Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Parrinello Sues Rahn

WHEC TV reports that: "Parrinello claims Rahn owes him nearly $70,000 in legal fees.

Last year, Rahn and his wife declared bankruptcy, which stated the couple had debts, most in credit cards, totaling more than $460,000."

SCATS ~~ Can he squeeze blood from a rock?

The Board of Education Candidates

Ballot Position #1     Lisa Christoffel
“My children have been in the Greece Schools for the past 14 years. I have one student who will still be in school next year as a ninth-grader. I am very concerned, having seen what’s happening across the state through my PTA work, that my youngest son has as good an education as my older two. With severe budget gaps and significant opposition to current educational direction in Albany, districts are challenged to deliver high quality education. I want to use my experience in business and PTA to help us make the right choices. I have financial and budgeting background, as well as an analytical mind and desire to use those skills to improve our schools. I have also attended dozens of state PTA trainings and feel I understand the issues facing the district very well.”

Ballot Position #2     Richard Cunningham

“Being a school board member provides the opportunity for community service in an area critical to all of our young people as they prepare for life and for citizenship.
My qualification for service is a mix of: my background (parent of four Olympia graduates, community service, professional experiences, tax payer, etc.), the educational opportunities I was afforded, and my personal interest in education. This mix will provide the necessary focus on our youth and for providing them the necessary educational opportunities whether they are adapting to special challenges, are preparing for a career, or are preparing for an advanced education.

Today the value of education is recognized by people the world over, regardless of their financial situation or geographical location. We must maintain this same attitude, for the benefit of our young people and for our country."

Ballot Position #3  Bill Maloney

“As a Greece resident, I have both a personal and professional commitment to our schools. All three of my children are graduates of the Greece schools and I currently have three grandchildren in the district.
In my 40-years as a Greece employee, I have had the opportunity to work with people in many job titles. My experience provides me with a unique perspective on the inner working of the district that would be a benefit to the Board and the Greece community.
If elected, I will work to ensure that my grandchildren and all Greece students continue to receive the same quality of education my children received. I would appreciate your vote on May 20.”

Ballot Position #4  Sean McCabe

“I am running for re-election to the Board to continue the progress we have made in the last few years under Superintendent Deane-Williams. The Board and Superintendent have collaborated to formulate a vision for Greece Schools in 2017. This plan contains lofty and achievable goals for improving student academics and ultimately graduation rates, while being fiscally responsible. We have worked well with the Greece Teachers Association on a performance evaluation that is a model for the state. This was impossible four years ago due to all the strife in the district. During my time on the Board of Education there have been some difficult years, at times it seemed we were spinning our wheels. We are now headed down the right path. I would like to stay on the board for another term to see this plan to fruition and continue to serve the community I grew up in.” 

Ballot Position #5  Kristo Miettinen

“I bring over 20 years of experience in operations, command, supervision, and management to GSCD. In academic assignments I have developed curricula, taught, and secured institutional accreditation in positions at the vocational, undergraduate, and graduate levels. I want to drive excellence in GCSD through prudent change management with awareness of organizational behaviors, broad-based leader development, discipline in application of administrative processes, and conscientious resource management. I am skilled at developing and managing budgets, and experienced in recruitment, retention, professional development, evaluation, and when necessary, reduction of professional staff. I will emphasize developing communication, reasoning, and research/studying skills at the middle school level in order to prepare students to learn autonomously and perform exceptionally in high school and beyond. For me, the relentless pursuit of adequacy is unacceptable. Excellence is the only standard in ethics, academics, personal conduct, consideration of others, inclusion, and cohesion.” 
SCATS ~~ # 1 - PTA; # 2-4 - UNION; #5 - The ONLY sane vote!


Reilich Turns Casino Idea Into Peeing Contest

TWC News: Christopher Westfall of Pyramid said the site, on which it hopes to build retail and housing, would also be well-suited for a casino.

   "I see no reason why not. There's 66 acres, there's ample parking. It's easily accessible," Westfall said.

"As far as the concept of a casino, I think that was thrown out as a flippant comment. I don't take it seriously. There's no application or plans for a casino there at this time," said Town Supervisor Bill Reilich.

Reilich said he's not convinced a casino would add any economic development possibilities.

SCATS ~~ Well Mr. Supervisor, I think YOUR comment is even MORE "flippant!" WHY would you EVER say something like this to someone interested in cleaning up one of the biggest messes in this town??

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Sex Offender In Greece

KRISTINA MUEHLEISEN, level 2 sex offender

7 STONEWOOD PARK , APT A GREECE Monroe New York 14616
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Year of Birth: 1968
Sex: Female 
Race: White
Height: 5 ' 04 " 
Weight: 158
Conviction: Course Of Sexual Conduct Against Child 2nd: Two Or More Acts
Victim:  Female , 4 Years old

Greece Police Closing 390 Shooting Case

13WHAM reports: "Greece Police said Tuesday they are closing their investigation into a reported shooting incident along Route 390 near West Ridge Rd. last week.

Last Wednesday, police closed portions of Route 390 near West Ridge Rd. after they received a report of a vehicle struck by a bullet last Monday evening during rush hour traffic.

The subsequent investigation yielded little to no information about the reported incident, according to Greece Police Lt. Casey Voelkl.

Police have not released the identity of the driver who reported the incident.

Pending a couple more leads, Lt. Voelkl said the investigation will be closed shortly."

SCATS ~~ EXACTLY WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? Was there a shot fired, or wasn't there? Or are they unable to tell?

Greece Toddler's Death Ruled A Homicide

Last week, 17 month-old Rileigh Daniels died following a seizure and other medical issues at home & a stroke in the hospital.

"There are several people we're looking at more closely than others, but we can't name any potential suspects at this time." ~~ Lt. Richard Downs, Greece Police

 WHEC-TV reports: "Police say the mother's boyfriend was at the apartment at the time. Investigators have tried to question him, but a law enforcement source with direct knowledge of the case says the boyfriend is reluctant to cooperate until he has consulted with an attorney. He has not been charged and is not in custody."
UPDATE ~ Greece police have charged Cory Favata, the mother's boyfriend in the murder.
JUST IN: Greece Police have released the mugshot of the man charged with murder in the death of 17-month-old Rileigh Daniels.

Cory Favata is in custody and will be arraigned in Greece Town Court within the hour. Police say Favata is the boyfriend of the child's mother.

Read more:

Social Promotion For Failing Teachers??

WHEC-TV reports: "New York education officials say about 83-percent of the first would-be teachers required to take a new "bar exam" have passed so far.
Any college student graduating after May 1 has to pass the new test, called the edTPA, to be certified as a New York teacher. It's the latest in a series of education reforms.
But amid backlash from teacher prep programs and student teachers, state education officials are discussing the possibility of conditional certification for those who fail.  Whether to grant a two-year certificate to give students time to redo the edTPA is on the Board of Regents' agenda Tuesday.
The test requires student teachers to submit video of themselves teaching, along with written reflections, proving they can plan, execute and assess a lesson."

SCATS ~~ God forbid that we EXPECT a new teacher to be able to "plan, execute and assess a lesson"!!

He Said, She Said, The Friend Said ...

Who Do You Believe In Bizarre Kidnapping Tale?
Paul Z. West, 28, Penn Yan
He said ... (Paul West)
  • "Take me to Greece to buy heroin."
She said ... (West's sister)
  • "No."
  • She told cops that he got agitated, ripped out her phone & kidnapped her at knifepoint, forcing her to drive to Greece to buy heroin.
  • Along the way, they stopped to shoplift & pawn items for cash.
  • He forcibly injected her with heroin, causing her to "pass away."
  • She was dumped out of the moving vehicle in Creekside Plaza on Fetzner Rd.
  • She credits ambulance driver in parking lot with saving her life.
  • She was treated at Unity Hospital & released.
The friend said ... (Eric, Paul West's friend)
  • He was in the car & there was an argument, but no "force" used.
  • She mixed up three bags of drugs and injected herself, then passed out.
  • She made up the whole story to keep from losing her kids.
SCATS ~~ When did Greece become "the place" to go for a heroin fix, even from 60 miles (1 1/4 hrs.) away?

Casino Concept & Plans Unfolding

To Be Called "Parkway Commons and Waterside development site" (click link for drawings)

Developer calls Odenbach site "a great location for a destination such as that."

" I can't take it seriously unless I have a request in front of me." ~~ Bill Reilich

Read more ...

SCATS ~~ Even when Reilich has paper in front of him, he might not take it seriously ... like the request sent by certified mail from a resident asking for a Holiday Inn Memorial. The resident received NO response ;)


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Top GCSD Salaries for 2011-12

BUFFALO BIZ JOURNAL :  2011-2012 compensation figures for the 1,000 highest-paid administrators and teachers at the Rochester Area's 67 public school districts. Each employee figure is followed by 2011-2012 cash compensation and Rochester Area rank.

• Barbara A. Deane, $184,188 (21)
• Carol A. Pallas, $157,060 (45)
• Susan R. Meier, $145,114 (86)
• Deborah A. Hoeft, $141,226 (108)
• Lesley S. Flick, $134,416 (147)
• Christina S. Sloane, $133,441 (154)
• Douglas P. Pacelli, $130,912 (181)
• Barbara P. Tomasso, $129,821 (197)
• Beverly J. Ziegler, $129,120 (203)
• Mark A. Balsamo, $120,583 (289)
• Kathleen A. Zodarecky, $116,617 (354)
• Diane R. Boni, $113,757 (402)
• Linda A. Pickering, $111,988 (448)
• Elizabeth M. Boily, $110,353 (480)
• Thomas J. Hyman, $108,744 (518)
• Gail M. Evans, $108,516 (524)
• Paul H. Palmer, $108,189 (532)
• Kimberly A. Henshaw, $103,491 (656)
• Thomas J. Mariano, $103,180 (669)
• Laurie A. Platt, $102,701 (694)
• Louis P. Bianchi, $102,220 (711)
• George C. Giordano, $100,039 (781)
• Michael R. Walker, $99,382 (804)
• Norma A. Vetter, $99,231 (810)
• Jennifer J. Ficarella, $98,864 (829)
• Melissa A. Pacelli, $97,738 (872)
• Lisa M. Johnson, $97,325 (898)
• Elizabeth G. O'Brien, $96,314 (959)
• Scott M. Hoot, $96,089 (969)
• Karen J. Delgatti, $96,026 (975)

Friday, April 25, 2014


Top Stories
Photo from 13WHAM

Garbage truck & pick-up collide;
One dead ~ Male driver of pick-up;
Traffic shutdown westbound on 104

A Casino For Greece?

13WHAM news at noon reports that the potential developer for the old Odenbach parcel on Dewey Ave. thinks a casino could be built at that site.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Happens On Spring Break In Jamaica ...

... Does NOT Stay In Jamaica!

Especially not when it involves drinking, theft and the infamous progeny of a certain Greece school board member and breaking the law.

Will the Greece Rotary rescind their "Outstanding Youth" award??


We Missed You, Art!

After returning home after over 11 years away, working all over the United States and Europe as a Engineering Supervisor, I see a lot of changes. I see a city where Main Street is full of empty shop fronts and large numbers of empty offices, and a city that is trying to reinvent itself. But people are shopping at the malls in the suburbs. Even the RTS bus service is limited to the suburbs now, and in some cases, service has been stopped completely.
I also see a county government not working with city government to better downtown Rochester for the whole community, but instead building up its support and staff in the suburbs. However, one great thing I have seen is the growth of the arts in Rochester. We come together to celebrate the arts on the first Friday of each month and at the Jazz Festival and other Festivals, like during the 4th of July.
I have just returned to the Town of Greece to live again, and where my family lives, I see a community that is more diverse in color and a company, Kodak, that has gone from 63,000 employees to approximately 5,000. Our community has suffered from the large loss of jobs in the community and commerce. I see a large amount of development and the completion of the east-west corridor though the town. That was only in the planning stages when I left Greece to work in Europe.
I see a town government and services that have been affected by scandal and political changes. I also see a Town Government that was open to the community at the old town hall moved to a new location, where it is not so user-friendly when it comes to getting services and information in-person. The Greece Neighborhood Association that opened the doors to town and county government as a not for profit organization was not intended to be a platform for inspiring politicians from both side of the house. The purpose was to bring the community at large together on common issues from all over the town and present them to all levels of government though monthly meetings presented by the Greece Neighborhood Association. The group was made up of a board of directors from the north, south, east, and west parts of the Town of Greece. We have a local newspaper that has changed and no longer reports the local news in Greece like it used to do. And The Democrat and Chronicle has got less news and also has reinvented itself with U.S.A today.
On returning to Greece, I was told by Town Hall that this asset to the community is no longer in operation. No one will step forward to give me an explanation. Why?
So I am appealing to the community at large, the way I did when we first put this organization together, to come back to the table. We can join all the neighborhood association groups and crime watch groups together on common issues all over the Town of Greece to help Town Government better manage its business with open and transparent communications. We are the stock holders and they manage our business. You can reach me at or call me at 585-478-9005. Look forward to meeting you all. Let's join together again!
Arthur Daughton, Community Activist

SCATS ~~ Well Art, the Greece Neighborhood Assn. wasn't CONTROLLED (keyword!) by the Town Supervisor, so it HAD TO BE ELIMINATED! It's former head got elected to the Greece Town Board and became another of the "yes" men "serving the community." Art, while you were away, our town became wholly run by Republicans alone, none of whom EVER question or disagree with ANYTHING the Supervisor brings up for a vote! We are no long a democracy in Greece, NY.

Recent Grad Lands ASL Job; Boasts On Facebook

Posted to Facebook on Wednesday by my "former" Facebook friend, Donald Petroske-Enedy ~~

"After much time, work and fingerprinting, I am now officially an employee of the Greece Central School district and will work at Olympia's, "primary American Sign Language Educator" for the rest of the school year."

I privately messaged him asking if he was a certified teacher. His response was to "unfriend" me, so I guess the answer is an emphatic "NO!"

Apparently, Donald was hired to replace Sharon Duffy, Olympia's former ASL teacher who resigned in March after using inappropriate language.

Scraping The Bottom ...

The candidates seeking the three Board of Education seats in Greece Central this year are:

  • Lisa Christoffel (PTA/Odyssey; VanOrman sidekick & on YouTube )
  • Richard Cunningham (Seriously, Dick!? Still trying after ALL these years?)
  • Bill Maloney (Just look for the union label; retiring from GCSD)
  • Sean McCabe (BOE "rerun" ... Prez. wannabe)
  • Kristo Miettinen (Well-educated, techie, military brainiac)

Dave Ferington & Joe Quirk
are NOT seeking re-election. (Thank God)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SCATS Endorses Kristo Miettinen

For GCSD Board of Education

104 Northbound* Closed For Investigation

Both northbound lanes on Route 390 are closed at West Ridge Road for a police investigation. Traffic is being diverted from Route 390 to Ridge Road East.Drivers are not allowed to take Ridge Road West. State Police and the F.B.I. are involved in this investigation. We're told it stems from an incident involving a car possibly being struck by a bullet Monday evening. No one was hurt in the incident. (SOURCE )

SCATS ~~ Our crack PD investigates 1.5 days after the incident?? WHY BOTHER?

*UPDATE ~~ Northbound has reopened & 390 Southbound is now closed (to Ridgeway).

Odenbacher Plant May Be Sold

Current owner won assessment case ~~ property now valued at $1.

West Coast developer interested in creating a retail complex on contaminated site.

Water Authority plans to use eminent domain to take over half an acre of the site.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WHAT The Heck Were They Thinkin'??

Seriously Ugly ~ New Greece Police Vehicle Unveiled ... Fuzzy dice NOT included!

SCATS ~~ Not only is this vehicle UGLY, but we began replacing police cars only 18 months ago (Nov. 2012) under Baxter. WHY DO WE NEED NEW CARS AGAIN SO SOON??

Sunday, April 20, 2014

BOE Meeting, Tues @6:30PM



Saturday, April 19, 2014

Livonia Supt. Supports Common Core

Common Core – Moving Forward Isn’t Easy!  
(Press Release April 17, 2014)
RE: Current Public Conversation about the Common Core
In the ongoing “buzz” about the Common Core, it’s time for educators to refocus the discussion on what matters most – teaching and learning. We cannot allow the politics and protests to drive the conversation. Our students deserve better and our families expect more. It is clear that in classrooms where our teachers and students are engaging in the Common Core, meaningful learning is occurring. The reality lives in the day-to-day experiences of our students – both challenges and successes – NOT in the headlines and Facebook posts.

Most of us will admit that our students – all of our students – could do better, must do better. Only about 3 out of 4 students who enter high school graduate on time – if at all. Only about half of these graduates are ready for college or the world of work. The numbers are worse in our cities and for students with special learning needs. Even in high performing schools, we all know of kids who go to college, struggle, and drop out. The truth is we need to do better.

But how will we know if and when we do better? Just as teachers give classroom tests to all students, we need a common measure of progress across all school districts to know if student learning is meeting these new expectations for teaching and learning. The simple truth is NYS has always used a state-wide testing system to measure student performance across all schools so we can know how our students compare to other students in nearby schools and across the state. We need to know for ourselves and for our collective efforts across the state.

The Common Core standards are more rigorous than the previous state standards. The assessments designed to measure student progress on these standards are comprised of questions that are more challenging because the standards are more challenging in order to ensure that students are prepared for college, careers, and life.

People talk about the unfair consequences of these “high stakes” assessments. What are the implications for students? “Failing” is not a measure on state assessments in Grades 3- 8 – the level of proficiency in meeting standards is the measure. The student may not yet have mastered the grade-level standards, but that means they have room for growth. These assessment results are used by educators as feedback to better support a student’s future growth AND adjust curriculum to better prepare students moving forward.

The only tests that carry long-term consequences for students are the Regents Exams – they always have and very likely they always will. Students in the Class of 2022 are the first that will need to demonstrate proficiency on a Common Core Regents Exam for graduation. I believe in
the ability of our teachers to help our students – this year’s fourth graders – reach this important milestone in eight years.

The truth is we live in an age of greater accountability and expectation for our students, our teachers, and our schools. Determining whether or not we’re moving forward to meet the increased rigor of the Common Core Standards doesn’t end with individual student performance. Measuring our progress must assess and provide feedback on both teacher and school performance. It is important to pragmatically and holistically identify specific ways our teachers and schools are succeeding in moving students forward AND provide actionable feedback in the areas where improvement needs to be pursued. The changes in our statewide assessment system for students, teachers, and schools provide an opportunity to celebrate our efforts and craft goals for improvement.

Yes, change in stressful. So is dropping out of high school. So is not being able to get a good job. So is not getting into college or having to pay for extra “remedial” courses in college. We need to come together to focus our energies and resources on helping all students get better.

Moving forward isn’t easy - that’s the truth.

Matthew Cole, Superintendent
Livonia Central School District

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pignato Faces Civil Trials In Fall

 Two women suing ex-cop Gary Pignato, Town of Greece & Merritt Rahn alleging Pignato coerced them into have sex.


Special Town Board Meeting Set

Greece Supervisor, Bill Reilich  and the Greece Town Board are giving official notice of a Special Meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 22nd at 5:30 PM.  The Special Meeting will be held at Greece Town Hall, Eastman Room.

    The purpose of the meeting is to authorize a bid date.

SCATS ~~ Why not just tell us WHAT the bid date is for!?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Car Wash Proposal Opposed By Neighbors

Neighbors in the Duxbury Rd. area voice their concerns about traffic and noise to Greece Zoning Board.

Plans for the Greece car wash should be finalized in the next couple of months, then the board will vote on the issue.

Daniele family hopes to break ground on West Ridge Road by the end of this year.



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Much Does YOUR Child's Teacher Earn?

D&C's new database allows you to look up salaries for school administrators & teachers.

SCATS ~~ Why does Babs get listed under Barbara A. Deane?

Monday, April 14, 2014

What's "In" & "Out" In Greece NY 2014

I Am "Out"!

Auberger           Reilich        GPAS
Grey GPD Cars     B&W GPD Cars 
        Phelan            Baxter            Antelli

I Am "In!"

Family Activities       Senior Citizen Field Trips

Tents         Code Enforcement         "I Am Him"

                    Truth & Grace Park     July 4th

          Braddock's Bay   "Low Taxes"

 Higher Assessments   

Vandalized Facilities      Improved Parks

We Got "In" Too!

Will Always Be "In" In Greece, NY!

Reilich Plans 4th of July Celebration

The old fashioned Fourth of the July celebration will feature  food, games and fireworks. There will be a 5K race in the morning and live music from the band, Orleans.


SCATS ~~ Have we given up on the "church volunteers" for good, now?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

She's Ba-Ack!! (Again ...)

Margaret Keller-Cogan, the former director of the Elmwood Franklin School, is back with a new venture.
Margaret (Meg) Keller-Cogan,
Exec. Dir. Buffalo Academy of Scholars

Ousted Administrator Opens Private Academy In Buffalo

Offers Boutique Educational Programs With One-To-One Instruction

SCATS ~~ Like the old saying goes ... "there's a sucker born every minute!"

Friday, April 11, 2014

Reilich's First 100 Days ...

Outlines Plans For & Changes Coming To Greece Including:

  • Town code inspections for rental properties
  • Expects three new car dealerships coming to Ridge Rd.
  • New HQ for Greece Police @Vince Toffany complex
  • Changing back to black & white police cars
  • New restrooms @Badgerow Park South
  • New lodge @Braddocks
  • New town park on Lake Ontario with access to water

SCATS ~~ OK, I get the "need" to inspect rentals with absentee landlords. However, what will he do about all of the other code violations that are plaguing Greece neighborhoods, many of them away from the targeted Dewey corridor?

Do we REALLY need three more car dealers on Ridge Rd?? How many more shysters can we support?

Aren't we wasting $$ going back to the B&W cruisers for GPD? He didn't say as they need replacing ...

I'm all for upgrading Town parks, BUT what's the plan to keep the vandals from ruining things yet again??

Chase Bank @Dewey-Stone Robbed

Bank on Dewey Avenue in Greece Robbed
If you know this man, call 911.


Homeowners Oppose New Car Wash on 104

13WHAM reports: Mardanth Enterprises, Inc. (run by Daniele family) owns Mario’s Italian Restaurant and Royal Car Wash. The company is eying the site of the old St. John's Catholic School to open a new car wash location across the street from Greece Ridge Mall.

If approved, the plan is to tear down the historic site, build a Royal Car wash and add a second entrance to the lot on Duxbury Road.

“I have a LaserWash, a Buckmans Car Wash and a Delta Sonic car wash all within minutes of my house and we really don’t need another car wash in Greece. Not on W. Ridge Road anyhow. I like my back yard. It’s very private and I think I’m going to lose that.” ~~ Craig Ridd, who lives near the proposed site.

The property does not have the proper zoning, but Mardanth Enterprises, Inc. has submitted an appeal to the town’s board of zoning appeals to change that. The Town of Greece will hold a public hearing about the car wash Wednesday, April 16, 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Odyssey Principal Sought

Meier Pic June 2013

Surveys Seek Community Input For Her Replacement
Serve on The 'Principal Interview Committee'
Sue's Letter To Odyssey Parents

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Day The Music Died ... In Greece

The weather is getting warmer,
And Auberger is gone.
Will the tent still go up?
Will the music play on?
SCATS ~~ Does Reilich's election mean that the Summer Concerts on Town Hall's lawn are history? He's already made other cuts that impact Greece's senior citizens. Is this next?


Monday, April 07, 2014


Greece BOE Will Use 'Lowered Tax Rate' To Get District's Bloated Budget Approved

The Truth Is That Without The Huge Assessment Increases Foisted Upon Greece Homeowner's By Our Assessor, The Tax Rate Would Have Risen!

"If the state had kept its promises, we would be in much better shape. Over the past few years, we have cut staff, consolidated schools, refinanced bonds, even sold a school and have other properties up for sale in order to cut our costs. We are always looking for ways to streamline our costs, and yet there has been no relief from any of the state mandates we must continue to pay for." ~~ Julia Van Orman, BOE Prez.

SCATS ~~ Julia, you can't even follow your own policies so belly-aching about NY State's "broken promises" seems a bit disingenuous. If you want to rein in GCSD's costs, CLOSE ANOTHER 1-2 SCHOOLS TO KEEP PACE WITH FALLING ENROLLMENTS!


Saturday, April 05, 2014

BOE To Adopt Budget Tuesday

BOE Meeting, Tuesday April 8 @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.


Budget Presentation

Transportation Dept. Reorganization

Teamster's Contract & Financial Impact

Budget Adoption

Property Tax Report Card Adoption

Revised Budget Calendar 2014

SCATS ~~ Does this mean bye, bye to the D&C, Greece Post, etc. so that no one will Know when GCSD plans things like votes, takes bids on contracts, seeks to hire, etc? 

Friday, April 04, 2014

Who's Enforcing The Laws?

Take out the trash in Greece (Greece)
Another example of the trash in Greece....

 1...A school bus driver caught buying and using drugs....PAIN PILLS while they are driving YOUR kids to and from school...what a looser...
The school should do a better job screening their drivers.

2....the bus driver trash that smokes on school property... Is that what parents want driving their kids? Bus drivers that smoke ...on school property...

AND a drug user????

SCATS ~~ From what I recall, allowing smoking on district property could result in a loss of federal aid to the district. Where's the enforcement?


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Why The Dems Won't Ever Win In Greece

This "invitation" to Reilich's re-election pricey fundraiser ($250 minimun!) recently arrived in a neighbor's mailbox. Notice that he just took office on 1/1/14, but is already planning to run again and working to fill his re-election coffers several years in advance.

In comparison, the Greece Democrats will wait to name their candidates in the April-June time frame in the year of the election. They will have little to no funding!

It's interesting to note the envelope for the RSV & the money is addressed to: 

Bill Reilich for Supervisor
232 Torrey Pine Drive
Rochester, NY 14612

That address is where Reilich's Chief of Staff, Michele Marini, lives.

(Click on image to enlarge.)


(Click on image to enlarge.)


Before The Echo Of The Oath Fades ...

... He's Eliminated The Weekly Arrest Reports 
From The Greece PD Website!

Anonymous said...
Weekly arrest reports have suddenly disappeared on the Town website. Guess we are going back to the no crime in our town motto.    4/01/2014 2:41 PM

SCATS ~~ I guess I need to take back my statement made to Facebook friends yesterday!  I really hoped he would be an improvement, but stemming the flow of this type of info shows me otherwise. PLEASE RETHINK THIS MOVE!

No Foolin'

The News IQ Quiz

SCATS ~~ How did YOU score? I scored better than 91% of the public.