Friday, May 02, 2014

Are We Safe Driving Local Expressways?

SCATS ~~ Has been told about two other incidents, since yesterday's shutdown of 390 near Buffalo Rd. One claims there was a second shooting in the same location today at about 11AM.

Another claims that a car on the Thruway had a window shot out last night at about 7PM near Exit 28.
Add to this the uncanny fact that the funeral for the fellow who died in the 104 accident last week was held just 3 miles down the road from yesterday's incident during the same hour as the shooting! We still haven't been told what caused his accident. Could he have been shot at, too?

I don't want people to panic, BUT law enforcement needs to step up and tell the public whether we are in POSSIBLE DANGER, or not, on local expressways.

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Anonymous said...

So it took over 6 weeks to catch this one. He had a car that could be traced. If ours is shooting from bridges and overpasses it will be more difficult.,0,6210984.story#axzz30YYjZshm