Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Odenbacher Plant May Be Sold

Current owner won assessment case ~~ property now valued at $1.

West Coast developer interested in creating a retail complex on contaminated site.

Water Authority plans to use eminent domain to take over half an acre of the site.


Anonymous said...

GEE Leo, interesting value.

Funny thing though, NYS Assessment Law & guidelines from O.R.P.S. say a property listed for sale with a Realtor should be valued by the Assessor at the price the property is listed at.

I would have bought the Shipyard for a Dollar and sold off the front lot again just like the estate did.

Let me guess Leo, you screwed up AGAIN. You couldn't even hang onto the $68,000 bargain deal from the last assessment.

SCATS said...

To 3:51PM ~~ Leo can't even spell ORPS ... let alone interpret or use it.

Anonymous said...

Leo has trouble spelling Leo.

On the good side, Leo is leaving.

On the bad side, Antelli wants the Assessor job.
Antelli has a real estate license.

Please God keep Antelli in the Tax Collector job. Even he can't screw that up much.