Thursday, March 27, 2014

Louis Nitti Indicted On Drug Charges

WHEC-TV reports: "The son of a local town judge has been indicted on drug charges.
Louis Nitti was arrested in December during a traffic stop in Greece. Nitti is the son of Greece Town Judge Gino Nitti.

When they made the stop, police say they found several small bags of Ritalin pills, as well as cocaine and marijuana. A Monroe County grand jury also indicted Louis Nitti on a charge of criminal possession of a weapon. Police say he had a pair of brass knuckles.
The case was transferred to Parma Town Court because Nitti’s father is a town judge in Greece."


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI. It has been a well known own fact in our town, by our young adult residents, that Judge Netti was fully aware of his son's illegal activity. In fact any and all cases brought before him involving individuals caught with drugs that were purchased from his son were dismissed with a warning. You see if the cases were properly adjudicated, details on how the teens obtained the illegal substances would have become public. My kids enlightened me on this little jewel months ago, as one of the neighborhood kids got busted last fall. It's been a secret joke amongst teenagers in Greece for some time now.

SCATS said...

To 8:55PM ~~ Interesting ... it makes sense. Of course, let's remember these are alleged incidents ;)