Sunday, May 11, 2014

Arrested While In Jail

Paul West, Penn Yan

WHEC-TV : "Investigators say Paul West kidnapped his sister at knifepoint, forced her to drive him to Greece to buy drugs and then injected her with heroin back in April.
Greece Police arrested West at the Yates County Jail on Thursday and charged him with felony criminal injection of a narcotic, unlawful imprisonment and assault.
West is being held at the Monroe County Jail. His preliminary hearing is set for Monday.
SCATS ~~ It's SO satisfying to hear the rest of the story for a change! TY Ch. 10!!


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? What's the whole story?

SCATS said...

To 8:01PM ~~ Apparently you missed the story that landed this misfit in jail. Look in the archives, about 1-2 weeks back. He came to Greece from Penn Yan to buy heroin. He held a weapon to his sister to get her to drive him here. Then he forcibly injected her with the drugs. She had a bad reaction, so he dumped her out of his car at the little plaza on Fetzner Rd. before taking off & leaving her for dead ... a real charmer.

Charlie Hubbard said...

I see Joe Roabach does not like the idea of people like you putting up pictures like this mug shot on a web site like yours.

SCATS said...

To Charlie Hubbard ~~ I heard about that briefly on the radio today. I was wondering if he was thinking about this BLOG. Did he mention it?

In my opinion, IF the person is found not guilty, then let the media put out the word. As things are currently, we seldom hear how things turn out following an arrest.

As an aside, I've removed content from this BLOG in the past when asked to do so (nicely) by the person it was about. That's happened only once in 8 years.

SCATS said...

By the way, Charlie ~~ It occurs to me that Robach did this as a political favor for Judge Nitti! We can't have the judge's kid's mug splattered across BLOGs when they were able to keep mainstream media from "breaking" the story! That's also why GPD immediately took down their weekly "police blotter" that Baxter devised. Nitti's mugshot came straight from there, not from some other website!