baxter talking about recent broken vehicle windows.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

California Tenure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional

In his ruling Tuesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu cited the Supreme Court's landmark equal protection ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, saying that all students are entitled to equal education. The current laws create a situation in which minority and low-income students are discriminated against when ineffective teachers are placed in their schools, he found.

Judge's Ruling

SCATS ~~ NY State, especially this area with such huge poverty levels among the young,  desperately needs to follow suit!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reward Offered For Windshield Sniper

Crime Stoppers announces they are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible for the recent spate of damaged windows of vehicles on area roadways.

A school bus carrying Penfield elementary students from Springdale Farm back to Penfield was struck by an unknown object Wednesday afternoon at Interstate 490 and Route 531.

There were no injuries, but the windshield cracked.


13WHAM  Incident Map

Greece School Board Behavior

AnonymousThey Are Out-Of-Control

 Anonymous said...

I went to the BOE meeting last night. Here is what I took notice of.

1. I arrived at 6:15pm to hear a group in the overflow room apparently celebrating something with cake and well wishes all around. I thought the Board was supposed to be in executive session? Apparently patting each other on the back and eating cake qualifies for an executive session.

2. Sean McCabe sat with his head in his hands and couldn't have possibly looked more disinterested.

3. Julia walked around like she owned the place. Glad handing nearly everyone in attendance. The proceeded to continue to eat her cake during the meeting from the front table.

It is obvious why no one goes to these meetings. They are a complete joke. The members of the board act either like spoiled little children who have become queen of the prom or disinterested little boys chasing mommy's coat-tails.

Totally ridiculous. Just once I would like to see the board invite comment and actually respond directly to the community. They constantly reference dialog and discussion, but this only occurs in their cake parties, oops I mean executive sessions.    6/11/2014 2:44 PM

SCATS ~~ To 2:44PM ~~ It absolutely sounded like a "holiday" celebration on the radio last night! There was NOTHING said to show they had any intention of CONDUCTING DISTRICT BUSINESS.

On the good side, they started more or less on time. Keeping the radio audience waiting up to an hour (not to mention those who actually bother attending whether out of obligation or otherwise) is just plain rude!! They do not seem to mind that they are this rude ... OFTEN.

Once the "meeting" started(I use the term VERY loosely here! They basically did next to no real business in the first 2.5 hours from start time!), there was MUCH TOO MUCH PARTYING/LAUGHING/INSIDE JOKING going on. Getting through all of the fluff with PTA, GTA & the kids took a little over an hour. Handing out awards to kids should be done at a DIFFERENT TIME & PLACE, period.

Then there was a return to Exec. Session. Awhile later (maybe 40 min??) they came back in to "celebrate" administrative appointments & the newly tenured. Just once, I'd like to see someone with a backbone vote against something ... ANYTHING!! Not even a discussion of credentials ... just 100% acceptance. Of course, Greece Central has no "bad teachers" because our BOE is just so extremely capable of only choosing the "good apples." (Wanna buy some swampland??)

After that, it was back into Exec. Session yet again! I do not know if they EVER came back out & discussed or dealt with any of the actual BUSINESS on their agenda. I listened until shortly after 11PM. I presume they didn't miss continuing the Happy Hour vibe at Hooligans late into the night. Julia told us early on that was their plan.

I suspect the LAST THING they wanted us to hear was their "amendment" to Babs' contract or their justification for overwhelming apathy at the polls. Of course, they are saying we're not "the worst" but they are comparing Greece to MUCH SMALLER DISTRICTS, an apples to oranges comparison.

God, I hope Julia is done running things ... not that I want the arrogance of McCabe instead. But the condescending voice she uses has worn too thin.

Attending a Greece BOE meeting is PUNISHMENT. No wonder people avoid it like the plague.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Vehicle With Shattered Glass

Top Stories

Tuesday about 3:30PM on Five Mile Line Road and Route 104 in Webster.

SCATS ~~ Are police getting any closer to catching this wacko before someone gets killed?


Sunday, June 08, 2014

Greece Police Seek Suspects

Two Men Rob Dewey Ave. Chase Bank
Suspect Wearing Ghillie Suit In A Tree Near 390
SCATS ~~ Is it a CRIME to wear a ghillie suit while strolling the vegetation along the bike path in Greece?

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Police Searching For Suspect

NYK) NYK| Greece, NY (Monroe County)| Perp Search/Chase| RT 390 & Vintage Ln| PD in area searching for suspicious man near expressway wearing a ghillie suit.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Will Greece PD Add A SWAT Team?

On June 4th, a "Special Meeting" of the Greece Town Board was quietly called. Only three items were on the agenda, and they don't appear to be the kind of business that couldn't wait for a Regular Meeting. Two related to grant applications for Badgerow & Braddock's Bay Parks.

The third item though, is eye-catching:
Grant authorization to purchase via an on-line auction a police mobile command vehicle not to exceed $20,000.00. Payment for such vehicle will be sourced from drug seizure funds. Further authorize the Supervisor to execute all related documents.

WHY does Greece PD need a mobile command vehicle?

WHY are we purchasing a used one "via online auction"??

WHAT will it be used for?

WILL GPD be developing a SWAT team?

Isn't MCSO's vehicle satisfactory?

Another Day, Another Broken Window

NY State Police searching 390 area near 490 split for possible suspects after pick-up truck window shattered. Incident is 12th.

Who Do YOU Believe?

LOTS of Broken Glass ...
LOTS of Confusing Responses ...
“They (the roads) are absolutely safe. Certainly, these are random incidents and these are to some extent isolated incidents at this point and I think that speaks to what we're trying to tell people, don't panic because this does not mean that it's not safe to drive on the roads in Monroe County.” ~~ Maggie Brooks, Monroe County Exec.

“If in fact it occurred in the way we looked at it, it may also include a moving vehicle.” ~~ Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn

Sheriff O'Flynn says it could be rocks kicking up or someone shooting at random.


Investigators with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said they believe the cases are all related.

A special task force including Monroe County investigators, New York state troopers, Greece police officers and FBI agents is investigating.

Investigators said they believe the suspect or suspects may be inside a moving vehicle the time of the crime. The ask everyone to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious.  (13WHAM)
- April 15: Route 390 and 104 - vehicle struck in quarter panel (reported 5/1)
- April 21: Route 390 and 104 - vehicle damage
- May 1: Route 390 SB @ Buffalo Rd. train overpass - tractor trailer rear window
- May 14: 490 WB @ train overpass west of Mt. Read (two vehicles) - BB's found in one vehicle
- May 14/15: Route 390 @ Brooks Avenue - Windshield damage (reported 5/19)
- May 20: 390 NB area north of railroad tracks - chip in driver side window
- May 20: 390 SB Chili Avenue - chip in passenger side door
- May 21: West Jefferson near Clover - driver side window shattered
- May 23: Ayrault Road EB @ Moseley Road - Damage to passenger side of windshield
- June 5: 390 NB near Trolley Blvd. overpass - Damage to rear driver side window
- (List does not include incident June 5 in Avon @ 390 and 5&20)

SCATS ~~ Let's recount ...  We have Reilich & O'Flynn telling us to be careful, especially on 390. We've got Assini & Maggie telling us there's NOTHING to worry about. We've formed a 'Special Task Force' of law enforcers to investigate a growing number of incidents. They think the cases are all related & that a moving car might be involved. I think I'm going to avoid the expressways as much as possible! How about you?? Who wants to be the first person hurt or killed?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Help Wanted: Greece Choral Society Director

Availability: Monday/weekend evenings & most major holidays for the next 40+ years

  • Willing to work for peanuts (under $5000/yr... that works out to about $2.19/hour)
  • Single & open to possible arranged marriage to accompanist*
  • Co-dependency, low self-esteem & control issues a plus!
  • Must be able to recruit similar
  • Willing to kowtow to Joe Robach & his employees, as needed
  • Capable of blackmailing Town Supervisor for "Donations" to keep the group alive!
  • Must provide own baton

Application deadline: June 15th
For more information, call Karen Walter at (585) 235-xxxx

* Your input will be sought, but final selection will be made by others.

2nd Car Window Shattered Today

Vehicle Was Exiting 390 in Avon to Routes 5 & 20

Sheriff O'Flynn says a moving vehicle might be involved in causing these incidents

Another Vehicle Window Shot Out

390 North Near Lexington

13WHAM reports: "Police are investigating another report Thursday of a vehicle being shot at in Monroe County - this time on 390 North near Lexington Ave.
This is the tenth report of vehicle damage.

Since April, there have been nine incidents of damage which police believe to be caused by BBs or rocks being thrown.

Most have occurred on interstates 390 and 490.  One incident happened while a person was driving on Jefferson Road.

Investigators with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said they believe the cases are all related.

A special task force including Monroe County investigators, NY State Troopers, Greece Police officers and FBI agents are investigating."


Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Greece Police Reports* ...

The Sad ... The Scary ... The Amusing ...

May 23, on the 1400 block of Latta Rd. a call came in regarding a female who was passed out in the drive-thru of a restaurant. A DWI arrest was made; the suspect had a .24% blood alcohol content.

May 24, on the 4600 block of Dewey Ave. there was a gang assault. Two victims were assaulted by five or six males. One victim suffered a fractured orbital and nose while the other victim suffered a concussion on his head.

May 24, an unknown male in his 40's stole approximately 18 types of lipsticks and fled east bound on a bike.

* From pg. A4 of the Greece Post 6/5/14

John Nicolo Dies In Prison

Nicolo, 81, died at a federal prison in Texas.

He was serving time for his role in a scheme that defrauded the Town of Greece, Eastman Kodak Co. and several other local companies.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Study Shows Teacher Absences Hurt

"We have learned that it is not so much district policy but expectations which lead to high attendance. Teachers who work in buildings that are led by principals with high standards are much less likely to be absent." ~~  Kate Walsh, Pres. Natl Council on Teacher Quality

SCATS ~~ It's a given that substitute teachers do not effectively replace absent classroom teachers. I've always wondered what the correlation is between teacher attendance & student attendance. High expectations leads to better outcomes for most things.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Teacher Tenure

When Will These White Elephants Sell?

299 Kirk Rd, Greece, NY 14612 

MLS # : R190722

List Price: $1,470,000                       taxes: $ 2217

ASSESSMENT: $3,899,700                    LAND: $238,500

Former Kirk Road Elementary School Building for Sale Due to Consolidations. This 48,729 Square Feet Facility is on 15 Acres Nestled in a Quiet Residential Suburban Neighborhood. The Floor Plan is Open and Non-Traditional. Building Amenities Include: Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Full Kitchen; Library; Multi-Purpose Room & Admin Offices. Mechanicals and Structure Are in Excellent Condition. This is An Ideal Location for Residential Developments Such As Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Single Family Homes, Etc. Existing Building Has Central Air and is Perfect for Community Spaces Such As Recreation, Cafeteria, Exercise, Etc.

Lot:  720 x 912 on 15.00 acres ~~ 48,729 sq ft


588 STONE RD, GREECE, NY 14616

MLS#: R190770

LIST PRICE: $1,270,000                               TAXES: $1437

ASSESSMENT: $2,614,900                           LAND: $77,300

Former Barnard Elementary School Building for Sale Due to Consolidations. This 42,179 Square Feet Facility is on 5 Acres Located in the Dewey Avenue Revitalization Mixed Use Corridor, Permitting a Variety of Commercial, Institutional and Residential Uses. The Building Has Two Stories Plus a Full Walk-Out Basement and is in Excellent Condition. Building Amenities Include: Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Stage, Full Kitchen; Multi-Purpose Room & Admin Offices. Mechanicals and Structure Are in Excellent Condition. This is An Ideal Location for Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Or Mixed Use Developments.

LOT: 665 x 633 ON 5.00 ACRES ~~  42,179 SQ FT


Sunday, June 01, 2014

Does It Matter Who Heads Chamber?

SCATS ~~ According to the current Greece Chamber of Commerce website, Auberger is STILL Greece's Supervisor. Maybe they aren't on top of things these days ...?

Jodie Perry
Jodi Perry, Greece Chamber Pres.