Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hope Remains Despite Another Anniversary


Exactly three years ago today, Global News first broadcast its 16:9 episode entitled "Lost in the Flames" about the Holiday Inn fire. The program prompted a flurry of media attention and helped spur on the creation of a Task Force to reinvestigate the fire. But where are we now?

More than six months ago police executed a search warrant and proclaimed their odds of solving the case had jumped from 20% to 50% based on evidence recovered. But where are we now?

The fire occured 35 years, 5 months and 11 days ago. How close are we to seeing this case resolved?

Brian Sundue


Anonymous said...

Thirty percent ?

Anonymous said...

With regard to the search six months ago, a couple of questions come to mind as to what the GPD had hoped to find as a result. Was it the smoking gun or was it circumstantial evidence that would point them in the right direction. I believe it was the latter.
Since a search warrant application has to be precise as to location, specific items to be at that location related to a crime investigation, that information has to be included.
Given the facts in hand so far, I have formulated an opinion as to what they had hoped to find and where to find it.
The location would be the office of Chief of the GRFD.
What evidence did they hope to find there. Here again shear speculation on my part based on what was already known, I believe they were looking for at least two relevant items. First, records indicating purchase of the chemical substance MEK by the chief. Secondly. Records indicating his presence at the scene of previously recorded arson fires in the town, specifically the area covered by GRFD.
Obviously there could be more, but the fact that what they did or did not find did not provide the smoking gun to make a case against their prime suspect.
I personal believe this case will never result in the arrest and conviction of anyone ever.

SCATS said...

To 6:40AM ~~ Re: the Chief limiting activity to the area covered by GRFD ... please tell me where doesn't GRFD go in Greece?? They are EVERYWHERE!

The proximity of the station on Long Pond Rd to the ADA Ridge complex is mind-numbing!

Anonymous said...

First, I'm referring to the "old days" that existed at the time of the fire and long before.
The boundaries of each district then as well as today were somewhat of a joke at the time, back then, the then firefighters and chiefs actually argued over " whose fire it was" No kidding! Primarily because of
the manner in which the fire districts were drawn in those days. One of the most rediculous at the time was northern most boundaries of the North Greece District. That boundary actually extended to the north side of W, Ridge Rd in the area where Elmgrove Center and other properties existed. This made no sense as Greece Ridge was a mile away and North Greece was on Latta rd. I'm not sure it's that way anymore
So in essence you are right as the fires could have been in other territories, But if memory serves me right, at that time, there were an inordinate number arson barn fires in the GRFD.

SCATS said...

To 11:11AM ~~ I believe there are likely a number of other fires that were supposedly caused by heaters, etc. that may well have been arsons ... only one person knows for sure and he's not talking.

Anonymous said...

The person that was responsible for a few of the fires that I refer to in my post was eventually caught. Ironically, he was a volunteer fireman as well as a fire bug by nature.He never out grew his fascination for fire and playing with matches I guess.