Sunday, April 13, 2014

She's Ba-Ack!! (Again ...)

Margaret Keller-Cogan, the former director of the Elmwood Franklin School, is back with a new venture.
Margaret (Meg) Keller-Cogan,
Exec. Dir. Buffalo Academy of Scholars

Ousted Administrator Opens Private Academy In Buffalo

Offers Boutique Educational Programs With One-To-One Instruction

SCATS ~~ Like the old saying goes ... "there's a sucker born every minute!"


Anonymous said...

Tuition is $10,500 per semester. As of now she has a staff of five. Very shortly, the help wanted sign will go up .lol

Anonymous said...

Job openings????

Anonymous said...

Not exactly, job replacement openings. Wait till they get a load of her. She has finally found away to do it her way. Start your own school, no board, no unions no oversight No Problems. Just find enough suckers to enroll their kids in her boutique school and she will have it made, for awhile at least Her Botox looks and personality will eventually do her in as it has in the past.