Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pet Hoarder Seeks Town OK For 6 Dogs

Applicant: Elizabeth LaBeef Cardella

Location: 290 Stonewood Avenue

Mon. Co. Tax No.: 060.58-4-27

Zoning District: R1-E (Single-Family Residential)

Request: An area variance to allow six (6) dogs to be kept at a residence where not more than three (3) dogs shall be permitted per dwelling unit. Sec. 211-30 A
SCATS ~~ The barking & poop produced by SIX dogs is too much for the average Greece lot where you are already close to your neighbors.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Indian-Americans Win Spelling Bee ... Again

"American" Kids Can't Spell

From AOL News: For the first time in 52 years, two spellers were declared co-champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday.

Sriram Hathwar of Painted Post, New York, and Ansun Sujoe of Fort Worth, Texas, shared the title after a riveting final-round duel in which they nearly exhausted the 25 designated championship words. After they spelled a dozen words correctly in a row, they both were named champions.

Earlier, 14-year-old Sriram opened the door to an upset by 13-year-old Ansun after he misspelled "corpsbruder," a close comrade. But Ansun was unable to take the title because he got "antegropelos," which means waterproof leggings, wrong.

Sriram entered the final round as the favorite after finishing in third place last year. Ansun just missed the semifinals last year.

They become the fourth co-champions in the bee's 89-year history and the first since 1962.

"The competition was against the dictionary, not against each other," Sriram said after both were showered with confetti onstage. "I'm happy to share this trophy with him."

Sriram backed up his status as the favorite by rarely looking flustered on stage, nodding confidently as he outlasted 10 other spellers to set up the one-on-one duel with Ansun. The younger boy was more nervous and demonstrative, no more so than on the word that gave him a share of the title: "feuilleton," the features section of a European newspaper or magazine.

"Ah, whatever!" Ansun said before beginning to spell the word as the stage lights turned red, signaling that he had 30 seconds left.

Although they hoisted a single trophy together onstage, each will get one to take home, and each gets the champion's haul of more than $33,000 in cash and prizes.

Gokul Venkatachalam of Chesterfield, Missouri, finished third, and Ashwin Veeramani of North Royalton, Ohio, was fourth.

Both champions are Indian-American. The past eight winners and 13 of the past 17 have been of Indian descent, a run that began in 1999 after Nupur Lala's victory, which was later featured in the documentary "Spellbound."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Playing Ambulance Driver Causes Fatal Crash


"We know for sure there was no malicious intent, no road rage, no alcohol involvement, nothing to that effect.  It simply appears that a father was trying to rush his sick daughter to the hospital." ~~ Deputy Chief Jason Helfer*, GPD & colleague of Felicia Gilchrist Amiger

"Her father came from Gates to pick her up and was driving south on Long Pond when his car collided with an eastbound car at the intersection."

"She was a great, fun-loving person, very friendly, very jovial. At first it crosses your mind when you're at the scene but you're focused on getting the job done at hand and hours afterward you start thinking about this could happen to any of us. I'm glad to see that she did have her family around her which is important. The family seems pretty close. It's unfortunate the last 12 or 13 years what she had to deal with just coming out of the academy. She really loved doing the job." ~~ Deputy Chief Helfer, Greece Police Dept.

*Quietly named as one of two Deputy Chiefs by Greece Town Board 5/20/14

  • If this was such an emergency, why wasn't an ambulance called, instead of having daddy drive from Gates to Greece and then head to Unity? Cops should know better, shouldn't they?
  • Was she trying to avoid receiving a +/- $1000 ambulance bill with a +/- $100 copay?
  • Do I understand correctly that I can "put on my Super Hero cape," pretend to be an ambulance driver and race my kid to the hospital in Greece and won't get ticketed for speeding, running a light & causing another car to collide with me as long as there is no "malicious intent?"
  • Can I also do that if I just need to get home really fast because I gotta pee or feel ill? Or will it only work if my passenger or me are pals with the cops?
  • How did Helfer determine "intent" and "alcohol involvement" when the investigation was only just begun at the time of that statement?
  • Is it possible Helfer is just TOO CLOSE to this case to use good judgment?
  • What happened to the "Command Structure" Baxter built to ensure GPD's corrupted past couldn't repeat itself?
  • Why are we back to having Deputy Chiefs, instead of the three Captains?
  • Has corruption returned to the Greece Police Dept.?

"Although this is a tragic event that someone lost her life it smacks of Nick Joseph . Gpd needs to do a self check now!" ~~ A Facebook friend


Recent Changes 'Quiet' School District Elections

They Really Don't Want YOU To Vote!

Effectively Kept
Unwanted* Voters From Polls

  • No Notice of District Sponsored Voter Registration Drives**
  • No "Candidates Night"
  • No School Board Meeting (Official 'Annual Meeting') On Vote Night
  • No Union Interviews/Endorsements
  • No Postcards Reminding Voters Of Their Polling Locations**
  • Elimination Of Or Changes In Some Polling Locations
  • Changing Official Publications Used To Advertise 'Notice of Annual Meeting' (Who the heck reads 'The Daily Record' or subscribes to 'The Rochester Business Journal'?)
  • No Budget Information Nights At Schools/Neighborhood Groups/Etc.
  • Few Signs, Ads Or Editorials Endorsing Candidates, Supporting Budget & Bus Proposition
  • Stopped Providing Copies of The Budget To The Community As Per BOE Policy 1331***
  • Extremely Late Announcement Of Vote Results (We used to be among first to announce!)

Unions/GCSD Employees  
Controlled May 20th Vote

* "No" voters

** Despite what GCSD website states: "Those interested in registering to vote may do so with the Monroe County Board of Elections, or with the District by special registration offered each spring. County voter registration cards are available at all schools. Prior to each budget vote/school board election, an election notice is mailed to every residence in Greece. It reminds residents of the vote date, District voter registration date and their polling place."

*** District Clerk Duties: "Distributes notices to the public announcing availability of copies of the budget to be presented at the annual District meeting in compliance with the requirements of the State Education Law; "

Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Sums It* Up For Me ...

Photo: A KHQ friend sent this to us, thought we would share it with all of you.

If you missed Lonsberry's BLOG about "Lovelycare," CLICK HERE, but be aware you MIGHT find it "offensive."

SCATS ~~ IMHO, we've become a nation of sheeple, forced into either conforming or subverting. Personally, I'm better off knowing who/where my enemies are than sending them underground and left wondering.

* ~ Recent news about Tweets from NBA team owners, Lonsberry, Kimberly & Beck ... to name a few.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Transportation Director Leaving After 6 Mo


Several people have messaged me over the last couple of days about Greece Central's Director of Transportation. Apparently, he's not happy with his current employer and has chosen to go to Hilton Schools after just 6 months in Greece. He is well-liked and will be missed .

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Van Window Broken In Pittsford

Investigation in Pittsford After Van's Window Broken by Projectile
TWC News

Driver's face grazed by broken glass as side window shatters.

He heard "POP" then glass shattered at Clover & Jefferson Rd.

He hadn't heard about other vehicles since he is from another area.


BOE Candidate Speaks Out

Anonymous said... 


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, and to thank everyone who voted for me. I acknowledge that this turned out to be an anybody-but-me election, with only 200 votes separating the top finisher from the fourth, but 600+ votes separating me from everyone else. Under the circumstances, the support that I did receive is gratefully appreciated.

I would like to point out that the apathy you mention started at, and is driven from, the top. Can you list all of the organizations that normally participate in these races in some way, but this year decided not to? The PTA having no candidate’s night, the Greece Post having no “interviews” (not even by email), the unions not inviting the candidates in for a chat, and so on. I even reached out, tried to meet with organizations on my own initiative. No dice.

I wish the board all the best, but I don’t expect good things. I want to be wrong about the direction that we’re going, but like everyone else who ran, I ran because I believe what I believe, and I believe that we are headed for trouble. The indicators are everywhere, at least to my eyes. Contracts are passed with “cost comparisons” that would be an embarrassment if turned in by a student in a quantitative methods class. Budgets are passed with 81-page glossy supporting documents that are chock full of disconnected facts with no integrating analysis. The organization is conforming to various formal reporting requirements, but not taking seriously the analysis that should back up the work. Folks might suggest that too much is being done in back rooms and concealed from the public, but I suspect a different cause: the underlying intellectual heavy lifting is simply not being done, not even behind closed doors. The external markers of analysis and understanding are totally missing.

Consider, for instance, the question of the budget and mandates. The current persistent high levels of spending are never defended in any terms other than deflecting blame to mandates. Yet I defy anyone to point to any line item in the budget that is only what is mandated, and no more than that. Nobody can, for the very natural reason that in everything we do, we do more than is mandated. That is not a bad thing; it would be suspicious if we only did the bare minimum in anything. But that being the case, we cannot honestly say that mandates determine the spending. We spend what we spend because we choose to, because there are goals and objectives that we want to pursue that require more than just meeting the mandates. In any of the budget materials just presented, can you find analysis that presents some specific minimum level of service mandated, the educational goals that we want to achieve that require going beyond the mandate, and the fraction of the spending that is above the mandate? You can’t find it, and I don’t believe that the reason is that it is being concealed. I believe that the analysis was never done. This sort of discipline in processes is what I wanted to bring to the board. It is hard work, and strictly speaking unnecessary (i.e. not mandated), but it pays off in myriad ways that cannot be enumerated in advance. The benefits of discipline just emerge as you go through the process of doing the heavy lifting.

Thanks again to everyone who supported me, and to the board: please prove me wrong. Show us that we are not headed for trouble, but that we are about to do great things. The best advice that I can offer you to help prove me wrong is that you should take seriously every process that you undertake, and every product that you publish. Never, ever, just check the box; never, ever, just treat reports or reporting requirements as hollow formalities. Everyone who accepted the cost comparison on the GASA contract as an excellent work product should hang their heads in shame. Everyone who accepted it as adequate for the purpose should raise their standards: mere adequacy should never be the standard, though it may sometimes be the outcome.

Kristo Miettinen     5/21/2014 12:00 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Very Late Results For GCSD Elections

Voter Turnout Pathetically* Low!
Under 3,000 Voted!

By a vote of 1,846 to 997, Greece Central School District voters approved a $210,162,828 spending plan for the 2014-15 school year. The budget increases by 2.26% and carries a projected tax rate of $23.45 per $1,000 of assessed value.
By a vote of 1,795 in favor 1,036 against, voters also approved a bus purchase proposition that authorizes the district to replace 33 buses – twenty 66-passenger buses, six 20-passenger buses and seven 30-passenger buses – as well as one 8-passenger Suburban and one four-passenger car at a cost not to exceed $2,970,800.
In a five-way race for three seats on the Board of Education, voters selected incumbent Sean McCabe(1,604 votes), and newcomers Lisa Christoffel (1,557 votes) and Bill Maloney (1,519 votes) to fill seats left by outgoing Board member David Ferington and Joe Quirk, who opted not to run.
* And apathetically
Did They Cook The Election Results? 
Nothing reported until 11:45PM.

Another Driver Reports Car Hit By BB

13WHAM reports: "Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated another report Tuesday morning after a driver on Route 390 said he thought his car was hit by a BB pellet.

It happened on Route 390 near the Railroad Bridge at Chili Avenue.

Deputies tell 13 WHAM it was most likely a rock that damaged the car.
They don’t know yet if it was thrown off the overpass.

Police have encouraged drivers to report anything suspicious after the initial incidents.
There were two reports of damage on Route 390 in Greece near Ridge Road, one on April 15, the other April 21.

Part of Buffalo Road and a portion of Route 390 were also shut down for several hours on May 1 after a tractor trailer driver reported something was shot into his window as he went under the overpass near Buffalo Road.

Police have confirmed that bb’s caused the damage to two vehicles within a short time of one another on May 14.

That happened on Route 490, near Mount Read Boulevard.


Gap Elimination Blues ...

Babs, Bob & Romeo Whine
About $48,000,000 Loss Since 2010
SCATS ~~ Since the budget-to-budget increase for 2014-15 exceeds $4.65 million from the budget in 2013-14, are we to believe that having the "extra" $12 million each year would have led to NO INCREASE IN TAXES for Greece residents??
Puh-leeze don't make me laugh!

IF you bother to vote, please vote NO on the budget and NO on the bus proposition. Consider casting a vote for Kristo Miettinen for BOE.



13WHAM reports:
  • In two separate incidents, vehicles were damaged at 390 & 104 on Apr. 15th & Apr. 21st.
  • A tractor trailer was damaged May 1st at 390 & Buffalo Rd. overpass.
  • On May 14th, two vehicles were damaged by beebees (confirmed) on 490 West near the railroad overpass.

SCATS ~~ SOMETHING is wrong here! The first time we were told about any problem was when they closed 104 & 390 on April 23rd, TWO DAYS AFTER THE INCIDENT HAPPENED. On 4/29, Greece PD said they were about to close the investigation into that incident. Now, we find that the MCSO is STILL investigating that incident, along with several others? Then WHY DID GPD CLOSE THE CASE?

And exactly WHAT HAPPENED ON Apr. 15th?? Is this the case of the car with the hole in the fender? Or some other case?

It's time that our local law enforcement start telling us the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the TRUTH.


Monday, May 19, 2014

GCSD Elections & Budget Vote: Quietest Ever?

 In May 2013, Just 3108 Voted!
How Few Will Vote This Tuesday?
The Union Has Taken Over In GCSD!
Do YOU Care?


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Code of Conduct Not Enforced

Anonymous said...

Babs your "Code of Conduct" policy is a joke!!! Do you even know what "Enforce" means??? It has been made VERY plain that neither you or your teachers know how to enforce anything!! Even the teachers at Brookside can't enforce the policy. We could not believe our eyes when we personally witnessed a STUDENT COMING OUT of Brookside Elementary and boarding the bus with their pants hanging past their butt cheeks and their boxers showing!!! We are sick and tired of this type of behavior being unchecked in ALL of the schools. We find it demeaning for the student, offensive and disrespectful to us, and sexually harassing especially for we female employees. Do something NOW about it before you find GCSD on Fox news!!!!!!!!!!!    5/18/2014 11:27 AM

SCATS ~~ They don't even try to pretend to enforce policy any more and the kids know it!!

Photo: Agree?
From Facebook

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

More Cars Targeted On Local Expressways

WHEC-TV reports: "Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies, along with Greece Police, State Police and the FBI, are investigating two incidents of vehicles damaged while driving on I-490.

Sheriff’s deputies say the two incidents happened around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday on Route 490 westbound in the area of the CSX railroad overpass near Mt. Read Blvd. Investigators believe the vehicles were damaged by a combination of BB’s and rock debris.

This is the third and fourth incident of its kind in recent weeks. Earlier this month, a driver says his truck was hit by a bullet on 390 in Gates and another driver said their car was hit by a bullet on 390 in Gates.

SCATS ~~ When did 490 become part of the jurisdiction of the Greece Police Dept??

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Retrain GCSD "Security" Car Driver

It was about 2:55PM today when you pulled out of the Odyssey School Driveway & turned East onto Maiden Ln.

Your turn landed you on top of the DOUBLE YELLOW LINES, which you straddled as you headed towards Mt. Read Blvd.

Without signaling your lane change, you abruptly pulled into the left turn lane.

When the light turned red, you decided to stop in the middle of the crosswalk area.

At the green light, you took off headed north, again without using your turn signals.

WTH did you learn how to drive??

Dear Babs ...

 Tom Kackmeister said...*

New subject: Having received my GCSD budget letter in the mail I sent the following to the superintendent in hopes of gaining additional insight.

" I received the budget edition of Connection. Thank you.

A couple of questions re content:

1. Page one references the 5 year strategic plan. Specifically mentioned is the following: "Our success will be measured by metrics and performance indicators." I searched the document and could find no references to how we/you are doing in achieving those successes? Any insight would be appreciated.

2. I found several references which measured year to year changes in various categories. However I found no reference to student population changes over the last several years. Was that an error of omission or an error of commission? It seems to me that would be very important data to judge the year to year changes in the budget. Would you please supply that data?

Please forward this to any on your staff that you feel would be qualified to answer these concerns.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

Tom Kackmeister   5/13/2014 8:52 AM

* Edited for typos
SCATS ~~ Very good questions! I was certainly wondering why the impact of continued declining student enrollments is NEVER mentioned as it relates to the budget.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Arrested While In Jail

Paul West, Penn Yan

WHEC-TV : "Investigators say Paul West kidnapped his sister at knifepoint, forced her to drive him to Greece to buy drugs and then injected her with heroin back in April.
Greece Police arrested West at the Yates County Jail on Thursday and charged him with felony criminal injection of a narcotic, unlawful imprisonment and assault.
West is being held at the Monroe County Jail. His preliminary hearing is set for Monday.
SCATS ~~ It's SO satisfying to hear the rest of the story for a change! TY Ch. 10!!

Boe Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session @5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.

6:30PM ~~ Public Hearing for Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts

Agenda Items of Note

Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Great GASA Give-Away!

At the Feb. 25th BOE meeting, the BOE approved a new 4-year contract with GASA. Neither the BOE Prez. nor the BOE VP were present. The contract was approved on a 7 - 0 vote with O'Toole at the helm for the meeting.

It's now early May. As of yesterday evening, this contract still HAS NOT BEEN POSTED to the GCSD website. Perhaps there's a good reason. Perhaps they don't want the masses realizing that their posted "Cost Comparison of Tentative Agreement with GASA" is a joke when they have provided an extra $45,000 as an incentive to get long term employees to take their retirement now!

Yes, you heard that correctly. The Greece Central School District is providing an additional $45,000 in compensation to get some of their already very highly paid employees to RETIRE ASAP! Among this group are the Doug Paccelli's and Sue Meier's of the district, both already approved for retirement by the BOE, effective June 30th.



One more little "incentive" is that this GOOD-BYE BONUS goes into the final three years average salary calculation for their life time pensions!
Must be nice to get $75K instead of a lousy gold watch when retiring from GCSD ;)
You can thank our BOE!

How Is Babs Doin' ?

It's about that time of year again when the Greece BOE will evaluate the Superintendent's performance and adjust her salary and/or benefits.

Word at the water fountain is that she wanted to flee Greece Central (who doesn't??) until some unexpected "personal problems" left her needing an income of her own. (She should thank SCATS for pushing for her contractually required purchase of a home in Greece. Otherwise she would be homeless, like so many of Greece's students!)

Prenups aside, the second in command will have to wait several more years before getting his promised term at the top ... nevermind that it is not up to the current Supt. to choose her successor! That's the BOE's territory!

How odd she wants to arrange for that when ALL other "work" is left to her underlings to handle. This prevents the possibility that the Supt. will EVER get caught making a mistake ;) Clever, huh?

How much additional compensation should we provide to someone who has shown she loves the "social side" of her position (Can you say "cougar"?), but refuses to accept responsibility for the district's short-comings?

Don't believe me? Try getting an appointment to see her! Very few parents succeed.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hope Remains Despite Another Anniversary


Exactly three years ago today, Global News first broadcast its 16:9 episode entitled "Lost in the Flames" about the Holiday Inn fire. The program prompted a flurry of media attention and helped spur on the creation of a Task Force to reinvestigate the fire. But where are we now?

More than six months ago police executed a search warrant and proclaimed their odds of solving the case had jumped from 20% to 50% based on evidence recovered. But where are we now?

The fire occured 35 years, 5 months and 11 days ago. How close are we to seeing this case resolved?

Brian Sundue

The 'Good' ... The 'Bad' ... The 'Ugly' ...

The 'Good' ... The Greece Central School District wants you to believe that a "YES" vote on their budget will result in a slightly lowered tax rate. (Alternatively, they want you to think a "NO" vote will cause higher taxes, which is NOT true!)

The 'Bad' ... The Greece Central School District is also seeking to buy 33 new buses at a cost of almost $3 million. This proposition will be voted on along with their budget, so if this portion passes, any "savings" on the tax rate will be kissed goodbye!

The 'Ugly' ... The Town of Greece raised assessments, so no matter how you vote on the Greece School budget & proposition, you're screwed!

GPD Corruption Results In Mandatory DWI Testing

Because of the corrupted Greece Police Dept. under Merritt Rahn & John Auberger's leadership in 2005, a bill Sponsored by Joe Robach requiring mandatory DWI testing after serious car accidents passed the NY State Senate.

13WHAM reports: "A local family’s story could change how police handle serious car crashes.
The State Senate passed a proposed law which would require mandatory DWI testing after serious car crashes.

Nick and Cindy Oliva hope their story can help bring change. In 2005, their 18-year-old daughter Stephanie was killed when the car she was riding in turned into the path of an oncoming car.
The driver of the vehicle and Stephanie’s boyfriend at the time, Chad Kenyon, was never charged criminally. Neither was the driver of the other car.

It was a story that partly inspired a bill that would require police to take field sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests at the scene or in the hospital when there is serious injury or death.
Right now, it's up to an officer's discretion.

“Well there's no doubt, I'm totally in agreement with the law,” said Nick Oliva. “Regardless of what the circumstances are, when you have a fatality, it's imperative to get answers so you understand the complete situation.”

The Oliva family filed a federal lawsuit in November against the Town of Greece and the police department for its handlinLocal family prompted mandatory DWI testing billg of the case. The lawsuit is still pending." *

* Typos by 13WHAM

SCATS ~~ How can this be Constitutional? Isn't a warrant needed? If you want to get DWI taken seriously, then you MUST get the JUDGES WHO HEAR THESE CASES to take it seriously! Taking away a license does NOT keep drunks from driving!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Monday, May 05, 2014

Supreme Court Rules Prayer Is OK

SCOTUS said in a 5-4 decision on Monday that the content of the prayers (at Greece Town Board meetings) is not critical as long as officials make a good-faith effort at inclusion.

READ the Court's opinion ...

SCATS ~~ Once again, Teflon John narrowly escapes trouble.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Greece Town Board Meeting

Special Meeting to be held on Monday, May 5th at 5:30 PM.  The Special Meeting will be held at Greece Town Hall, Eastman Room.

    The purpose of the meeting is to:

•    Set a public hearing date of May 20th  to consider a local law that would allow the Town of Greece to take advantage of Best Value purchasing

•    Authorize the Supervisor to enter into agreements with the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) and US Communities to allow us to become members of these National Purchasing groups.

•    Authorize the Supervisor to accept two state grants

Friday, May 02, 2014

Reilich Speaks About 390 Shootings

“It is hard to say. There have been some incidents there on 390. I would avoid it, but we really don't know what we are up against at this point.” ~~ Bill Reilich, Greece Supervisor


Are We Safe Driving Local Expressways?

SCATS ~~ Has been told about two other incidents, since yesterday's shutdown of 390 near Buffalo Rd. One claims there was a second shooting in the same location today at about 11AM.

Another claims that a car on the Thruway had a window shot out last night at about 7PM near Exit 28.
Add to this the uncanny fact that the funeral for the fellow who died in the 104 accident last week was held just 3 miles down the road from yesterday's incident during the same hour as the shooting! We still haven't been told what caused his accident. Could he have been shot at, too?

I don't want people to panic, BUT law enforcement needs to step up and tell the public whether we are in POSSIBLE DANGER, or not, on local expressways.

Thursday, May 01, 2014


I-390 is closed again this afternoon after a trucker reported his rear windshield was shot while he was heading south at the Buffalo Rd underpass.