Wednesday, April 23, 2014

104 Northbound* Closed For Investigation

Both northbound lanes on Route 390 are closed at West Ridge Road for a police investigation. Traffic is being diverted from Route 390 to Ridge Road East.Drivers are not allowed to take Ridge Road West. State Police and the F.B.I. are involved in this investigation. We're told it stems from an incident involving a car possibly being struck by a bullet Monday evening. No one was hurt in the incident. (SOURCE )

SCATS ~~ Our crack PD investigates 1.5 days after the incident?? WHY BOTHER?

*UPDATE ~~ Northbound has reopened & 390 Southbound is now closed (to Ridgeway).


Anonymous said...

They were too ob busy unveiling the new police logo. There is zero crime in the town of greece.

Anonymous said...

Ass backwards.According to a statement by Lt Voeckl, the fact that the incident happened has yet to be confirmed. What?
Don't you do that first so you know if you got a crime instead of looking for a shell casing that has yet to be proven that it might be there? Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Boy wonder is appointed to chief information officer? Now that is comedy for us tax paying citizens here in the Land of Oz. Glad he isn't investigating anymore.