Saturday, March 29, 2014

Citizens Fleeced By COMIDA

Letter To Editor: "It is time for our elected officials to be accountable for the taxes we pay. When a “committee” of unelected people like the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency are allowed to tell elected officials who will receive tax breaks, thereby telling the other taxpayers to pay the difference, that is disrespectful and needs to stop.

The disrespect shown to a school superintendent recently who was trying to look out for taxpayers said it all. COMIDA does not like to be questioned, and it appears they do not feel they need to answer to anyone, including taxpayers. Where are our elected officials?

Any adjustment of our taxes should have the approval of all elected officials in an open vote — not some committee."



Anonymous said...

Mr Hubbard; it would seem that it's time to stop voting for republicans for a change in Greece and Monroe County. Unti this bunch gets a scare and a challenge, they simply will not stop the fleecing of the home owner taxpayer.

SCATS said...

To 12:47PM ~~ It's not so much about party as it is about ensuring there are adequate checks & balances among our electeds ;)

Anonymous said...

Politicians control checks and balances. The voters control politicians who create or disregard the democratic system. It's obvious this bunch does not care about that process and will hurt their ability collect from the present method when campaign funds are needed from the beneficiaries of the tax breaks.

Anonymous said...

This is State LEGAL ISSUE. IT IS THOSE LEGISLATORS THAT SHOULD Return this taxing power to elected bodies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't share the negative feelings about COMIDA as you do. As I understand it, businesses willing to spend money for upgrades or expansion get a break on sales tax for the purchase of equipment or building material and also get a break on their assessment for purpose of property taxes during their startup timeframe. If the expansion or building new structures did not take place, there is NO taxes being collected at all. So essentially, there is no money being paid by the taxpayers. It is PROJECTED money that will eventually be on the tax roles. Let's be honest here, our taxes would never had gone down if these tax delays were not given. If schools get more money, they just increase salaries and benefits for themselves. I prefer the expansion of private companies and the jobs that they provide. If COMIDA aids in this expansion, then it is a plus. I don't buy the Republican or Democrat argument. They are all crooks. In today's paper Joe Morelle is proud that the State is awarding 33 million for a business in Batavia. Now that is REAL money, not the "potential" money that COMIDA provides. But the bottom line....we need jobs in this area to survive.

SCATS said...

To 8:58AM ~~ I agree that it's not about party. They are ALL "crooks" as you pointed out. Some are MORE crooked than others.

On the issue of "job creation" I'm going to call BS. There are too many times when the "business" getting the tax break didn't come through on creating jobs, or created far fewer than they promised. In those instances, they should automatically lose any tax breaks they have, period.

You're right that our taxes wouldn't have otherwise gone down. However, without COMIDA, they wouldn't be rising as quickly, or as high as they are!

Anonymous said...

8:58 I think you are little off in the way this group operates around here. I m OK with NEW BUSINESSES being given tax breaks to locate here. My problem is giving tax breaks for existing businesses to relocate to another location in the county. Also helping Mall owners with hopelessly non revenue creating empty stores , rebuild to accommodate other source if income for them like Wilmorite and their Restuarant binge at Greece Center and Henrietta .
There us absolutely no oversight by COMIDA as they turn a blind eye on the real goal of creating more jobs , In some cases, these corporate welfare recipients actually reduced their work force after they were granted the breaks. COMIDA is a joke in this county just all other political favoritism that goes on in this corruptly run county.

Charlie Hubbard said...

12:47 I can assure you the democrats are well aware of what's going on with COMIDA and have chosen NOT to speak up.
6:58 Yes COMIDA is state sanctioned for INDUSTRIAL not residential or retail.
8:58 The point of my letter was 'who' is responsible. If as you say these are good for the area then the elected officials would 'want' their name on it. The POINT is COMIDA answers to no one - THAT is dangerous. No better example than earlier this month who got tax breaks? A motel near Oak Hill and a moving company to buy new trucks. For 200+ years the 'market' controlled this - now anything goes. What's next? Will casinos be getting breaks? If not, why not? The owners would be crazy not to ask COMIDA for tax breaks!!!

Anonymous said...

To 12:47PM-

Yes, vote for Democrats, look at the wonderful job they have done w/ the City of Rochester!

SCATS said...

To 3:55PM ~~ I suspect 12:47PM was thinking about our lack in the BALANCE OF POWER in Greece's local govt. It's problemmatic.

Edward A. Gartz said...

COMIDA MY LESSON FOR TODAY …. Thanks to GH…. Oh God Help Us another giveaway program that is unregulated and unmonitored.

**** Summary first… We need personal accountability, a good process with high criteria for awarding dollars, PUBLISHED TRACKING OF DOLLARS and possibly a skilled search committee with manufacturing, or New Technology experience to find and recommend. ******

Watch out friends here’s another multi billion dollars that will most likely be spread thin like peanut butter on a weight watchers sandwich. Thin will get you exactly that, thin returns or most likely none or negative returns. Two years from the day the last dollar is spent no one will be able to point to any business that will return more dollars than was invested if we don’t STOP right now and regroup. COMIDA will drain tax dollars away from the families that are already struggling to make ends meet and make the money disappear but there will be no magic just mischief.

WHO HANDS OUT THE MONEY IS THE MAIN ISSUE IN MY BOOK. If know one can find out and no process for regulating who, what, when, and where, etc. then we THE TAX PAYER WILL LOSE. What criteria is used to make sure the people of Monroe County get the most value out of our COMIDA tax dollars being spent….. (invested should be the right word to use not spent.) Yes I say invested because the dollars invested with a company had better yield a return to the County in JOBS and all that comes with people working. Why…because working people become taxpayers, home builders, car buyers…etc. You know money into a project and MORE money coming out as a result.

As I reviewed dollars spent so far…. Note I didn’t use invested….. I say we sure don’t need to purchase trucks for any company. Heck I know many trucking companies are starving for business and have unused trucks just sitting.

NOW MY BIGGEST FEAR! Accountability and Dollars given as favors to political donors projects. If no one places their name as responsible party for a project that receives dollars then who will we toss out of their job if they fritter away the bucks. THERE HAS TO BE CONCEQUENCES TO MANAGING THE DOLLARS STUPIDLY. Keeping ones job should be the incentive to make sure people develop criteria for awarding dollars and stick to that criteria. Restaurants, gas stations, new clothing stores, trucking companies, Joe’s car wash, or Eddie Porretti’s Pizza, etc. FORGET IT. NO SOUP FOR YOU!....

AGAIN I SAY! We need personal accountability, a good process with high criteria for awarding dollars, PUBLISHED TRACKING OF DOLLARS and possibly a skilled search committee with manufacturing, or New Technology experience to find and recommend. ******

Eddie Gartz Candidate for 6th District County Legislator.