Tuesday, April 29, 2014

He Said, She Said, The Friend Said ...

Who Do You Believe In Bizarre Kidnapping Tale?
Paul Z. West, 28, Penn Yan
He said ... (Paul West)
  • "Take me to Greece to buy heroin."
She said ... (West's sister)
  • "No."
  • She told cops that he got agitated, ripped out her phone & kidnapped her at knifepoint, forcing her to drive to Greece to buy heroin.
  • Along the way, they stopped to shoplift & pawn items for cash.
  • He forcibly injected her with heroin, causing her to "pass away."
  • She was dumped out of the moving vehicle in Creekside Plaza on Fetzner Rd.
  • She credits ambulance driver in parking lot with saving her life.
  • She was treated at Unity Hospital & released.
The friend said ... (Eric, Paul West's friend)
  • He was in the car & there was an argument, but no "force" used.
  • She mixed up three bags of drugs and injected herself, then passed out.
  • She made up the whole story to keep from losing her kids.
SCATS ~~ When did Greece become "the place" to go for a heroin fix, even from 60 miles (1 1/4 hrs.) away?


Anonymous said...

I don't know that I believe any one of them is telling the truth. The woman says he ripped the phone out of the wall to prevent her from calling 911. A landline? I know they're still around but not a lot of people have only a landline, most have cell phones as well. I believe addicts lie, that's what I believe. It's a symptom of addiction. The woman is a recovering addict (I read in one of the stories). Is it possible she's on probation and made this up to try to save herself from being found in violation when she ended up ODing? Quite a story, and she certainly didn't look like she had been beaten up when I saw her on the news. Heroin messes people up so bad, they'll do anything to get it and say anything to cover for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Is an unnamed Judge's kid back in business?

SCATS said...

To 2:14PM ~~ What happened that you are asking? Do you think he might have been the dealer in this? I was wondering if the proximity to Olympia HS could be a factor, too.It wouldn't surprise me given the large number of city kids attending illegally.

Anonymous said...

Where did they buy the heroin? They came from 2 counties over to buy here. Where is this megalomart of fine intoxicants located? Why did this individual know that he could spend all that gas money and still come out ahead by buying in bulk here in Greece. It is handy that we have so many satellite locations of ambulances to pick up drug experiences gone awry. The brother knew how to save his sister since he knew there was Greece's answer to mobile urgent care right there. Maybe the brother was not a drug user but was a wholesaler picking up his supply from a bigger source right here in Greece. Then he could sell to his customers in Penn Yan area. Like an Amway pyramid network. Again the Car Wash presence in Greece. It is growing as the drugs presence is growing. Launder. Scrub. Deal. Big money but they have to utilize some lower echelon characters. We don't believe for a minute that he came all this way just to get the monkey off his back for this week. He was providing and we are now the ghetto that houses the bigger fish.