Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Schumer Wants Braddock's Restored

WHEC Reports:
Senator Charles Schumer will be in Greece Wednesday at 12:45 p.m. promoting funding for the Braddock Bay Restoration Project. The plan includes building a new barrier beach near the Manitou Road location to protect local wetlands, as well as opening new boating channels to the marina.
Senator Schumer says the improvement will boost property value of homes along Lake Ontario and restore game fishing to the area. Senator Schumer is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to fund the $9 million project, which would be carried out by the Army Corps of Engineers.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Sounds like they are preparing to mitigate the effects of the IJC plan change, which were supposed to be "for the environment" and specifically for the wetlands (but are really for more money from power generation). In other words, the environment has to be protected from the undesirable effects of a change being sold as an environmental improvement.

IJC plans and justifications are here:

Anonymous said...

As was noted in the D&C supervisor Reilich made it one of his campaign priorities to restore boating to Braddock bay. The Senator has committed to fight for this project on behalf of the town and community. Working together across party lines for the community. Great!

Anonymous said...

Schemer has never been interested in working across party lines, or for that matter anything that doesn't promote his liberal political agenda and cronies. What's his angle, and what's the catch?

SCATS said...

To 2:24PM ~~ Love the nickname! lol

IMHO, he sticks his nose in ANYTHING that will get him media attention.

Anonymous said...

Sorry , but thanks to Auburger it's 10 years too late. Ecologicly , the Bay is dead.

Anonymous said...

The Bay was doomed by the Seaway controlling floods at Montreal.

For those too young to remember, before the Seaway there was 100 feet of beach in front of cottages along Edgemere Drive.

Unless Lake Ontario is lowered by 10 feet this proposal won't work. It will only generate some short term UNION jobs.

SCATS said...

To 1:11AM ~~ According to TWC News, Schumer says: "Braddock Bay used to be 10 to 12 feet deep. Years of eroding and Hurricane Agnes in 1972 has left it only two feet deep, making it impossible for boats to get from the bay to Lake Ontario and proving difficult for wildlife also.Schumer said the Army Corps of Engineers has studied a $9 million project to make dredging possible once again. "Earlier this year, they settled on a preferred plan that hinges on the reconstruction of a new sand barrier on the eastern edge of the bay," said Sen. Schumer, D-New York."

Anonymous said...

8:01 I disagree that it's too late. If the right things are done in the next 3 or4 years, the Bay can be saved from becoming another Greece Pond.

The Army Corp of Engineers always had a plan to keep the Bay open to the Lake as far back as the early 70's.
This came about as a result of the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in '73 when it's winds destroyed the existing natural jetty out into the lake from the eastern tip of Braddocks beach. As a result, the sand and other material that made up that natural barrier, was washed into the existing outlet for the Bay into the Lake where it remains today. I had the privilege to see that plan. It would never happen as due to costs , no local, State, or Federal authorities wanted to foot the bill.

I have not seen the plan being proposed now, but filing in the the Bay opening from Manitou point easterly was part of the original plan and needs doing. However, that alone will not do the job in my opinion as well the engineers that designed the original plan. Here's why.

Due to the height of the lake bottom and the water depth where the Bay and Lake meet, these events must take place if the overall health of the bay and access to navigation are to occur.

Prior to the hurricane, Average depths in the bay were 15 or more feet. However, because the winds dumped
the east peninsula into the natural channel between bay and lake, that served to disrupt the natural flow of the Bay into the lake. This would result in the bay bottom no longer being able to empty into the lake as it always did. This blockage would eventually lead to the bay bottom being built up by the flow of Salmon Creek and Bottonwood creek which no longer could reach the lake because of the obstruction of the channel depth.
As a result, the depth of the Bay is now about 4 ft depending on the lake level. As it stands now, as little as 6 inches of water exists in the area where the lake and by converge.

As I stated earlier not havin seen the proposed plan, unless it contains the following structures and procedures, it will be a waste of not only time, but millions of tax dollars as it will not solve the problems that exist

First, two jetties extending out into the lake, one from the existing eastern sand split and a second from the newly created western break wall must be built and should extend at least 100 yards into the lake .They be a distance between them of at least 50 yards or more.
After they are built, a channel between them at least 10 ft in depth would need to be dredged the entire length of the jetties into the lake.This would not only open up the bay to navigation but would more importantly restore the flow of the bay bottom out into the lake Anything less would be useless for a number of reasons.

SCATS said...

To 10:32AM ~~ While I don't disagree about making plans to use our waterfront areas to their fullest, it ALWAYS seems odd to me when people start talking about "the health" of a natural entity that Mother Nature is steering in a different direction!

Anonymous said...

Scats What you are forgetting is mankind's continued interference with Mother Nature that has been going on for over 200 years.

Regarding the subject at hand two examples come to mind. The opening of the St Lawrence Sea Way as well is human contributions to global warming.

The Sea Way changed the natural lake level fluctuations as well as introducing invasive species into our lakes rivers and streams. Both have had detrimental and destructive consequence to the natural order of things taking place for millions of years and have done permanent damage to Mother Nature 'sEco system.

Who's to say that the fact that winds from that hurricane reached our area due to mans contribution to climate change.

Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary for humans to correct damage done to Mother Nature's ongoing plans for our planet. This proposed initiative is an example of an attempt to fix what we broke.


SCATS said...

To 1:49PM ~~ While I am FULLY AWARE of the various "global warming" theories and all the "data" that goes with them, I find that people tend to forget TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS:

1 - Man is the ONLY CREATURE able to create his own extinction;
2 - Who is to say that planet Earth's own evolution isn't as much (if not mostly) responsible for the larger fluctuations we're seeing in climate? You really can't prove that it's not part of a bigger cycle (there were Ice Ages before!) or connected to the progression of Earth's own age within the universe.

Anonymous said...

SCATS I couldn't agree more with your first observation and we are well underway toward that goal, self extinction. The last ice age occurred just 10,000 yrs ago and was generally believed to have been caused by volcanic activity and sun activity. However, I believe there was a mini ice age in the 1800's that engulfed most of Europe .Seems to me that given our recent and current weather in our hemisphere , we might qualify for that distinction this year.

SCATS said...

To 5:35PM ~~ Regarding the planet's evolution, my point is that our "data" about weather only goes back about 150 yrs. What we know about any prior Ice Age, etc. is likely minimal compared to the reality of what occured. Cyclical weather patterns are common. Perhaps the cycles are just intensifying as our planet ages ...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will find the Greece DPW truck in there... the one that's been MIA for years now! Very clever on Reilich's part to use State money to cover up his sons sins of the past. I am anticipating now his facial expression of surprise when they hoist it out of the waters. "How did that get in there?!" Of course that won't stop the FBI...