Friday, April 25, 2014


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Photo from 13WHAM

Garbage truck & pick-up collide;
One dead ~ Male driver of pick-up;
Traffic shutdown westbound on 104


Anonymous said...

Tragic. I'd lbe interested in knowing exactly how it happened. From what I've read on news sites, witnesses said due to heavy traffic they couldn't tell what caused it. Was he distracted, as in texting or looked away or something, I wonder. The woman who broke the window to get to the driver to feel for a pulse was really a sweetheart to stay with him and comfort him as he passed. Lots of bystanders out there when there's a bad accident, but not too often do we hear of someone who did what she did. Thoughts go out to the victims family as well as the driver of the garbage truck. I was involved in a fatal accident a few years ago. I was not at fault in any way, but it still haunts me that the other driver died right in front of me.

SCATS said...

To 7:32PM ~~ I completely agree with your comments. Sadly, since GPD is "investigating" it's unlikely we will ever be told the cause ... if/when it is determined! I did hear one account that said they thought he attempted to make an illegal U-turn, but also heard he might have had medical issues. I doubt we will ever know.

The woman who held him was a true hero, an angel on Earth.