Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Driver Reports Car Hit By BB

13WHAM reports: "Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated another report Tuesday morning after a driver on Route 390 said he thought his car was hit by a BB pellet.

It happened on Route 390 near the Railroad Bridge at Chili Avenue.

Deputies tell 13 WHAM it was most likely a rock that damaged the car.
They don’t know yet if it was thrown off the overpass.

Police have encouraged drivers to report anything suspicious after the initial incidents.
There were two reports of damage on Route 390 in Greece near Ridge Road, one on April 15, the other April 21.

Part of Buffalo Road and a portion of Route 390 were also shut down for several hours on May 1 after a tractor trailer driver reported something was shot into his window as he went under the overpass near Buffalo Road.

Police have confirmed that bb’s caused the damage to two vehicles within a short time of one another on May 14.

That happened on Route 490, near Mount Read Boulevard.


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